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Lonely Meadows
by Lobo
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, EDGE
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At the start of the game we find Scott Harris and his daughter Eli driving to the town resort of "Lonely Meadows". A figure suddenly appears on the road, and Scott turns the car, swerving off the road.

When he regains consciousness Harry discovers that Eli is missing and he finds himself in the midst of the evil slowly engulfing "Lonely Meadows", a world of nightmarish delusions come to life.

He must find Eli and escape from the horrors which await him.

About Lonely Meadows:
It will be a mix of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, taking ideas from both, but coming out with something which isn't from either universe. For example the plot will begin very much like SH with the character lost and puzzled in a strange town, but will also feature a mutagenic virus and zombies like in RE.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 09.07.2006, 19:44 GMT+1

gots me eyes on this one. Lookin good matey.

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 10.07.2006, 20:42 GMT+1

I love zombies.

zombiekiller81 writes:(new) 11.07.2006, 01:46 GMT+1

wait did I hear zombies "adds to favorites"

Lobo writes:(new) 11.07.2006, 04:31 GMT+1

Cheers lads.

I forgot to add my sites address in the description: it's http://firstgen.no-ip.com

Nmn writes:(new) 11.07.2006, 11:50 GMT+1

Jesus Christ! I can't wait for this one! Argh, I need it.

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 06.11.2006, 21:51 GMT+1

This is definitely the most promising EDGE title to date... because it's doing something completely new with Doom, and from the looks of things, it's doing it VERY well.

Look forward to playing.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 23.12.2006, 13:58 GMT+1

any betas/demos?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 23.12.2006, 13:58 GMT+1

any betas/demos?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.02.2007, 21:41 GMT+1

man i need this nwo

Scuba Steve writes:(new) 10.07.2007, 11:21 GMT+1


DoomED666 writes:(new) 25.09.2007, 02:44 GMT+1

finish please.

Lobo writes:(new) 12.10.2007, 08:01 GMT+1

Sorry folks got severely sidetracked with the release of two other projects (E.M.U.S. and Robotech: FirstGen TC).

I'll eventually get around to picking this up again.

name writes:(new) 13.10.2007, 05:46 GMT+1

davvero molto bello ma dove scarica

Lobo writes:(new) 15.10.2007, 16:36 GMT+1

Non ancora disponibile per il scarica. Spiacente!

DoomED666 writes:(new) 15.03.2009, 02:46 GMT+1

so... any updates?

Apocsoft writes:(new) 15.03.2009, 04:50 GMT+1

Go to the edge forums for more news

invisible kid writes:(new) 02.10.2009, 01:40 GMT+1

This looks a lot like my new wad. Take a look at it if it ever gets posted. It's called silent hill doom (working title). Anyhow, great work on the zombie in shot 3. I don't particularly like the hud though.

Lobo writes:(new) 19.11.2009, 15:53 GMT+1

The HUD sucks, I know.

It's just a place holder, since the mapping, scripting and enemy/weapon/pickups all take precedence :)

Nmn writes:(new) 30.08.2010, 11:02 GMT+1

Any update on this survival horrors fan's dream come true?

Rui writes:(new) 15.09.2010, 14:09 GMT+1

quero baixar

zeroth writes:(new) 12.04.2011, 20:39 GMT+1

This looks amazing, I can't wait to play it!


Nmn writes:(new) 13.04.2011, 06:41 GMT+1

Aw man, I so wish he's still working on it.

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