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by Flesh420
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This wad mod is a mod for legacy doom. Its first map is map 3 of duke nukem time to kill for PSX(but with changes). Im going to do more maps when the demo is done. Go to http://www.FleshDoom.cjb.net for Updated NEWS

xtal writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 10:27 GMT+1

I think this a long shot, but any chance of using a few original Duke textures?

Otherwise, sounds like a good idea. Accurate implementation of the PSX maps could be a fantastic idea.

dethtoll writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 13:12 GMT+1


xtal writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 13:47 GMT+1
edited 03.08.2005, 13:48 GMT+1

dethtoll writes:
That's really useful, thanks :)

PS Have you ever made a WAD, dethtoll?
PPS Keep up the good work Flesh420

patrick writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 14:52 GMT+1

That looks awesome i want to try the beta now!!!

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 17:09 GMT+1
edited 03.08.2005, 18:52 GMT+1

hmm, yea you should use some of the original duke textures in that city level, also idunno if there any use to you but i got a bunch of duke enemie sprites ripped by ''DopeFish'' whtch you can use freely

http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=450&theme=1 battle lord - could replace spider master mind
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=453&theme=1 Enforcer - could replace heavy weapon dude?
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=454&theme=1 Octa Brain - could replace cacodemon
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=451&theme=1 - Assualt Commando - could replace the Pain Elemental
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=452&theme=1 -Sentry Drone -Could Replace Lost Soul
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=458&theme=1 - protector drone could replace Baron of hell
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=481&theme=1 - Cycloid Emporer could replace cyberdemon
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=449&theme=1 - assault captian could replace SS Nazi
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=456&theme=1 - pig cop riot tank could replace Arachnotron
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=455&theme=1 Pig Cop - could replace shotgun guy
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=461&theme=1 Assault trooper - could replace imp or zombie man
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=480&theme=1 Over Lord - could replace mancubus
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=507&theme=1 Alien Queen - could replace Hellknight
n you could even have
http://www.panelmonkey.org/sprite.php?id=514&theme=1 - ripper from shadow warrior replacing the demons!

Flesh420 writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 18:27 GMT+1
edited 03.08.2005, 18:47 GMT+1

Hey thanks i wish i got this kind of support on other websites. Thanks for the sprite links also its greatly appreciated. But my wad got deleted by a freind by accdent. So im going to use this to my advantage and surpass my orginal wad. Im planing to work on it all day to so i can be back up to date. Anyone who would like to test it just go the website and send me a email, And ill get back to you as soon as i have a test build done. Anyways thanks for the support it gives me allot of motovation to get this done. :) BTW ive looked for Duke TEXTS for ever and cant seem to find any so if anyone knows where i can find a city wad with city textures would also be greatly appreciated.

Nmn writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 19:05 GMT+1

I love psx conversions :) Looking good tough the guy in the hud bar doesn't look like Duke :/

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 19:33 GMT+1
edited 03.08.2005, 19:33 GMT+1

no problem , if you need any help just ask me
i dont mind working on 2 projects,
i.e Supermariodoomtc

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 20:05 GMT+1

also you should of changed the colour of the skins trousers to blue or grey when taken the photo, and nm you right about the pic in hud bar, ithink it came wid the skin ur better off not having one atall or ripping one from a duke image

patrick writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 21:36 GMT+1

I think i know where one might be ler mw look.

patrick writes:(new) 03.08.2005, 21:40 GMT+1

Hey one more thing this is gonna be for legacy right?

Flesh420 writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 05:14 GMT+1

Yes it is

patrick writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 10:08 GMT+1

Okay good another thing what is a psx?

Flesh420 writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 16:03 GMT+1

Playstation home Console

patrick writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 16:16 GMT+1

Oh thanks for telling me.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 18:54 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 19:03 GMT+1

Hey i added the new screenshots. Go to http://www.midwestdons.cjb.net
Im also going to make a webpage dedicated to this mod instead of sharing it with two seprate things. Also added whats done and some other things to the site. If i work hard and work on adding all the detail i want this should be done HOPEFULLY by next week.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 19:14 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 19:15 GMT+1

replace trees or senry with duke nukem women put 3 of them on the stage,

Flesh420 writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 20:33 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 20:35 GMT+1

