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The Doom 1 Remix (not official name)
by hobomaster22
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I am getting help from that crazy russian (ak-01). He sucks, but its help. Just kidding, he comes up with some great ideas ;). But the point of this map is to use GZDoom features with mixing ZDoom features along with 3d floors and dynamic lighting. The map is going to consist mostly of remade E1 areas that all connect into a single map. Sure remaking E1 doesnt sound like a cool thing to do anymore, but hopefully the screens will change your mind :).

Tango writes:(new) 24.09.2006, 22:14 GMT+1

Looks fantastic. :D
Also, where's Genesis of Descent :(

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 25.09.2006, 07:03 GMT+1

Sorry I forgot to mention it. Genesis of Descent is almost done. I just have to stop being lazy. I'm testing part one hardcore right now, working out bugs. Then part two which shouldn't take long.(Had to split it in two because the editor kept crashing.) Genesis of Descent and Onslaught 3 hvae priorirty over this though.

Duke Nume writes:(new) 25.09.2006, 07:22 GMT+1


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Dutch Devil writes:(new) 25.09.2006, 10:15 GMT+1


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esselfortium writes:(new) 25.09.2006, 10:45 GMT+1

This looks fabulous, as long as it plays as nice as it looks ;)

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