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Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch
by Mechadon
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Sabbat Martyr has been released! Go check it, yo!

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 14.11.2006, 19:46 GMT+1

Looks pretty sick man, I like it. I like how in shot 3 you show how there is sort of a contrast between the outdoor area with the inside.

Mechadon writes:(new) 17.11.2006, 23:33 GMT+1
edited 17.11.2006, 23:34 GMT+1

Thanks for the comment!

We're very close to the second Beta release (I'm shooting for a release date for the project contributors Beta sometime after Thanksgiving...that following week, anyways).

I'll be sure to post an update list when that time comes.

Mechadon writes:(new) 07.12.2006, 21:37 GMT+1

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that the 2nd private Beta has been released and is being testing. The 3rd private Beta release should ship sometime this coming week.

We are very close to completing this thing!! Keep a look out for it after 97b is released!

jimmy91 writes:(new) 08.12.2006, 15:26 GMT+1

Which should hopefully not take that very long.

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 12.12.2006, 21:48 GMT+1

Omg, how many sectors are in screen shot 1 alone? Looks awesome :D

Mechadon writes:(new) 12.12.2006, 23:14 GMT+1

Heh, actually, that's a 1024 map...but I believe the sector count is somewhere around 200-300~ish. But the sidedef count is right at 10000 (maybe a little less).

Thanks for the comment Lupinx!!

Mechadon writes:(new) 15.12.2006, 23:54 GMT+1

I hate to post (yet again) in my own WIP page...but the 3rd Private Beta has just been released!

And since 97b is very lose to being released...this project is very close to being complete as well.

Just though I'd let anyone (who cares), know. Also, I may be posting up some new screenshots later, if anyone is interested.

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 22.12.2006, 03:33 GMT+1

Im very interested, people need to be teared away from the evil dwango5. (Some are but still not as many as I would like :). )

Mechadon writes:(new) 24.12.2006, 14:58 GMT+1

I agree...I don't see why people think dwango5 is such a great wad...but thats just me XD

Anyways, we've had some difficulties with the wad with the release of 97b...some missing textures and lots of OpenGL induced bugs (though none of them are present in software rendering). Also, the ENTER scripts that showed the map name and map author at the beginning of each maps are fubar'd (Skulltag or ZDoom bug, I suppose). Anyways, they are being worked on and everything should be fine.

I'll post a release date soon!

Theshooter7 writes:(new) 13.01.2007, 22:55 GMT+1
edited 13.01.2007, 22:59 GMT+1

I should say this, as it seems Mech doesn't keep the WIP page up to date. We have currently released Beta 3.1 among the Developers, and everything is coming to a close. The wad is boasting 40 Maps, and 2 new Deathmatch Weapons: The NailGun, and the Prox Launcher (Both based off of Quake 3: Team Arena Counterparts)

I just sent Mech my last map, Sector T7, which he will add to that map set, and then put everything together. Hopefully, he will even send it to /idgames when it's done.

By the way, The first Screenshot is from Titanium Tide 1024 by Mechadon, the second shot is from Heavy Metal by Dread, and the last shot is from Gunznbludd by FoilChewer.


Mechadon writes:(new) 22.01.2007, 16:32 GMT+1

Thanks shooter...I've been slacking XD

Anyways, I'm going to update the main post in a moment.

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 25.01.2007, 05:35 GMT+1

Hey guys I have an off-topic question. I have registered into skulltag a while back and I've been trying and trying to get into skulltag forums, but I never did and now that Carnevil isn't running Skulltag anymore how am I supposed to get into skulltag forums!? I registered as "I am under 13 years old". If you tell me then "you'll be thanked many times". SCREENSHOT TWO AND THREE LOOK GOOD, BUT SCREENSHOT ONE ISN'T VERY ATTRACTIVE. Caps look was to get your atention not for strong feeling.

jimmy91 writes:(new) 25.01.2007, 10:42 GMT+1

@Rustyphantomsniper: An admin can activate your account, but I'm not one of them, so I can't. :(

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 25.01.2007, 15:05 GMT+1

AGH!!!! I Typed in my name and my account is still inactive! >:(

Mechadon writes:(new) 31.01.2007, 22:39 GMT+1


I've released a...release date! Expect to be playing SMDM on February 10th!!

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 01.02.2007, 13:16 GMT+1


Mechadon writes:(new) 24.02.2007, 01:03 GMT+1

Anyways guys, I've updated the page a bit. There are new screenshots, and I also updated the information a bit.

I've released what I hope to be the last private testing Beta, so look out for a release very soon!

Dancso writes:(new) 02.03.2007, 14:03 GMT+1

leet pix! :)

Mechadon writes:(new) 03.03.2007, 02:15 GMT+1


I forgot to mention the names of the maps (for the screenies)

The right one is called "The Core" by Mastan and Mechadon (I did detail).
The middle one is called "Sorrow Castle" by Siliconwolf.
And the left one is called "Belphegor's FFA" and its by Mechadon (me).

Nuke em writes:(new) 03.03.2007, 07:11 GMT+1

WOW! O.O Long map list, any chance you guys will be done soon?

Mechadon writes:(new) 03.03.2007, 16:27 GMT+1

Yes, actually...the release should be very soon. We we're having some problems with the Prox Launcher DECORATE code...it didn't want to cooperate in online games, so after extensive work arrounds and fixes that ended up not working, we had to drop it. In place of that weapons, we have two canidates that are complete and balanced: The HellFireCannon and the Karasawa High-Density Laser Rifle (erm...its a laser rifle XD).

The HellFireCannon shoots out 6 mini rockets in a quick sucsession that have a tracking ability (given you have a good aim...it only tracks when you fire the rockets while your crosshair is on an opponent). It's a pretty cool weapon, but I'm not totally sure I want to use it for a DM wad.

The other weapons I fabricated in about 5 hours (and the bug fixes were done by StrikerMan). I figured Doom needed a rifle...and I took the idea [and name] from a game called Armored Core. Anyways, its a Laser Rifle that has fires high velocity rounds and does moderate-to-high damage. The reload is about RL-ish...I think maybe slightly slower. Anyways, it feels very good in DM games, and thus its probably the one we're going to use.

Anyways, all that I lack right now are some updates for a map and some lump updates that jimmy91 is doing for me. Once I get that, I'll be making a few adjustments to the .wad itself, add the updated content and the Karasawa, and then Beta 4.3 will be released for a final round of testing. After that is all finished, the final public version will be released!

I'll be sure to edit this with the release date and download link when we get to that point!

Nuke em writes:(new) 03.03.2007, 16:53 GMT+1

Ahh, very nice, It looks like it'll be better the Gothic DM. I like the laser-rifle, and the traking rocket launcher the same. They would bring an interesting twist to the game, and keep everyone on their toes XD .

You'll be getting a download from me, thats certain!

Mechadon writes:(new) 22.03.2007, 20:45 GMT+1

Guess what? This thing has been released!! I'm posting a link to it here...be sure to check it!

mattia writes:(new) 22.12.2007, 15:04 GMT+1

It's look like a masterpiece, but I got the 404 Error from the download link, so ... fix it!

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