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Into Sandy's City
by Paul Corfiatis
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Limit removing
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Into Sandy's City was a crappy 9 episode for Doom 2 which I released in 2006.

Impboy writes:(new) 19.10.2006, 13:49 GMT+1

Paul you are my map hero!

I hope this has the midi file with same name!

esselfortium writes:(new) 19.10.2006, 15:32 GMT+1

This...doesn't really remind me of Sandy's designs at all. Also, his maps tend to actually be fun to play =[

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 20.10.2006, 03:10 GMT+1

Its not really as bad as Sandy's levels. I'm building the levels quickly, I allready have 6 maps done like after 4 or 5 days and then I'll go over all the levels again and add gradient lighting, traps. The episode might be 11 levels, or 20 levels.

BTW: I don't really care about been dumped from the DW forums, I think when I joined them I went a little silly, and it drove some of the people nuts. So sorry everyone!

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 20.10.2006, 05:35 GMT+1

You have to be completely colourblind to exactly emulate Sandy's design style ;).

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 20.10.2006, 08:43 GMT+1

I aint colour blind!, Sandy, ask the big boy yourself!. MAP31 and MAP32 of Doom2 were made by Sandy Petersen and their colours seemed to match so apparently he is not Colour Blind.

I think the Mancubus was inspired by Sandy Petersen's appearence!

esselfortium writes:(new) 20.10.2006, 11:18 GMT+1

Well, yeah, but he only "made" those as in "converting them from Wolfenstein levels", so that doesn't really count.

Craigs writes:(new) 21.10.2006, 07:58 GMT+1

Sandy made map 31? I was wondering why there were 4 misaligned torch textures in the BFG area that made the otherwise cool room look like crap.
Quite frankly, I'm not seeing Sandy architecture here. I'm seeing Romero architecture.
I've always thought that Sandy's maps were flat, bland, and rather colorless. These levels look just a bit more detailed then something Sandy would make. I also think that you've made enough tributes to Sandy Pcorf, why not try something new?

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 09.12.2006, 22:32 GMT+1


Its not my best wad, but it will keep you going.

For some reason, they don't update this site anymore when you wanna make your wad in the "released" section.


esselfortium writes:(new) 10.12.2006, 15:07 GMT+1

not sandy, not a city :(

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 10.12.2006, 19:40 GMT+1

I wanted to do more levels, but I just didn't have time so I released this wad. There is another more serious Doom Project I'm working on, a 32 level megawad named Whispers of Satan.

Craigs writes:(new) 11.12.2006, 15:43 GMT+1

Played it. Hated it.
Really, it seemed more like an insult to Sandy then and actual tribute. Sandy's levels were not as detailed as some of those made by American Mcgee or John Romero, but the level design was usually creative and the gameplay tended to be well balanced. In this series, the maps look extremely box, textures clash pretty badly, and the battles tend to be either too boring or too frustrating.

Maybe your "Whispers of Satan" will have better luck. :)

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 11.12.2006, 20:52 GMT+1

I think I'm just going through a lapse right now. But this wad was never fully finished, it wasn't a serious attempt and I just rushed through the levels. I tried to make something not to the best of my abillities and I know that Sandy's levels aren't all that detailed so I used his name. I was just going through a creative lapse at the time.

Paul Corfiatis writes:(new) 14.04.2015, 08:51 GMT+1

Edit: When I released this rushed and uninspired episode in 2006 I was really struggling in life. I nearly gave up map designing before deciding to regroup and work on WOS.

PFL writes:(new) 15.04.2015, 04:45 GMT+1
edited 16.04.2015, 17:19 GMT+1

Ok, now that I have gotten over the hype of the return of PC :)), I see this one has gotten bad critics. Can't be that bad, at least for here, the land of the noob's maps ... So I'm on it, curious, and will be back to share thoughts, like I always do ... have no life ...

EDIT. Well it's good. I have no Sandy comments to make as it's often a matter of precise appreciation with the "I/We did it like" projects. It certainly don't deserve low ratings as it did. The gameplay is fun and works well. The challenge and the surprises are there too. I would have gone for a 32 maps set of these; not boring, not repetitive and fun.

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