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This is the start of map02 of the Heaven Torn Asunder Doom 64 TC Megawad.

Nmn writes:04.01.2004, 18:00 GMT+1

You didn't take my advice? Colour those rooms. Textures in D64 are grey and without coloured lighting they lookg ugly like those screenshots. Sorry to say this so hard. I would colour them a bit, a suitable colour would be orange, or brown, like in Map23: Pitfalls.

MasterOfPuppets writes:05.01.2004, 01:08 GMT+1

err, you again. hey, my partner is a 100% newbie so be cool. besides, its only 1 room so far, he just started. hell, he dosn't really know how to color the rooms yet anyway;p

Nmn writes:05.01.2004, 01:59 GMT+1

Master of Puppets- You already proved that You're a childish ignorant. This map looks plain to me. So I say it's plain. If You want me to say something good about it make it good! Boris said that You shouldn't submit 1 room-finished map anyway. Pay more attention to what people are saying here. And I kindly ask to show You more respect. If You don't know me then don't say that I don't map (ever wandered on the Doomer's Recess? Check the old news to see) and that I don't know anything (hence I know a bit more than You-coloured sectors :) If You don't know me, don't judge me, OK? If this is a finished map then this mappack has the chance to murder Doom64TC :( The coloured rooms are ESSENTIAL. You should have ask on the forums at Doom Wad Station how to make them, or ask Kaiser via-mail. I hope You read it and take it seriously. C'ya.

NiGHTMARE writes:05.01.2004, 02:34 GMT+1

Nmn: umm, he said his partner doesn't know how to colour rooms, not that you don't :)

Nmn writes:05.01.2004, 03:08 GMT+1

Nightmare thanks for that :). It's just the guy of the Puppets called me an "idiot" in his last post and said that I don't know anything about D64 mapping, so I enlighten the dark mind with the truth- I do :) (I hope Kaiser still has my level "Cold Base" :D-I don't release that because I prefer to make something BIG, not a pile of averagies) that post was deleted and thanks to Boris. Being called an "idiot" isn't so nice :(

Akuma writes:06.01.2004, 00:39 GMT+1

Nmn, Me and MasterOfPuppets don't give a shit what you think. This is, infact my first map, so don't be so harsh, and don't fuck with MasterOfPuppets.

Nmn writes:06.01.2004, 01:58 GMT+1

Ok. Keep on making crap I guess. I wanted to help but since Your such a.. ahh You aint worth words. BTW: keep on talking like that and the admin will have Your posts removed lamer (+ You talk lake a 5-th grade child).

MasterOfPuppets writes:06.01.2004, 05:52 GMT+1

ok, sorry for the "idiot" remark, and no i don't know you, but the way you were talking about it didn't sound exactly like you actually knew wut you where talking about, according to wut i know now. and i asure you the maps i am making have lots of colored lighting, and i'll force Akuma to do the same. on a second note, i did suggest to Akuma to get a bit more rooms/detail before he posted his stuff. he said he "didn't care", so i wasn't going to press it.

you know, you could have just told me what you thought of my level, and not tried to be so dang nice about it. it gives your text a "know-it-all" feeling, i think. thats why i snapped at you. and naturally you snapped back, so of course Akuma retures the favor. now its come back around to me, so i'm ending it. we drop it now.

i have taken acount of your suggestions, i even colored that room you thought needed color, and you know what? it does look better.

Nmn writes:06.01.2004, 18:50 GMT+1

Master of Puppets: I'm really happy that it turned out that way. Let's leave in peace. It just hurt me a bit. I read a LOT of documents on mapping (including John Romero's interview, altough it didn't give me much :) I get mapper's blocks many times and I made some maps for D64 and it just hurt a bit to be called a "non-mapping fool". Believe me I wanted to help (see? That room looks better now :) but I saw a ton of horrible other wads that violeted other great TC's (like NewBreed by Fanatic). I just didn't want that to happen with D64-I have too much respect and love for that game. Now I see that Your a good mapper and a good guy too. Sorry fot that Know-it-all feeling. I think the map is quite moody. :)

boris writes:06.01.2004, 19:22 GMT+1

GROUP HUG! ^_______^
Anyways, please try to be friendly right from the start next time, ok?

Orpheus writes:17.01.2004, 21:08 GMT+1

Your first map? And Your dumb enough to release it? Whatta piece of ugly shit. Hapilly the mappack was cancelled. NMN, don't give a damn about these morons. I hope lamers will learn not to map for good mappacks, cause it's harder than making a plain D2 map, hehehe

Nmn writes:17.01.2004, 21:11 GMT+1

Orpheus thank You very much for that support. Your right, lamers are everywhere. Especially ones who "plan" a megawad for their first release. Read some doccuments on mapping damn dumb-asses! Was cancelled You say? Pheew... that was a relieve... I hate people who not only make shit, but also ignore one's advices to improve it. Orpheus, You saw my mappack at T.D.R.?

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