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Power Outtage at the Research Facility
by geo
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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Far far different of a level and a boss battle. The Demon is on the horizon, Hell's forces unleased and they attack the containment facility from the outside. It isn't a boss battle. the player must capture the demon he has unleashed on the world. Capture it in one of the two giant containment cages, then escape the facility in one piece.

The defenses inside of the facility are well done to protect any of the demons from escaping. There is a moat of lava outside the facility as well as a river that flows on the inside, incase any creatures must be destroyed, there is the moat to do it in.

There are problems though, the creatures of Hell cut the power, and it must be restored, the other problem is the power can go again at any time. More problems... weapons are limited. There are only chainguns, and a reserve shotgun in one of the containment fields, but our forces have dropped a rocket launcher outside the front of the facility.

The biggest problem perhaps is once the Demon is contained in one of the two giant cages... It stands between the player and the salvation of the exit across the bridge on the interior of the facility.


I made this .wad based on the idea generator, so I made a .wad that follows the idea generator. It said find three generators and turn them on, so the player starts when there is a power outtage in the research facility. Unfortunately durring a power outtage the building is under lockdown. No doors can be unlocked without the power. The player must open the 3 security rooms to open the hallway of the power station. Oh yeah, the power is off because there are demons attacking the facility on the outside, and getting in! Once the power is on, all of the doors are open to restore order, unfortunately the doors to the research cells are open too! Oops. The player must obtain a rocket launcher to fend off the demons, and either contain or kill the demons that were being researched.

This facility is a big puzzle. Lots more puzzle situations to uncover, lots of demons to destroy. Takes me at least 8 minutes to go through it completely and I know where everything is. There are even specific routes needed on your way to the exit, or else the facility goes under lockdown, which may annoy people.

Nmn writes:(new) 07.11.2005, 18:37 GMT+1

Looks nice and nostalgic. Looking forward.

Tango writes:(new) 08.11.2005, 04:34 GMT+1

Looks pretty nice! =)

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