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by Blue_flame50
new comments Doom 2, single player
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It is the year 4078, many centuries since the invasion of UAC on the moon of mars. The series of long fought wars known as DOOM has ended, and a feint connection is forming between Earth and Hell. Trade between the two realms has developed. Hell and Earth are now equals, the distribution of technology and cultural diffusion has caused this. Was it meant to be? Earth has been sent into a state of dimensional and chronological fluxuations. Political leaders of Earth deem the cause to be that of Hell. Their technology was researched and found to be tearing the very fabric of Earth's time patterns. It worsens by the day, Earth sends their gretest warriors and most important leaders to Mars, leaving the rest of Earth's population to wither away in time. The artifacts have been narrowed down into six, that are causing the disruptions in the flow of time. You and your team have been dispatched into Hell to deliver these artifacts to their rightful owners, by force! Dive into war again, could it be DOOM all over again???

You arrive on Mars, it was only a matter of time before having carried the artifacts had aged and killed many of your comrades, or transported them into another dimension. You venture in the civilizations of hell with your artifacts... Hell is unaware of your presence!!!

Spunkman writes:(new) 19.10.2006, 23:24 GMT+1

take solice in the fact that in 2 years you can redo this wad and call it "Flux Redux"

esselfortium writes:(new) 20.10.2006, 11:19 GMT+1

Rux Felux
Flux Nuxxx

Blue_flame50 writes:(new) 22.10.2006, 22:42 GMT+1

Yes, Spunkman, you have made a very good point :P XD, nice job.

Bryce writes:(new) 27.11.2007, 17:17 GMT+1
edited 27.11.2007, 17:17 GMT+1

nice this one has to be the best wad i have ever seen in my entire life

Firmar writes:(new) 20.01.2008, 01:22 GMT+1

Looks like COOL!I can't for released good job ;)

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