Whats a link for a sprite converter. All the converters that i have got dont seem to work on my system. Thus not being able to add duke sprites. But ive been looking for duke strippers sprites. Also do u know of any converters that dont run under a dos box. Because my systems seems to hate dos boxes and closes out of them immediately after clicking on them.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 21:11 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 21:11 GMT+1

you could use XWE? cut the sprites from the sprite sheet add the light blue backround and replace the graphics of the monster?
thats how i would do it any way

Flesh420 writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 21:32 GMT+1

Ok ill do that i just used WINTEX to add a pigcop sprite take a look i have it on the site its looks pretty good.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 22:11 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 22:14 GMT+1

Nice, one, now i would suggest adding in the assualt trooper as its the first enemie you encounter, you could replace the zombie man but it would look beter from an imp because the assault trooper actualy shoots laser projectiles, if you replaced the imp n its fire balls it would come out like the assualt trooper, but if you replaced the zombie man, then no projectiles would be shot, well its up to you any way

oh and update your screen shots on this site, put like the pig cops on first 1 strip bar on second and then on third put the outside the bar thing

CoolD00d writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 22:26 GMT+1
edited 04.08.2005, 22:41 GMT+1


here use this as a dancer, it will need shorterning


CoolD00d writes:(new) 04.08.2005, 23:53 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 00:00 GMT+1

got ya some textures and floors!
of course u will need to cut them down to doom flat sizes

Duke Floor 1
Duke Floor 2
Duke Floor 3
Duke Poster
http://img216.exs.cx/img216/697/09633uu.th.png minus the numbers at bottom
Door Flat [Smallen it]
City windows

Also a site full of textures

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 00:07 GMT+1

thank you. You are a very big help :)

CoolD00d writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 00:18 GMT+1

no problem, i tried to rip the actual duke nukem 3D textures from the dukenukem iwad put, my wad editor is playing up

dethtoll writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 02:43 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 02:44 GMT+1

mein gott in himmel, the headache...

also, have you considered the legality of this? i doubt 3d realms would think very highly of this. ESPECIALLY if you intend on recreating the original levels.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 05:49 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 05:50 GMT+1

well im not recreating it all the way the only things that really resemble the map of the PSX version is the strip club and city. Plus i doubt 3drealms really cares about a doom mod when they have Duke Nukem Takin Forever to worry about.

dethtoll writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 06:53 GMT+1

you'd be suprised. they're rather protective of their intellectual property.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 07:15 GMT+1

oh yea he actuly have a point remember, duke wants you to stop stealing our bandwith or whateva

Infurnus writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 13:16 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 13:23 GMT+1

Make some of the indoor scenes darker, so Legacy's light effects can be more apparent... also, have you played Duke 3D?
If you have Windows 2000/XP then you might want to use this to play Duke 3D: http://jonof.edgenetwork.org/index.php?p=jfduke3d

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 15:56 GMT+1

Yes i have played Duke 3d and i love it almost as much i do as doom. I will make the inside buildings darker. Also do u play dukester X?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 16:57 GMT+1

ite, i got some more sprites for you
Trash Can
Garbage Bin
Monster Blood
Floor flame
Security monitor
Crack in da wall
Demon Camera
Beer Blimp
Duke Barrel
Exploding gas tank
Nuclear barrel
End Nuke Button
red key card
Yellow key card
blue key card
pig cop armour
Chain gun ammo
shot gun pick up

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 17:13 GMT+1

u wouldnt happen to know of a good node builder that doesnt run under dos. Because im useing glbsp_win_210c but i doesnt seem to fix the opengl holes. Thanks for the links

Nmn writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 17:25 GMT+1


coold00r, were You the "Lord Raffles" guy at DW?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 17:35 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 23:54 GMT+1

no, hes ma mate

patrick writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 18:27 GMT+1

hey flesh can i be a beta tester please?

