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Dark Nexus (JDoom) Map 22: The Spawning
by melfice
Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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In this screenshot you can once again see the atmospheric phenomena that will be Dark Nexus.
Map 22, The Spawning, was one of the first maps I had started working on when it was still for ZDoom and had been using the textures from Kaiser's DSV4 megawad. Now it has grown and matured, moving beyond that of what it use to be in a very dark and unpleasent place to be. The music it will use will be that of the Doom64 level, Pitfalls.

MasterOfPuppets writes:06.01.2004, 08:05 GMT+1

that one rooms is great looking, but more screenshots would be great

T3sl4 writes:06.01.2004, 08:16 GMT+1

Nice, reminds me of.. uh.. Requiem or Memento Mori, or some old .WAD. :p
I don't know what JDoom is up to these days...it'll be DOS-Doom compatible?

melfice writes:06.01.2004, 08:23 GMT+1

I'll get more of it later :P I was at school at the time and that was the only one that I had access to because its the same one on my site :P

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