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Devil Road
by Lizzy
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, Legacy
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Though this wad's port is under Legacy it will run with zdoom skulltag and Legacy so really Legacy is just what I am building it under.
This is my first wad file that I started after getting good at all the stuff you can do with the game.
It replaces Knee deep in the dead- The shores of hell- Inferno- and thy flesh consumed.
I've put alot of time into the map E1M1 which can be downloaded for testing once I get a link up so if you find anybugs or have any comments post them here!
The wad have water that you can swim in and some pretty real levels maybe some far fetched but other then that I think you will think it good for my first wad.
It may seem a little bland texture wise but I made it that way on perpese cuase its supposed to be like a temple but I hope you like the demo level when you try it out.

sorry bout my spelling.

Rusty writes:(new) 25.03.2006, 01:05 GMT+1

This looks fun, but it's a tad under-detailed by most standards.

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