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 20:00 GMT+1

Yes you can but since u the first to ask your the only one who is going to. Give me your email. And i will send u it ASAP

Nmn writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 20:49 GMT+1

yeah, why

You're seriously retarded then.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 05.08.2005, 21:13 GMT+1
edited 05.08.2005, 21:15 GMT+1

Hey also will you guys go to my forums and post what you want this wad to be. The forum is at http://p1.forumforfree.com/first-person-third-person-or-both-vt5-flesh.html and please vote i want to make you guys to be involved with the makeing of this wad as possible thanks.


patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 01:09 GMT+1

Okay my email address is doom5020@bellsouth.net flesh and thank you for letting me be one.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 03:55 GMT+1

patrick did u sign up for my fourm, if so post some stuff to make urn account active

patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 12:14 GMT+1

Oh i forgot whoops.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 14:56 GMT+1

Patrick i have sent u the wad so check your email and email be back to tell me what you think. :)

patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:06 GMT+1

Okay good thank you but for some stupid reason my password won't work when i try to log in and that sucks so either i am gonna have to set up a new one or i am gonna have to find out what's wrong with the password.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:16 GMT+1

do u by anychance use MSN messanger?

patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:33 GMT+1

No i don't i acutally use outlook express but if you could you please send the wad to my sister's account wich is wapdash@bellsouth.net please?

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:37 GMT+1

Can do and i will as soon as im done writing this

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:47 GMT+1

well i tryed to send u it twice and i get a email back saying that the sent message failed. So im going to try to use Outlook and see if it sends it.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 15:51 GMT+1
edited 06.08.2005, 15:52 GMT+1

just tryed outlook and got the same response so do u happen to have another email address i can send it to? If you downloaded msn messanger i could just send it to u in like 1min and u could play as soon as it waz done. But thats up to you :)

Infurnus writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 16:01 GMT+1

You guys should use this. Scince one of you has MSN, the other can get an MSN Messenger account and you can use GAIM to communicate. Does this help?
PS: Flesh420, no I haven't played dukester X.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 16:07 GMT+1

well i downloaded it and like it dunno if it help patrick though

patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 16:16 GMT+1

Oh okay yeah see my sister's email address isn't working either but mine is all i had to do was turn the password off can you send it to me one more time please and sorry if i am bothering you it's just that i really want to play this.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 16:19 GMT+1

Dont worry bout it the one i sent u when ur email waznt working is outdated now since i have most of this wad done now so ill send u it as soon as im done writing this

CoolD00d writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 16:55 GMT+1

flesh send it to my email to, my hotmail one

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 17:02 GMT+1

hey patrick did you get it. Cool dude i did i forgot you wanted to test it so now i have 2 beta testers :)

patrick writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 17:06 GMT+1

No i'm sorry the mail server isn't working and that sucks because i might have to wait a while to get it sorry.Oh and what also sucks is that duke nukem mod for half life 2 got shut down i would have loved to play that.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 17:10 GMT+1
edited 06.08.2005, 17:11 GMT+1

Wow dude that is really messed up you just said that cuz i just read that article hope they dont do it to mine :)

Dancso writes:(new) 06.08.2005, 23:45 GMT+1
edited 06.08.2005, 23:46 GMT+1

Looks like Patrick's Email address is getting naughty.:)

patrick writes:(new) 07.08.2005, 00:34 GMT+1

Yeah i know it sucks i mean i can't even try the beta because of my stupid email address i mean come on i really wanted to try this :(.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 09.08.2005, 21:28 GMT+1

Hey!! I figured i just let you guys know if you dont already. That this demo is really close to being done look for it on my website within the next 2 days. So anywho i redid the exit area its nothing like it waz before and the only thing i have to add is the octabrain sounds.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 11.08.2005, 23:30 GMT+1

The Demo is done go to the webpage to download it

patrick writes:(new) 11.08.2005, 23:52 GMT+1

Thank you flesh for releasing the demo.

Dancso writes:(new) 12.08.2005, 17:56 GMT+1


On your site, how did you make that Doom type "DUKE" background? It's very cool!

