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Fuck Shit Piss (possibly working title)
by darkhaven3
new comments Doom 3, single player
in progress, none
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The Story: Blablabla City blablabla ohmygodno portal is open blabla demons

My first two Doom3 maps that are actually properly made... that is to say, they both use the caulk texture (ohmygod!!1one) and make use of patch meshes for curved surfaces instead of my old method for curves... Anyway, second map is not ready for review yet but I'll have at least one screen when it is ready. For now, FEAST YUOR EEYS!!11onehundredeleven

EDIT: First screenshot of the E3M3 remake. This one's the short hallway at the very beginning of the map.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 15.08.2005, 09:40 GMT+1

i think you should change the map name to jsut shit becuase that describes it pretty well :)

but seriously we all see this happen people submit crappy maps they get yelled at i mean i got yelled at for making a semi crappy map but i chnaged it around and now its an average map woot!!

wadaholic writes:(new) 17.08.2005, 06:46 GMT+1

"FUCK this map is SHIT, I could PISS a better map than this..."
Thats what somebody else would say, but I like so called 'Crappy' maps sometimes. its not the visuals that matter, its the gameplay. Looking forward to seeing how it plays... ;)

darkhaven3 writes:(new) 17.08.2005, 11:12 GMT+1

wadaholic, I'm certainly happy someone else out there thinks like me :)

Mr. Insane, I'll admit that I'm still kind of a newb to DooM 3 and/or Quake III mapping, but I challenge you to find any textures in DooM 3 that were meant to be used in City-like maps. I dare you, I fucking double dare you :P

Anyway, just for the record, the second map is an E3M3 remake. Just thought you'd like to know.

wadaholic writes:(new) 18.08.2005, 07:01 GMT+1

Humour is a good thing in the Doom comunity, and the name of this mod is certainly hurmorus...

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 18.08.2005, 09:07 GMT+1
edited 18.08.2005, 09:07 GMT+1

textures never stopped anyone from making a city map but anyways its all in good fun no real insult intended

dethtoll writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 03:14 GMT+1

your description makes me laugh. :)

Rusty writes:(new) 19.11.2005, 00:24 GMT+1

DarkHaven3: GREAT TITLE. That is all.

And oh yeah, the map looks real interesting as well.

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 28.11.2006, 21:13 GMT+1


DooM Droid writes:(new) 02.03.2007, 03:23 GMT+1

Your screenshot show me that this map has no weapons. It is wery hard to kill enemy on nightmare difficult level with hands

Dancso writes:(new) 02.03.2007, 07:28 GMT+1
edited 02.03.2007, 07:28 GMT+1

"FUCK this map is SHIT, I could PISS a better map than this..."
LOL! Its not just funny, it also has rhymes(or what) in it. LMAO

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