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Doom II Project
by esselfortium
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Eternity
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Doom II Project is an as-of-yet untitled megawad for Doom II, in which each level is based on the title of the corresponding Doom II map. While some maps may resemble the theme of the map they are replacing, many maps will be entirely different, and all of the layouts are completely new.

Shot 1: The Abandoned Mines (Esselfortium)
Shot 2: The Citadel (Esselfortium)
Shot 3: The Abandoned Mines (Esselfortium)

I'm not the only person working on this, though. :p
5hfifty, Use3D, Torn, and DomRem are on the team as well, and there are a few others who are interested (and totally awesome) but are too busy with other projects to sign up at the moment.

If only a few maps get done and none of us are interested in continuing the project, we'll release the finished maps as a set.

Estimated release date: Sometime after the apocalypse probably :(

esselfortium writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 18:12 GMT+1

ah, shoot. the weird glitches on the sides of shots 1 and 3 are Zdoom's fault. this was not yet an Eternity project when i took them. :p

Craigs writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 18:31 GMT+1

Aside from the hardly noticable glitches, this looks pretty promising.

Tango writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 18:39 GMT+1

The apocalypse? I can't wait that long. :(

esselfortium writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 19:02 GMT+1

I'm sorry Tango :(

Dittohead writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 19:38 GMT+1

Essel is one of my favorite mappers. I'm sure this is going to be great. Keep up the good work!

Use3d writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 20:57 GMT+1

I'm important.

esselfortium writes:(new) 04.04.2007, 21:31 GMT+1

You should finish The Chasm and The Pit, then. :(

Agent Spork writes:(new) 05.04.2007, 12:28 GMT+1

Looks awesome :D

dethtoll writes:(new) 06.04.2007, 16:27 GMT+1

i've been wanting to see something like this forever.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 25.04.2007, 17:35 GMT+1
edited 25.04.2007, 17:38 GMT+1

I had the pleasure of playing a beta of a mine-themed level by Esselfortium a few months ago, and I'm assuming it ended up as Abandoned Mines in this project. It was pretty awesome, so I have high hopes for this project :).

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 26.04.2007, 16:07 GMT+1

It does look very nice. Everything looks well-crafted and nice texture matchups.

esselfortium writes:(new) 10.05.2007, 11:19 GMT+1

oh god. the magic of portals has just delayed this project for at least another 50 years. sorry everyone!

Tango writes:(new) 21.07.2007, 23:01 GMT+1

So essel, how's this coming?

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 22.07.2007, 10:54 GMT+1

I think it will be done 50 years from now thats bad news for me unless I find an cure for aging.

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