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Doomaniac - Corruption
by doomaniac
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Doomsday
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My first doom 2 wad.

Episode and Level # : DOOM II level 1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : no
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : no
New Graphic : Yes
New Music : yes


Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder,xwe 116
Known Bugs : None yet...

Doom 64 Marine has finally returned from hell.But he landed in our radioactive garbage base.We want you to go there and bring him back alive.We need to ask him something...

Nuke em writes:(new) 26.02.2007, 18:43 GMT+1

I don't like the use of the wolfenstein (I believe) doors. Otherwise, it's pretty nice.

Airslide writes:(new) 26.02.2007, 19:01 GMT+1

I'd scrap the Wolf3d doors, but other than that looking fairly good.

doomaniac writes:(new) 26.02.2007, 20:02 GMT+1

I didn't think that nobody liked the wolf3d doors.But I need help with something:I can't modify my wad description.When I try always come this message:

"Query failed: Duplicate entry '887' for key 1

This probably means you tried to update your WAD before your last update was approved".

This is my first wad so I'm not used to this site yet.

Nuke em writes:(new) 26.02.2007, 21:17 GMT+1

I believe you recieve an e-mail every time your updated wad is approved, have you updated you wad? If so, wait for your changes to apply (screenshots and/or description) then try to update. If you haven't updated it yet then log out, log back in and try again.

The more likly of these to solutions is the first.

DoctorSatan writes:(new) 26.02.2007, 21:25 GMT+1

I like it. Especially the sky. Good work!

Hornee writes:(new) 03.04.2007, 18:32 GMT+1

I like it very much, great first wad and like to Wolf doors too! Hope this is the first of many for you.

doomaniac writes:(new) 03.04.2007, 21:34 GMT+1

Thanks for playing my pwad!I'm practising much more to make better wads!

doomaniac writes:(new) 15.05.2007, 18:09 GMT+1


doom3 rules writes:(new) 18.12.2007, 13:10 GMT+1

dam i cant dowload it it says the link is taken away

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