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Omega Station (Working Title)
by melfice
Doom 3, single player
in progress, none
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Year: 2115...An abandoned UAC space station used to perform experiments years before the first incident on Mars was thought to be lost as it mysteriously drifted out of the Earth orbit and then suddenly vanishing from all radar. Speculation had formed within the UAC as to where it could have possibly vanished to, and the UAC was grieving over the loss of a multi-billion dollar project that would have helped them make the final leap to Mars sooner than 2145, as they originally had done.

2180: UAC experimental space station Omega re-appears in it's normal orbit around the earth. All workers and life forms were thought to be dead, but there satellites indicate there are life forms inside of Omega. Furthermore, the exterior of the station appears severely damaged, and certain sectors of the it have lost their gravity and/or oxygen generators.

The UAC scientists want their experiments and workers recovered, the condition of the workers and experiments being of no concern. It is up to you to traverse through Omega Station and reach said objectives while further exploring the damages the station has sustained and observing what life forms are left on the base.

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