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Assault: Operation Overlord
by Shockwav3
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, Skull Tag
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update 09/28/2005
no new screens as i've put the project on hold for now, as i can't find proper textures for the cannon's base, i have some ideas for detailing but wanna get the base texturing done first. so this is where you can come in by either recommending existing texture-sets or even creating textures for scratch.
update 09/23/2005:
started working on the main objective
http://www.panzerlexikon.de/guns/eisenbahndora.jpg this is how it's supposed to look like in the long run
minor update 09/21/2005:
i've added an easter egg to the map, it measures 2mb (long live broadband, get it if you don't have it yet :D) but i like it.

early state screenshots of my attempt to port the gamemode assault to zdoom.
don't mind the fullbright and lack of detail right now, as i'm trying to get the gameplay down first.

screenshot 1 shows the modified beachhead where the attackers start.
screenshot 2 shows the warping area for the defenders. (which is finally done for now)
screenshot 3 shows the main objective of the map (a giant cannon on rails) ignore the textures/flats for now, as i can't really be bothered with mapping anymore tonight
current status
gameplay: 10%
detail: 8%
lightning: 2%
item placement: 5%
scripting: 0%
easter eggs: 100%

Dancso writes:(new) 16.09.2005, 12:41 GMT+1

Nice work, pic2 impressed me, it reminds me of an Unreal assault map.;)
Pic 1 is not bad at all.:)
It will be contain more maps, or just one?
Keep up the good work.;)

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 16.09.2005, 16:29 GMT+1

prolly just one as i currently have no idea how to implement the actual scripts, if people happen to like it, i'll make more for sure.

Nmn writes:(new) 16.09.2005, 17:39 GMT+1

Sounds promising :)

sitters writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 09:16 GMT+1

Keep on going :)

Infurnus writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 15:33 GMT+1

Oh wow, it's about time!
Shot 2 looks very nice. How will you be going about making the bunkers for shot 1? Will you use fake floor over floor or will you surprise us?

As for the scripting, I think the way you should go about it by doing something along the lines of 'if player reaches area A then this happens, if player reaches area B this happens and player start things with TID X are removed from the beginning while player starts with TID Y are added to area B..' ect...
Though I'm not much of a scripting person, I think this would be... attainable. I myself am trying to learn ACS, so I understand how you feel. ;P

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 17.09.2005, 23:55 GMT+1

well the bunkers are "semi-final" as they are in screenshot 1, unless i get bored again and go on a detailing spree again.

wadaholic writes:(new) 18.09.2005, 09:46 GMT+1


Nmn writes:(new) 18.09.2005, 11:02 GMT+1

Nice architecture dude..

sitters writes:(new) 19.09.2005, 17:02 GMT+1

Shot two, very good.


Nmn writes:(new) 23.09.2005, 16:27 GMT+1
edited 23.09.2005, 16:27 GMT+1

Nice tank. Remember, think tank ;) j/k

wadaholic writes:(new) 11.10.2005, 12:21 GMT+1

Indoor looks great, could do a bit more work on the outdoor though. How about some funky sloped terrain?

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