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by hobomaster22
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released, Limit removing
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Nothing really special. Its a map I've been working on over the years to sort of keep into doom mapping. When I have time I would work on it. Mostly been trying to keep it consistent since some parts seem haphazard because I may not work on it again for a few months. Shouldn't take much longer, its maybe a medium to large sized map. Hope you like the screens.

Updated. Done.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 09.08.2007, 19:42 GMT+1

Nothing really special you say.... well it looks pretty nice to me and I like that 2nd shot. :D

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 10.08.2007, 07:18 GMT+1

Looks good I like the first two shots alot.

Dancso writes:(new) 10.08.2007, 08:28 GMT+1

I like your mapping style! =)

esselfortium writes:(new) 11.08.2007, 01:29 GMT+1

looks sweet. you'd better align that green marble in the first shot, though >:{

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 11.08.2007, 06:48 GMT+1

More up to date and higher quality pictures at:


Dutch Devil writes:(new) 19.11.2007, 10:13 GMT+1

I probably said it allready but I think you are an very talented mapper each map I've seen or played from you so far impressed me.

Haven't played this one yet but I'm about to.

thug555666 writes:(new) 26.11.2007, 21:19 GMT+1

i loved this map.
although the end was a pain it was still good from beginning to end

ghost writes:(new) 28.11.2007, 01:42 GMT+1

This map brought back memories, playing Plutonia on UV with God Mode on when I was 8 years old. What I liked was the use of plutonia textures, it was used really well. Somehow, all the textures seem to blend in together as a nice theme. It is an abso-bloody-lutely fantasic map. Nice job :-)

theresurrected writes:(new) 12.05.2008, 14:22 GMT+1

the 1st 2 shots look pretty good!!! Well done!

Zalewa writes:(new) 04.05.2012, 16:04 GMT+1

Good map. I've run out of ammo twice but it was nothing I couldn't handle by creating a little infight. I had to avoid the enemies in the last fight and run to the exit, though. It was challenging.

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