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The Side Gate
by Giomancer2
new comments Heretic, single player
in progress, Vavoom
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This is supposed to be a side gate to a castle/fortress where your sister is being kept. Will (hopefully) be the start of an episode/hub, if I can.


1) Static lighting -> This is the only thing I decided before I even set down the first sector. So far it's proving harder than I thought.

2) Puzzles -> Because I need to learn scripting, the puzzles will be simple. The current version of the map uses a 5-switch puzzle designed by me and scripted by HotWax (from the zdoom forums). It works well enough, but it's really easy to solve (even easier than I thought).



1) I tried putting in some slopes and 3D floors, but it looks like they don't mix well, as it made Vavoom make a rather interesting rendering error. It (improperly) sloped the side texture of the 3D floor, causing the player to be able to see a rather significant gap when approaching the floor from the ramp.


I've noticed as I've built the level that it mainly consists of room-fight-room design. With my current skillset, the only way I can avoid this seems to be with some scripted puzzles and traps.

- Gio

Craigs writes:(new) 22.09.2006, 19:25 GMT+1

For a first map, this is pretty good. The static lighting isn't used in the way most people use it (example: ZOMFG I ADED STATUK LITEING 2 MY MAUYP NEWSTUF REVEWURS SHUD REEELY DEKLAIR DIS TEH WAD O TEH WEEK)
The 3D were done pretty well, considering how complex making them can be at times.

Craigs writes:(new) 10.10.2006, 19:29 GMT+1

Feel free to stop bumping this until you're actually done...

bruno vergilio writes:(new) 10.10.2006, 21:19 GMT+1

Hey Gio, your pics look just great :D! mmmm I'd like to search someone with whom I could make some maps, but I'd like to make to the heretic.exe ... well, if you'd like to talk more, here's my msn:

thank you...

Giomancer2 writes:(new) 10.10.2006, 23:32 GMT+1

Considering it's a work in progress on a work in progress site.. I'm updating it as I make progress. A novel concept, I'm sure. And considering that none of the areas I put screenshots up for actually existed the last time I updated, I don't consider the 'bump' all that unnecessary.

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