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Good Old Sewage
by Nuke em
new comments Plutonia, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Hey all, just a large map I'm making for fun before setting down to make Fallen Part 2. This will (as the title implies) be a nice original toxic slime (nukage) themed map. Of course no map is complete without the UAC base as well. This map will be a fun ride from start to finish.

Screenie 1: The beginning.
Screenie 2: The first tunnel.
Screenie 3: The first section of the UAC base.

Progress: 10%

Jimi writes:(new) 15.02.2007, 12:27 GMT+1

It looks interesting :) I like the 1st and third screenshots most.. since they show the most stuff in them.. In 2nd screenshot the round corridor is nice too, but the distance is not so clear..

Airslide writes:(new) 15.02.2007, 16:56 GMT+1

Looks good! Can't wait to play, I'm loving Fallen P1 so far!

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 15.02.2007, 17:26 GMT+1

Strange! Fallen P1 has all these! "-no flat-" textures! Oh well, wanna use this map for Fallen P2 (just asking).

Airslide writes:(new) 15.02.2007, 19:48 GMT+1
edited 15.02.2007, 19:48 GMT+1

@Rustyphantomsniper - You should probally mention that in the Fallen P1 entry, but I can tell you now it's probally because your not using Plutonia, as mentioned before countless times.

Nuke em writes:(new) 15.02.2007, 20:44 GMT+1

@Rusty... "No flat" textures are actually textures not known to the engine. If your using Doom2 to play FallenP1 then yes you'll have many of those unknown textures. Not to be curt but as metioned before use Plutonia not Doom2 to play that wad.

And yes the original comment belongs in Fallen's wad slot not GOS's (Good old Sewage).

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 16.02.2007, 05:55 GMT+1


sorry if that was a stupid question to ask.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 16.02.2007, 06:30 GMT+1

Don't use the support texture in shot1 like that it looks ugly, and lots of misaligned metal textures in shot3.

Moti writes:(new) 16.02.2007, 12:39 GMT+1

Lol, I guess it's inspired by the release-terms of my Nukage Procc. Base? xD

Anyway, FTR1 was awesome, so this should be good too. :P

Nuke em writes:(new) 16.02.2007, 12:51 GMT+1
edited 16.02.2007, 12:53 GMT+1

Ahh, not really, I've never experimented much with nukage. Just see the possibilities that may arise for working with it.

EDIT: I think this wad mostly resembles Toxic Darkness.

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