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Heretic: D'Sparil's Shadow
by KingofFlames
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in progress, ZDoom
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This is my first Heretic project using GZDoom, it will have some new monsters and a new class "The Necromancer", this is going to be a full episode replacement. So far I have E1M1 done and I'm working on E1M2 and E1M3 at the same time. E1M8 will have a totally different boss then the Iron Liches, but I won't spoil it, so hah. ;)

E1M1: 100%
E1M2: 5%
E1M3: 5%
E1M4: 0%
E1M5: 0%
E1M6: 0%
E1M7: 0%
E1M8: 0%
E1M9: 0%

Caleb23 writes:(new) 10.11.2006, 17:01 GMT+1

Sounds interesting. I'm doing a wad for heretic too. Maybe you could tell something more? Like...how many levels or episodes are you going to add to your wad?

KingofFlames writes:(new) 04.12.2006, 17:05 GMT+1


It's going to have 1 full episode, meaning all 9 levels of it.

That's about it...:P

nightmare93 writes:(new) 23.03.2007, 11:02 GMT+1

not bad. I am starting to work on an episode replacement for heretic to lol. If you want some help i wouldn't mind. I could cancel my heretic project and start working for yours. (if you want some help i mean.) :P

SgtCrispy writes:(new) 23.03.2007, 17:25 GMT+1

More Heretic wads = Good!

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