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to begin wad
by leonis
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Skull Tag
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


my wad is for beginner person to play doom

to play this version of my wad contact my slayerofdemon@hotmail.com

HAPPY FRAGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dethtoll writes:(new) 04.07.2007, 20:16 GMT+1

this has to be a joke wad.

Craigs writes:(new) 04.07.2007, 21:12 GMT+1

It probably is. Some douchebag must have thought it'd be funny to make a bunch of shitty rooms, take screenshots, then post them on WIP.
Either that, or we're looking at the biggest dumbass ever known to man.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 05.07.2007, 09:06 GMT+1

There is not enough health and armor and it needs alot less detail there is just way too much of it.

Craigs writes:(new) 05.07.2007, 11:31 GMT+1
edited 05.07.2007, 11:32 GMT+1

Dutch Devil is right. How the fuck are you supposed to get through the wad with that? There's just barely enough ammo to take down a former human!
As for the firsy screenshot... Is that a hanging corpse!? You never mentioned that this was a HR map! Those are the toughest enemy in the game! They've got infinite health for Christ's sake! Replace it with commander keen and put 2000 megaspheres in the corner of that room. You should also put 499993902 BFGs there too as well as 540000320 cell packs to make it a fair fight.

deathbringer writes:(new) 05.07.2007, 13:19 GMT+1

The guy let me play a demo and i barely scraped through on skill 1. And that was WITH cheats!

SoM writes:(new) 09.07.2007, 20:43 GMT+1

You know, it really amazes me that this is the same rendering engine that can display maps like GothicDM and Suspended In Dusk

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 11.07.2007, 02:52 GMT+1


leonis writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 16:47 GMT+1

SHUT THE FUCK MY WAD IS FOR BEGINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 17:52 GMT+1

You forgot UP in your text like this: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds alot better doesn't it.

Moti writes:(new) 13.07.2007, 03:49 GMT+1

*Thumbs up for Dutch*
IM BEGINER DIS LOOKS KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iori writes:(new) 18.07.2007, 00:51 GMT+1


Charu writes:(new) 18.07.2007, 00:58 GMT+1

Wow... judging from your screenshots and other peoples comments. I'm guessing this is some type of joke wad with a lot of enemies when you clearly state that it's for beginners?

leonis writes:(new) 20.07.2007, 18:50 GMT+1

yea but I change no many object.... the 2 screenshot is final lvl

leonis writes:(new) 24.07.2007, 15:34 GMT+1

yea yea yea but i dont care :(

CoolD00d writes:(new) 27.07.2007, 16:37 GMT+1


Freddy from angry video game nerd would say#


leonis writes:(new) 27.07.2007, 20:30 GMT+1

fuck you

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 08.08.2007, 15:22 GMT+1

Leave him alone. If he wants to make the map, then let him. Everyone starts somewhere.

Kristus writes:(new) 31.08.2007, 01:30 GMT+1

CoolD00d: Angry video game nerd sucks too.

Craigs writes:(new) 01.09.2007, 19:59 GMT+1

This map looks beautiful. All the other projects on this site should be deleted and shoved up their authors' asses. Hell, we should rename this entire sight to To Begin Wad the Site Official, and replace all the other wads with paypal buttons.

ALMN writes:(new) 02.09.2007, 16:52 GMT+1

MY shit-wad is better than this.

Epic fail on your part, gtfo, moar less of this

Nuke em writes:(new) 02.09.2007, 18:34 GMT+1

I think someone keeps registering with different E-mails and posts these shit wads just to spam. Even my first wad was fifty times better than this...

Reinchard writes:(new) 03.09.2007, 01:29 GMT+1

Ha! This looks funny, remind me very first wads from early times, but this is only plus of this wad.

punkrock101 writes:(new) 09.09.2007, 12:32 GMT+1

how can you call this a map for beginners?

leonis writes:(new) 12.09.2008, 05:18 GMT+1

yea yea alright is not for beginner......

Searon486 writes:(new) 16.09.2008, 20:42 GMT+1

OMG EPIC! I agree with Craigs. Shove em up!

leonis writes:(new) 17.09.2008, 13:32 GMT+1

ok but is realsed if you do to have this wad tell me tysanio@live.ca

InsaneKid writes:(new) 30.01.2013, 16:02 GMT+1

Looking at the screenShots I think, thers enough ammo and health!
There are many wads like this!
He/She had an idea and tried to realize it!
Why do u attack him/her like that?
Someone could have helped him/her instead! (Y)

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