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Ultimate Redemption
by Tango
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Ultimate Redemption
Authors Are: Tango, Flesh420, and Macro
Going to have 11 maps: 10 normal ones, and a secret one.

This is the third Redemption wad in the series, and going to be the best. Other info on Redemption I and II can be found at: http://www.fleshdoom.cjb.net/ and http://maniacsvault.net:8000/tango/
Feedback is great, wheter its good, or bad. If you think something looks bad, please, tell us how to make it better. :)
Hope you guys look forward to the wad! Or at least think it looks neat...

Kristus writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 10:53 GMT+1

Yeah, there was this super cool new feature that came out of nowhere, called high-resolution. Amazing, I know. But it actually works.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 15:21 GMT+1

Level design looks quite decent :)

Torpedo writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 15:24 GMT+1

Looks Cool!! I can't wait to play it...

Infurnus writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 15:24 GMT+1
edited 17.09.2005, 15:26 GMT+1

Heh. If your computer slows down on hi-resolutions, you can always pause the game, change the resolution to 640x480 and take a snapshot while the game is still paused. ;)
Your maps look decent enough, but you should fix the number 5 sprite seen in shot 1, as it has a "tutti-frutti" looking thing going on.

Nmn writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 15:41 GMT+1
edited 17.09.2005, 15:41 GMT+1

Brings back the memories for some reason :) I'll be playing this.

Tango writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 19:12 GMT+1
edited 21.09.2005, 05:58 GMT+1

Heh yeah I wasn't thinking of taking the shots in hi-res then, but maybe I should modify them. Oh and actually, its the 4 sprite, not 5. I'm not quite sure why the heck it does that...
Nice to hear feedback though : )

Edit: Woot Woot screenshots are updated, but they need to be approved or something first.

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