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Solace - Working Demo 02 Nov 07
by xechireon
new comments Heretic, single player
in progress, Limit removing
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I read a Warhammer comic once, it was about an elf on a journey to reclaim his soul. To do that, he had to journey through "the crags of fire and ice" to find his archenemy's lair, Solace. I think it'd be cool to make a map like that.

This should work with any port supporting Heretic as I'm making it in Heretic format.

Just ignore E1M2. Its... not complete.

Nuke em writes:(new) 11.02.2007, 11:35 GMT+1

Red, it's hurting my head...
Try to balance the red texture/light ratio. Make it glow, but not glare!

Apocsoft writes:(new) 11.02.2007, 11:59 GMT+1

I think it looks good, keep it up

Craigs writes:(new) 11.02.2007, 20:23 GMT+1

I agree with Nuke em. Try to balance out the contrast in lighting between the lava and ground.

Airslide writes:(new) 11.02.2007, 21:29 GMT+1

Looks good. I don't have Heretic though...

xechireon writes:(new) 12.02.2007, 05:08 GMT+1
edited 15.02.2007, 10:02 GMT+1

Alright, less glare more glow.

Airslide I did not have Heretic but I downloaded it from what I did not know is warez. Therefore this post has been editted on Apoc's advice.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 13.02.2007, 15:15 GMT+1

Erm you might want to edit you post, warez is kinda frowned apon

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 13.02.2007, 15:40 GMT+1

I like the theme you have going on, but it could use some more detail. Anyway it's nice to see more Heretic maps.

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 14.02.2007, 11:03 GMT+1

I liked heretic's lava flats better then doom's lava flats...

Caleb23 writes:(new) 14.10.2007, 18:27 GMT+1

Could u upload the demo once more? Please.

Caleb23 writes:(new) 01.12.2007, 05:55 GMT+1

Nice level design, but i think u should decrease number of monsters a little. Anyway...good job. Check out my heretic project "Sword of Chaos" -working title.
See ya.

DeathevokatioN writes:(new) 22.03.2010, 01:50 GMT+1

Looks good!! Please can you upload the demo again?

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