Flesh420 writes:(new) 13.08.2005, 04:43 GMT+1

i just use paint :)

Dancso writes:(new) 13.08.2005, 13:45 GMT+1

WHAT????? :o I can't believe it! Tell me you created this with photoshop! But if you ARE used MS PAINT, then you must be ace whith that program!:D

Flesh420 writes:(new) 13.08.2005, 16:50 GMT+1

lol I dont know what ace is but i just used paint.

joe2 writes:(new) 17.08.2005, 23:10 GMT+1

Hi your download link is down when i click on the link to download DUKE MEETS DOOM

Flesh420 writes:(new) 18.08.2005, 02:18 GMT+1

ok i updated but till you can see it here it is. http://www.freewebs.com/midwestdons/doomwads.htm

Flesh420 writes:(new) 18.08.2005, 21:06 GMT+1
edited 18.08.2005, 22:31 GMT+1

Hey im adding HollyWood Holocost to the demo. So a updated demo will be done sometime really soon. Im also going to change the first level textures to Duke. Also do you guys think i should make this for Zdoom or keep it with legacy? I will have to change the maps a bit because zdoom doesnt support 3d floors the legacy does. So what do you guys think?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 02:59 GMT+1


dethtoll writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 03:17 GMT+1

WIP works for me now after 3 weeks of, you know, not working.

and this is still here.

why, god? why?

don't ruin two perfectly good games with one horribly amateurish mod. no, i don't have anything nice to say about this. duke works best in its own engine. what you are trying to do just will not work. not to mention, and i've said this before but obviously you're too adolescent to notice when someone older and wiser is imparting their knowledge, IT'S ILLEGAL AS HELL

you guys need to grow up and get some original ideas.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 04:54 GMT+1

shut up deth, no body cares what you think
any way Flesh need any thing else? from me?
sprites, textures or anything?
i played it, it was wicked!
also please add that duke nukem la level please

Flesh420 writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 04:55 GMT+1
edited 19.08.2005, 04:57 GMT+1

Who cares what u think. If people like it they like it. So im still gonna map for it. Its so easy to do for doom. so why u bitchen. Theres no point in comeing here and writing stupid shit. If ya like YA you like it, if ya dont like then ya dont. You dont need to be writing that shit. Theres no point in wasting ur time on writing for this wad if u dont like it so why did you? So shut the fuck up this is for people who would like to see something like this on doom. So go back to looking for things that YOU like. And quit wasting time here And cool dude i already did i just need to add THINGS to it and some other map things it will be done. And no i dont need anything else from you. But thanks for all the stuff u got me :) it wouldnt be anything like it is with out it

dethtoll writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 07:13 GMT+1
edited 19.08.2005, 07:14 GMT+1

i'm sure there was a point buried in all that, but that entire paragraph is completely unreadable.

maybe i should contact 3d realms about this. i'm sure they'd be happy to discuss the finer points of this mod with you.

also, i love how you guys respond to someone's disagreement with "SHUT UP NOONE CARES." that's a very good argument, i can't compete with that!

Infurnus writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 18:41 GMT+1
edited 19.08.2005, 18:43 GMT+1

I thought you would create new levels with this, but if you're just going to take textures and re-create levels from Duke Nukem 3D in such a way as to look almost as if you took it straight from the game then I will no longer support your project.
I admire your mapping abilities, but be creative... I see you are an aspiring mapper that wants to make something cool, but hey, Duke Nukem 3D exists. Why do you want to play it in the Doom engine? Personally, I love the Build engine, but I can't map in it for the life of me. That's why I map for Doom and still play Doom. I admire your mapping in Shot 3, I almost thought you ripped it straight from Duke3D until I clicked to see the larger version.
When you do stuff like this, you have to be creative, you either make a unique spin-off of original works, or be completely original.
If you look at snapshots of my Quaked SkullTag mod, the maps featured may -look- like they came from Quake... but Quake's original maps were just used as guidelines for what I made. I like your first 2 screenshots and think that it would be cool if you put your effort into making those look more like the Duke style. I hope you think about what I've said today.
EDIT: By the way, I like your MS Paint titlepic, it is very creative. :)

Flesh420 writes:(new) 19.08.2005, 19:11 GMT+1
edited 19.08.2005, 19:13 GMT+1

See Dethtoll why cant u just write things like Infurnus did then u wouldnt get bitched out everytime u write something. And go ahead and contact 3d realms about this wad. The 3d Realms Forum Community is already takin notice so i doubt this will be here for long any way, because they are all pretty much Rats. Infurnus I respect your opinion and i do agree with you im not really sure if i wanna keep E1L1 anyway because i want this to be all new and not just ripped off of duke. Thats why i changed the first map and didnt keep it exactly like the PSX version. I waz orginally planning to just make all new maps. But E1L1 (hollywood Holocost) is just in there right now just to see how it is on the DooM engine. I probly wont keep it in there unless allot of people want me to. So anyways imma go back to working on it.

dethtoll writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 02:39 GMT+1

"See Dethtoll why cant u just write things like Infurnus did then u wouldnt get bitched out everytime u write something.

because i'm not a nice fellow like infernus.

