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Sqareular DeathMatch
by ThoughtWolf
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, Skull Tag
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My first(well not really but they were never even done....)Wad and its a DM im starting. I am using doom builder.
Update: Justified my doom map making skillz I made 2 new maps A football stadium and a lower level to higher with lift type of deal in a building with skylights!

deathbringer writes:(new) 25.06.2007, 14:32 GMT+1

Hmm, frantic battles in open square arenas, might not impress detail freaks but ought to be frantic. I reckon a big square room with a middle area awash with powerups could be pretty fun, everyone has to rush for them, grab some good weapons and then get away from the centre before firing

Serp_i_Molot writes:(new) 25.06.2007, 20:19 GMT+1

Not bad, just make sure that you have a balance of weapons, possibly by putting them in places where you can take the most advantage of them.

ThoughtWolf writes:(new) 26.06.2007, 02:23 GMT+1
edited 15.07.2007, 09:30 GMT+1

Thx for the comments , i have a good balance of weapons so you wont start in a position to be fragged without a weapon to fight back.!

Serp_i_Molot writes:(new) 26.06.2007, 19:48 GMT+1

Okay, ThoughtWolf, now for the tips you asked for. First of all, I would not concern myself with the textures just yet. The screenshots you saw on mine replaced the old ones, which looked fairly ugly. First thing you want to do is to build the map and make sure that it is FUN TO PLAY. Test it out with friends or something, and ask for their advice. Keep changing the maps until you and your friends are satisfied with the balance and the gameplay. After this, go back and retexture the maps as you see fit. The beauty of this approach is that the gameplay will already be set, so all you would have to worry about is making the maps look good. From your screenshots, though, your maps do not look bad at all. Keep up the good work.

gourhaus writes:(new) 25.07.2007, 15:36 GMT+1

thoughtwolf! send meh the sidewinder ! XD gourhaus@gmail.com

ThoughtWolf writes:(new) 19.08.2007, 12:58 GMT+1
edited 19.08.2007, 13:02 GMT+1

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