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This project, tentatively titled DoomSport, is a collaboration between my brother and I. It will feature many single player 'games'. Each one of these games will have their own map, and a different objective to achieve it order to set a high score.

To add the fun, every map has an automatically updating scoreboad which holds your top 5 scores, and remembers the scores between maps. This allows for free movement throughout all the games, connected by a selection map, whilst retaining your top scores in each game for when you revisit later. Progress so far:

The Imping Range: 100% (screenshot #1)
The Imping Gallery: 100% (screenshot #2)
Rocket Vaulting: 100% (screenshot #3)
Rocket Vaulting II: 85%
Launchetics: 50%
Relic Keeper: 70%
[more games planned but not underway]

More screenshots & info available at http://doomslayer.horize.com/doomsport.html
All queries and feedback welcome :-D

Mancubus II writes:(new) 09.07.2006, 12:42 GMT+1

Is there any intention for this to be multiplayer compatible in the future?

DooMAD writes:(new) 09.07.2006, 12:55 GMT+1
edited 09.07.2006, 13:12 GMT+1

Very innovative concept, I'm going to try the demo on your site right away.


Just played it, got a high score of 3334, heh. Looking forward to the finished version with the other game modes.

Stubbsy writes:(new) 10.07.2006, 05:46 GMT+1

"Is there any intention for this to be multiplayer compatible in the future?"

Maybe. MP would work better for some games than for other. For example, I think Coop would work really well for Relic Keeper, where the objective is to defend your Relic from an ever increasing tide of monsters who try to destroy it. I can't see it would work so well in The Imping Range though, for example.

Thanks DooMAD! Thanks also for reminding me to mention the demo on my site.

Searon486 writes:(new) 11.07.2006, 10:52 GMT+1

Great idea. So, it's kinda like an arcade? Finally. Something that is score based.

Stubbsy writes:(new) 13.07.2006, 05:56 GMT+1

Yep, everything is score based. At the end of each game you play, the console with give you details of your score and other statistics (for example, in the Imping Gallery one of the misc stats is your accuracy %). Then, if your score is sufficent the scoreboard will automatically update appropiately (it holds your top 5 scores).

You can download the Demo to see the scoreboard in action in The Imping Range.

Once released, we're hoping to host a main leaderboard on the website where people can submit their savegames and demos of highscores to get their name on the absolute top scoreboard for each game. ;-)

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