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Super doom
by Duke Nume
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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mod for ultimate doom,this mod modific all episode of original ultimade doom with new hard level.

Download: n

Craigs writes:(new) 30.09.2006, 20:51 GMT+1

The same as with your other project. The detail is horendous, The first two screenshots composed of absolutely nothing but a bunch of vines, and the third screenshot is IMO even worse because you can't see anything. One more thing: Why the hell is this for Doomsday? There aren't any 3D models, no 3D floors, and not even a single Dynamic light effect!
Also, the first 2 screenshots have giant HMOs. Try putting a little effort into your maps.

Duke Nume writes:(new) 01.10.2006, 04:00 GMT+1

wait,im canged teh port!

Duke Nume writes:(new) 01.10.2006, 04:03 GMT+1

the ports is zdoom!!!

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 01.10.2006, 21:21 GMT+1

yup, cool stuff and looking forward ^_^

dethtoll writes:(new) 06.10.2006, 20:05 GMT+1


Craigs writes:(new) 08.10.2006, 18:47 GMT+1

Death Toll's comment sums up my opinion of your response towards my comment Duke. Changing the port isn't going to make the levels any better. Release this if you want but nobody is going to like it or play it.

dethtoll writes:(new) 09.10.2006, 02:02 GMT+1

i think the only thing sadder is "doomdude90"'s comment. and by sadder i mean more hilarious. and by more hilarious i mean stupid.

Dancso writes:(new) 09.10.2006, 07:39 GMT+1

3 words. L.O.L.:p

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 09.10.2006, 08:36 GMT+1

I would play this looks alright to me fuck detail anyway it still might be fun on the gameplay part.

Dancso writes:(new) 09.10.2006, 16:23 GMT+1

Ya, well not only the detail matters, because i'd like a zdoom map with cool features, even if it's detail is rubbish.

Craigs writes:(new) 15.10.2006, 15:59 GMT+1

The download link doesn't work, and I don't think anyone really cares. Those screenshots STILL look horrible and the gameplay is probably a mess as well. Put a bit of EFFORT into your wads buddy. I can also tell by the screenshots that this is in fact, not for zdoom; because you've got what appears to be dynamic lighting there.

barrage writes:(new) 18.10.2006, 09:46 GMT+1
edited 18.10.2006, 09:48 GMT+1

hey guys, you can't be a little nicer about his wad? sure I think you should give others 'ideas' of how to fix the wad, but don't rub it in their face.

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Doomdude90 writes:(new) 03.11.2006, 19:33 GMT+1

i'm sorry,i couldn't hear you with that cock in your mouth,speak up

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 03.11.2006, 19:34 GMT+1

i'm sorry,i couldn't hear you with that cock in your mouth,speak up

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 03.11.2006, 23:09 GMT+1

Craigs you just love to be the snobby king of everything don't you.

Anyways, yeah the link doesn't work for sure :P

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 13.11.2006, 22:04 GMT+1

yeah i geuss no one likes to give people a winning chance anymore.oh well

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 13.11.2006, 22:04 GMT+1

yeah i geuss no one likes to give people a winning chance anymore.oh well

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 22.11.2006, 12:57 GMT+1

Link fails to work pal,might want to do something about that

CoolD00d writes:(new) 23.12.2006, 14:09 GMT+1

is this a wad?

Flynn Taggart writes:(new) 30.09.2007, 21:56 GMT+1

broken link

CKeen writes:(new) 29.12.2007, 16:43 GMT+1

the link to download is broken because this project was never finished and i doubt it will

return of duke writes:(new) 18.07.2008, 14:31 GMT+1

another shit wad from the faggot Duke Nume.

ChasHiessy writes:(new) 22.05.2017, 20:25 GMT+1

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