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Darkened Skies
by Sarah
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I wander the halls, dark looming shadows sweep over the once sterile human encampment. The place smells of vomit and blood but my respirator filters some of it out. If only the visor could filter out the mutilated corpses. . . They called it an uprising but they didn't have the slightest idea. . .
God help me.

Darkened Skies is a 3 episode project focusing on single player and cooperative gameplay. The levels focus on a cross between modern and a slightly retro feeling while still providing a pulse pounding experience for the players.

The (planned) layout gets progressively harder, enemies become more plentiful as you explore the dilapidated moon base in hopes of extraction, to aid you in your struggle you have access to some of the most destructive firepower man can bring to bare.

Weapons like upgradeable plasma carbines that liquefy opponents or chainguns that can shred enemies like cardboard. Even the old favorites have been given a face lift and a serious firepower upgrade. With all this power at your finger tips the only thing you really need to worry about is what's behind that corner?
Level list:

Episode 1 (Rolling Dawn)
Substation 3 (pictured)
City Outskirts

Episode 2 (Black Thunder)
Command and Control
City Core
The Rift

Episode 3 (Carcinogenic Rain)
Halls of Vain

I'm currently seeking a web host and a place where I can make a forum but in the meantime be sure to check back here every once in a while. You might find something you like ;)

Questions or comments can be emailed to me at CoyoteShaman@inbox.com If you'd like to help us make this project you can email me or my co-hort, SirTimberWolf, at SirTimberWolf@gmail.com

We're using the GZDOOM port right now but as I understand it newer versions of skulltag can use the same specials and stuff so it will be compatable with that port as well (yippie!)

Check back on September 6th to see the completed map and maybe a little something extra :)

Memfis writes:(new) 30.08.2007, 06:41 GMT+1

Nice technical style, that must be interesting.

Reinchard writes:(new) 30.08.2007, 07:53 GMT+1

Heavy, dark atmosphere. Something like first maps of episode I of my project. Looking forward!
Computer screen says "Tei Tenga" - is this that moon from the story?

Dancso writes:(new) 30.08.2007, 08:36 GMT+1

I like the look of this! Looking foward to it. :)

doomaniac writes:(new) 30.08.2007, 08:45 GMT+1

Great design.

mrgamer3d writes:(new) 18.06.2011, 14:53 GMT+1


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