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Well here we go, I've rarely seen anyone make an attempt on making maps for this TC, Doom 64: Absolution. What's so surprising about this though is that this is my first time making a map for a doom related game, though I do have experience in making maps before.

Also, getting used to editing this TC has to be the most annoying thing I ever had the pleasure of doing. For one thing, finding out how to color and to use the textures properly was the hardest thing to learn. Though now I understand how to color in this TC and I must say it's the most bizzare way I've ever done. For some reason, the only way to add colors is to put a sector number on the sector. An example would be 9999, which is blue. Another odd thing about the colors is that some textures don't seem to want to be part of the coloring. But this is all technical stuff and I'm still learning very much.

Now, I'm not expecting this map to be the up most perfect map out there. I'm just doing this to:
1- Test out how to edit this type of game
2- Have some experience with it
& 3- Have other people experience another map for this TC since no one is stepping up to the plate.

Ok, here's the lowdown, you wake up and you notice that everyone is gone. The lights are dim and you have no idea how you got there in the first place. You can barely see what's ahead of you, but you all know to well that it can't be anything good. The smell of meat reaches your nostrils... rotten meat that is. It disgusts you, because you know what's in the darkness as you've seen them so many times in your time here on Mars. It's the demons.

Screenshot 1: Lonely key...
Screenshot 2: Main Lobby...
Screenshot 3: Yellow Light...

UPDATE July 15, 2007
I worked some more on this and thought maybe it was time for an update. All right, I got some new screenshots to replace my first and third one, why? Because I thought they weren't good enough. Also, I can safley say that this map is about 50% finished in construction and only 30% finished with the details and placement. Aye.. making WADs takes a lot of time, huh?

Also, I'm open for some beta testers to just test run the map to see if it's working as it should be. I won't put the download link because I don't want EVERYONE trying it, just a selected few who are willing to test and help me with this map since it is my first time making a map for Doom (and my first one so happens to be one of the hardest to do since its using a completely different engine than most ports). Anyways, if you want to test it and give me some suggestion on to where to go next with the map, just post your email address and I'll send it to you.

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 11.07.2007, 20:46 GMT+1

Looks like it has a nice creepy atmosphere.

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 01:01 GMT+1

Jeez you pull off the creepy atmosphere well!

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 22.07.2007, 09:38 GMT+1

nice atmosphere O.O

Quake writes:(new) 09.09.2007, 16:28 GMT+1

Is this wad still active?


I am Quakesniper! The traviling DOOMer! >=)

doomaniac writes:(new) 09.09.2007, 17:06 GMT+1

It's Doom 64!Where's the owner of this wad??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

piexil writes:(new) 05.10.2008, 17:53 GMT+1

it look nice

piexil writes:(new) 05.10.2008, 17:53 GMT+1

it look nice

adamschule85 writes:(new) 12.08.2019, 07:14 GMT+1

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