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Submerged- Deep Sea Facility
by KingofFlames
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is a DoomII map for GZDoom, it's set in an underwater base. There will be tons of underwater stuff, effects, monsters, and scenery too! It will be a large-sized map, with a mini-boss and a boss. :)

UPDATE: I'm halfway done with this WAD, but I'm on mapper's block for this thing right now.

Craigs writes:(new) 11.08.2006, 22:01 GMT+1

I remember when you first posted this Idea on Doomworld. The first thing Agent Spork did was chew you out for using his "Nightmare Demon". The first thing I did was chew you out for using an unnessecary 360 sky box. Though I ranted and I scolded you, I still had one other thought going through my head: "Holy crap, this is freaking incredible."
The only thing that could be more epic then fighting demons on a moon base, would be fighting demons in an old worn out underwater base. All you really need to do is add some flooded areas, and some FLOODING areas, and you'd have yourself a blockbuster movie.

ace writes:(new) 13.08.2006, 10:11 GMT+1

I agree the idea is interesting and unique. However, in the end what is most important is the execution. A truly original idea comes with some difficulty, but it is executing it that matters most; I won't go and see Snakes on a Plane unless the movie actually turns out to be worth seeing.

However, if you manage to pull this off (and along the lines of improvement you have come a long way), then this could truly be something really good. So keep it up, because a good idea needs good work put into it.

KingofFlames writes:(new) 02.10.2006, 17:36 GMT+1
edited 04.12.2006, 17:07 GMT+1

(2 month bump warning...)

First posted the idea on doomworld? Heh, I first posted it on the ZDoom forums...but from that post I guess you don't visit the ZDoom Forums at all...

Edit: I also used the 360 skybox so it would fit the environment more..

CoolD00d writes:(new) 01.04.2007, 16:01 GMT+1
edited 03.04.2007, 09:10 GMT+1


joke btw

Dancso writes:(new) 01.04.2007, 16:41 GMT+1

Coold00d: And what stuff did you rip for mario doom eh?

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 01.04.2007, 18:02 GMT+1

Even those textures he uses are ripped from other games quick somebody call the FBY or whatever they call it.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.04.2007, 09:09 GMT+1

i was kiddin, the company doesnt give a fuck :P
or we'd all be screwd by now, any way unless he makes profit, who gives a shite, no one that who,

FlynnTargget writes:(new) 08.04.2007, 10:26 GMT+1

Tis'' okay But Why would The Doom Hero or flynn targget would be under water?! doesn't demon's hate water?

*Vader* writes:(new) 08.04.2007, 19:10 GMT+1

NEVER call the Doom marine FLynn Taggart(or however it is spelled) again, ok!

*Vader* writes:(new) 08.04.2007, 19:10 GMT+1
edited 15.04.2007, 05:07 GMT+1


Deamonic writes:(new) 15.04.2007, 00:57 GMT+1

I've actually given the underwater base idea a nice prodding(Tried to make a few maps with this theme) but my mapping skills arent good enough to achieve anywhere near what I want.

Wish ya luck with it. I hate mappers block.
Looks pretty good so far ;)

joe2 writes:(new) 24.04.2007, 13:29 GMT+1

great stuff there man. when will it be out to download....!!!

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 17.06.2017, 13:55 GMT+1

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