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future (working title)
by unreal_soldier
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Doomsday
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


this is my 4th wad and the first i publish for the public im real new to level editing so please be nice..

regards the Unreal newbie =)

Tango writes:(new) 28.11.2005, 02:54 GMT+1

Wow, looks pretty neat! Keep up the awesome work dude!

unreal_soldier writes:(new) 28.11.2005, 11:30 GMT+1

thanks! =) this is actaully my first wad for an upcomming megawad with 20 levels

msquid writes:(new) 30.11.2005, 21:00 GMT+1

unreal: you need to increase the gamma of those pictures, at least for viewing in browsers; in game it might not look that dark. The only thing I can comment on is what I can see. :)
Which are the lampposts. They look fine, except that light is illuminating the upper and lower textures, which it should not be. Prehaps, (if you feel obsessive enough to care), you could leave a small band of shadow and make the light area cast on the floor of the corridor bigger...

dethtoll writes:(new) 02.12.2005, 02:50 GMT+1

a little too dark to make any judgement, although from what i can see, i like the first shot.

all three shots have a nice doom64 feel to them, minus actually LOOKING like doom64 (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

unreal_soldier writes:(new) 05.12.2005, 17:56 GMT+1
edited 12.12.2005, 03:21 GMT+1

youre right i will increase the gamma in the shots..

and thats funny you say it looks like DooM64 because i really love DooM64 i actully play the map with the DooM64 resource pack.

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