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Cruel Death
by sitters
new comments Doom 2, single player
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Port Risen3D
Cruel Death is finished

My special thanks to Abbs and Hawkwind for :
Beta testing, Optimizing and debugging the map.


shaviro writes:(new) 26.08.2005, 14:29 GMT+1
edited 26.08.2005, 14:30 GMT+1

The description could be better, but I'll let it slide.
Nice shots.

Infurnus writes:(new) 26.08.2005, 14:54 GMT+1

Hah! Nice. For some reason the atmosphere kind of reminds me of Evil Dead or Army of Darkness. Must be those spooky trees against the sky...

Nuxius writes:(new) 26.08.2005, 22:01 GMT+1

Yeah, I'm really digging the atmosphere in this one.

Keep up the great work, sitters.

sitters writes:(new) 27.08.2005, 10:17 GMT+1


In the main while I have change the building, with more 3D stuff.
Now I am happy with it.

And yes in the hole level I'd try to make the world dark, horror and a spooky atmosphere ( maybe with a lot of blood ).


Nmn writes:(new) 27.08.2005, 10:19 GMT+1


Tormentor667 writes:(new) 27.08.2005, 16:28 GMT+1

The JDoom/Risen3D mapping genious strikes again :) Beautiful shots!

Gee_Dawgg writes:(new) 27.08.2005, 19:18 GMT+1

The rate at which you crank out Doomsday and/or Risen3D levels is astonishing. Another great looking work in progress. Keep it up.


wadaholic writes:(new) 28.08.2005, 08:57 GMT+1

Love the terrain effects, good work!

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 29.08.2005, 21:12 GMT+1

Sitters, you are switching to risen3D?

sitters writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 08:47 GMT+1
edited 03.09.2005, 07:58 GMT+1

Thanks everybody

Yes I am switching to Risen3D,

Risen3D is much faster then doomsday, and with the new features I like it more then doomsday.


Infurnus writes:(new) 03.09.2005, 06:36 GMT+1

You mean "features"? But still, with new feathers you can fly higher! XD
These new shots look nice, I'll be waiting for this one.

sitters writes:(new) 03.09.2005, 08:03 GMT+1
edited 03.09.2005, 09:01 GMT+1

Yea features, every time I make a mistake with feathers and features. But when you see it in dutch it is a big difference.

Faciliteiten = features

veren = feathers


wadaholic writes:(new) 04.09.2005, 08:01 GMT+1

yet another mod from Sitters, and you guessed it, its based in egypt, very nice indeed.

sitters writes:(new) 04.09.2005, 09:20 GMT+1
edited 05.09.2005, 15:31 GMT+1

Nope, it is a mythical theme.


Edit: New shots on the way.
All the shots : http://www.sitters-electronics.nl/Game.html

Nmn writes:(new) 09.09.2005, 14:29 GMT+1
edited 09.09.2005, 14:30 GMT+1


EDIT (needs intelectual content..)
Amazing. Very innovative. It's such a new theme and style I basically can't disagree with it, it seems unknown to me. Nevertheless, the quality of work done is really high. Great work :)

sitters writes:(new) 10.09.2005, 13:04 GMT+1


Yea this must be the biggest level I made.

First Abbs and I did make the solution of the disappearing models.
Abbs converted and optimized all the maps I made for doomsday to Risen3D.

They are great now and very fast so also people with lower systems can play them.

Now the models are really a part of the level and don't disappearing anymore depending of the angle of the camera.

In the main while I did update my website and people can now see screenshots of a level before they download it.


Now all the knowledge is there I can focus again on the level.


Nuxius writes:(new) 18.09.2005, 18:58 GMT+1

So, how are things going?
(sorry, just used to fairly regular updates from you ;) ).

Also, I was looking through your website and noticed you put a \ in your links to your other levels again. This makes it where it doesn't work in Firefox. :(

Anyway, keep up the great work as usual. :)

sitters writes:(new) 19.09.2005, 17:06 GMT+1

Thanks I change the site.

Cruel death is ready and in beta phase.

Release very soon after all the optimizing is done.

The map is very fast, with a good 3D feeling.


Doomdude90 writes:(new) 19.09.2005, 21:54 GMT+1

Good I am really wanting to load this baby up and play it.

Nuxius writes:(new) 19.09.2005, 22:26 GMT+1


Can't wait to play it. :)

The Nephilim writes:(new) 25.10.2005, 09:37 GMT+1

Hi I am unable to get these Pwads to work with Doomsday v1.8.0, I am unzipping to "C:\Doomsday\Data\jDoom\Auto" is this correc??? GREAT MAPS TOO I wanna play these ones BAD!! THNX

sitters writes:(new) 25.10.2005, 19:02 GMT+1
edited 25.10.2005, 19:04 GMT+1

This is a map for the Risen3D port, Not for doomsday.

Download the port from the site and the last service release



Edit : unzip the file in the risen3D Dir. and play with the launcher.

The Nephilim writes:(new) 26.10.2005, 03:18 GMT+1
edited 26.10.2005, 03:33 GMT+1

OK sorry for being a NOOB :) I FINALLy got it working but I only get 1 map showing up what am I doing wrong now???? I unzipped to the UDIR folder and it only shows 1 map is there more levels than 1??? THNX

I am also Unable to get Rocket B to work with Risen 3d it keeps saying NOT a IWAD?? THNX

The Nephilim writes:(new) 29.10.2005, 05:28 GMT+1

OK Rocket B is for Doomsday I am learning!! fun maps by the way!! Do yo plan on making any Mega wads??

Nuxius writes:(new) 29.10.2005, 18:28 GMT+1
edited 29.10.2005, 18:28 GMT+1


If you're looking for the Risen3D versions of sitters' maps, you can grab them here:


The Nephilim writes:(new) 31.10.2005, 05:05 GMT+1
edited 01.11.2005, 23:18 GMT+1

THNX ALOT Nuxius!!
I am UNABLE to get these Pwads to work with Risen 3D. what is the EXact place to put the Pwads??? It says pit in autodir Where the Hell is the AUTODIR ????? THNX

Ive read the readme the docs NOJOY!!

The Nephilim writes:(new) 04.11.2005, 07:40 GMT+1

I must be a NOOB somebody PLEASE shoot me!! I finally got it works now!!

william writes:(new) 15.11.2005, 09:16 GMT+1

This is an awesome level. The new modles & textures add to the wonderfully evil theme.

doomer writes:(new) 24.11.2005, 04:08 GMT+1
edited 24.11.2005, 04:08 GMT+1

its cool but how do you download it.

The Nephilim writes:(new) 07.12.2005, 15:25 GMT+1
edited 07.12.2005, 16:02 GMT+1

Follow that link in Download that takes you to Sitters website lower left where it says levels click Cruel death that will take you to the Download Page. You have to use Risen 3D to make it work!!

here is the link for Risen 3D:


Apocsoft writes:(new) 18.12.2007, 15:28 GMT+1

His maps can found at his new site..


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