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Chex Quest: Zorchmatch Edition
by Lucius Octavion
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in progress, Legacy
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Chex Quest Zorchmatch Edition is a multiplayer addon to The Ultimate Chex Quest, by Mark Quinn AKA Boingo the Clown. Since DooM had a multiplayer portion and the original Chex Quest didn't, I decided to make one myself. You may be wondering how this mod got its name. The answer is, DooM's multiplayer was titled "deathmatch", but since Chex Quest was meant to be a non-violent game for kids, the multiplayer portion is titled zorchmatch. Zorch is the word associated with the weapons that Chexman uses in Chex Quest, which zap enemies into another dimension. The first map in Chex Quest Zorchmatch Edition is a modified version of the Mario Skulltag map by a mapper and doom community guy known as Cutmanmike. The map is in the wad now, but I sort of stole it. It probably won't be in the final version as it was just a test really. It has now been ChexQuestized; and converted to the Doom Legacy source port from the Skulltag source port. The map has a few geometric changes to it as well. I intend for this project to have many more maps, as I am only on the second one! I also hope to use many of Doom Legacy's features!

The reason it's on legacy is because it is a TUCQ add on as of now. However, recent thoughts have lured me into possibly making it for skulltag due to its very good multiplayer gameplay. But there are lots of legacy specific things being used ATM so it would be difficult to port it over.

You can visit the forum thread at

One cool feature was the zorch puff so when the player shoots his zorcher the bullet puff from doom is now a flash of pink zorch energy that is dynamically lighted.

Craigs writes:(new) 20.09.2006, 16:59 GMT+1

So basically you made a DM version of Chex Quest, ripped a map by Cutmanmike, and added some "UBAR LEETZOR DINAMUC LITEZ"?
Let's see a little more creativity.
The chex quest weapons are EXACTLY the same things as the Doom weapons, only with different pick-up messages. All you're really offering is a bunch of modified Chexquest maps and a bunch of new sprites. If you're going for something new, try modifying the Zorch weapons a bit more then simply giving them bullet puffs with dynamic lighting. Make them feel more like what they're supposed to be: energy weapons.

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 20.09.2006, 20:38 GMT+1

Well I kind of did it with the CQ community in mind. And the map of cutmanmike I not going to keep. I did it as a test, its not part of the project. I want to keep the zorch weapons as the originals because it sticks to the game. Chex Quest as a TC never changed the weapons. Basically its just a deathmatch wad that feels like chex quest. And every other map is original, not "modified chex quest maps".

So elaborate on how I can change the weapons if it is such a big deal. I don't really think I'm doing anything that wrong.

xbolt writes:(new) 21.09.2006, 23:58 GMT+1

Multiplayer is what CQ REALLY needs. And although you can't see them too well in the screenshot, the zorch puffs look really neat in-game. I especially like the 3D architecture in the third shot, it looks great!

Kuwabara writes:(new) 28.09.2006, 12:38 GMT+1

Holy freakin' Shenmue! This is fun! Split-screen fun at it's best. Continue on Octavion!

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