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The Lost World
by Beth
new comments Plutonia, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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The Lost World aka TLW is a wad in progress for Final Doom: Plutonia.

It is planned to have 11 level (one secret) and runs with Zdoom.

The story is still in progress so I wont say anything yet.

But When it is done, I know you'll like it!

It will have two Sequels after it which will both need work into 2008 and 2009 I presume.

The first chapter TLW should be done late this year or very early 2008.

I've posted some screen shots! I'm not very good at taking them so when it is released..Please! Please! don't not download it because the screen shots look bad.

Download it and play it and you shall not be sorry! I...hope (fingers crossed)

ghost writes:(new) 12.11.2007, 01:11 GMT+1

The screenshots do seem a bit bland, but I can't judge the WAD without playing it. Good luck with the project!

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