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Last Out
by Shinjanji
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Not really sure what to say about this one (other than it's my first WAD that I intend to finish). The concept is very simple: You held back waves of demons while your fellow humans were frantically setting up their evacuation. However, after they evacuated, the demons reached your personal escape shuttle and destroyed it before you were able to reach it. Once the evacuation shuttle had reached orbit, they were able to reroute one of the land teleporters to a small UAC office in a remote town. Make your way out of the town and to the extraction point to get the hell out of there!

---- Overhaul ----

I've decided to re-do the map from scratch, giving it a major overhaul.

MAP01: The Edge Of Town (15~20%)
MAP02: Escape from the Forest of Hell (Not Started)
MAP03: Remote Extraction Point (Conceptual Stage)

Craigs writes:(new) 05.03.2007, 21:35 GMT+1

Love the lightning man. I've seen people use the "Lightning" mapinfo effect before, but few have tried what you did there (AFAIK).

It also looks like this is actually for Gzdoom, due to the 3D floors. Shouldn't you add that in?

So far, it's looking pretty good. The story line is pretty good as far as Doom story lines go.

Airslide writes:(new) 05.03.2007, 23:06 GMT+1

Zdoom has 3D floors 8| ? I might have to look into that...though I beleive the glass on the ceiling there *could* be made with the Transfer Heights special, though it would probally take some work to avoid the texture 'spilling', like I had when I tried it for a bridge.

Shinjanji writes:(new) 06.03.2007, 11:19 GMT+1

Yes, it is a GZDoom map, but I forgot to put that in the comments. I'm on lunch break right now, but once I get back home I'll update the info. However, I'm going to redo the map from scratch, so really, I should probably just remove this entirely. Though chances are, I'll just update it when I've (re)made progress.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 06.03.2007, 17:13 GMT+1

The rain effect looks awesome ... but the thunder sprite/texture.. well... it doesn't look that realistic ;) Nevertheless, keep it up, looks promising!

Shinjanji writes:(new) 06.03.2007, 22:27 GMT+1
edited 06.03.2007, 22:28 GMT+1

@Torm: What is it about the lightning that doesn't make it seem realistic? Is it too spikey?

(Although I am glad you've commented, Torm. I quite appreciate your passion for 100%/0% mapping ;) )

ace writes:(new) 07.03.2007, 21:56 GMT+1

Definitely liking the atmosphere--the rain is especially a nice touch.

It seems to me that shot two looks a bit vertically cramped, so to speak--that is, there isn't much head room. As for the lightning sprite, I think it looks nice, although it would make more sense for it to extend to the ground (as that's what lightning does).

Otherwise, looks very nice. :)

Dancso writes:(new) 08.03.2007, 07:42 GMT+1

Um, i think the lightning would be cool if it would be on an animated sky texture, like in hexen!

Jimi writes:(new) 08.03.2007, 10:08 GMT+1
edited 08.03.2007, 10:12 GMT+1

Not all lightning go to the ground...

See there -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning

Shinjanji writes:(new) 09.03.2007, 15:37 GMT+1

I have 4 Lightning sprites. One of them (very rarely chosen) does actually strike the ground. It even plays a unique sound, apart from the other 5 random thunder sounds.

jobro writes:(new) 11.03.2007, 09:41 GMT+1

I really admire your work here Shinjanji! So nice that I actualy use screenshot 2 as my wallpaper. Good work!

Dancso writes:(new) 11.03.2007, 10:05 GMT+1

Are you serious? If I'd have to choose which one to make my wallpaper i'd choose shot 3 :)

Craigs writes:(new) 12.03.2007, 18:45 GMT+1

I really like the use of 3D floors in that second screenshot. If the town is going to be a vistable place in this map, I can't wait to see what you're going to do with it. :D

Just out of curiosity, is the floor of that hallway in the third screenshot a 3D floor? If it is, that'd be awesome.

Shinjanji writes:(new) 13.03.2007, 16:05 GMT+1

Craigs: The 3rd screenshot is from inside the 3D-floor bridge.

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