And go ahead and contact 3d realms about this wad. The 3d Realms Forum Community is already takin notice so i doubt this will be here for long any way, because they are all pretty much Rats.


how many times do i have to say it for it to get through to you? YOU. ARE. BREAKING. THE. LAW.

if you're gonna commit a crime, do it in a worthwhile way, like, oh i dunno, arson or inciting a riot or something. not for stupid shit like this. it's an amateurish idea, almost as bad as super mario doom. duke works best in the build engine. it does not belong in doom's engine.

get some humility, and get some originality.

i know exactly what you're going to say to this- "shut up nobody cares" or words to that effect. to which i respond: no, YOU don't care, and that's the problem. you're incapable of taking criticism.

grow up.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 06:04 GMT+1

Haha your a dumbass old man go fuck your saggy ass wife and get off here

CoolD00d writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 09:10 GMT+1

hey flesh mate, http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/5239/d3ds1ss.jpg check dis out, i made em for u XD

CoolD00d writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 09:19 GMT+1

also, dethtoll, fuck off and go make your own wad, oh wait, u cant! if your going to critisize other peoples wads,atleast have your own as a back up, so shut up, they can do better then you, your just A> selfish B> Jealous C> Stupid because you cant make wads/maps but on a fucking wads site! just to critize others

Nmn writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 14:40 GMT+1

Flesh said:
Haha your a dumbass old man go fuck your saggy ass wife and get off here

Hey, internet tough guy! Look at Joey in [b]REAL LIFE[/n] in his eyes and tell him that. I dare You.
Coold00d said:
also, dethtoll, fuck off and go make your own wad, oh wait, u cant!

Hey, posting images of dead animals guy! Go work on Super Mario Doom. I can't wait to see it crushed by the regulars at idgames.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 14:50 GMT+1

if you were any wiser you would no smdtc has ended, also rally waffles isnt me! its my friend from dukenukem online
whos eyes?

Flesh420 writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 18:39 GMT+1
edited 20.08.2005, 18:43 GMT+1

I would love to say it in his eyes. Btw thanks CoolDude

dethtoll writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 20:32 GMT+1

no, nmn, he's right, i AM an old man. i'm only 22 and i'm an old man. i've got a bad back, my hair's thinning out, and i hate dipshit children who don't listen to what i have to say.

Nmn writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 21:18 GMT+1
edited 20.08.2005, 21:20 GMT+1

Dethtoll said:
I am an old man i'm only 22


That aside, I know no usernames of people I know beyond the 16th year of age that would have numbers in their names.

I know however a bunch of people who are below age of 15th and have l33t stuff in their nicknames.

All that aside, I'm in no way intending some flaming here, but mud throwing a person who is speaking to You, whenever it may be disrespectful criticising or not, is not welcomed here, or anywhere else.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 20.08.2005, 22:27 GMT+1

Well ok so why dont u take advice from urself and both of u shut the fuck up

Nmn writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 00:41 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 00:42 GMT+1

First learn to spell.
Second-no one will prohibit me the right to speak.
Third-Internet wars.. serious stuff.
Forth-needs more use of word "fuck"
Fifth-I emailed the admin about Your flaming

Dancso writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 01:47 GMT+1

Hey guys, stop this scurrility, please moderate your conversation. Everybody has it's own opnion about everything.

dethtoll writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 02:32 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 02:32 GMT+1

i'm not the one who made comments about another person's age and the sagginess of that person's (incidentally non-existant) wife.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 05:42 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 07:22 GMT+1

LOL Dethtoll UR the one who brought it on URSELF. Omg u guys are funny. And NmN there was no point in writing the admin when IF you read the rules it says "Don't bash other people's work! It won't be tolerated" Instead DeathToll wrote:
"WIP works for me now after 3 weeks of, you know, not working.

and this is still here.

why, god? why?

don't ruin two perfectly good games with one horribly amateurish mod. no, i don't have anything nice to say about this. duke works best in its own engine. what you are trying to do just will not work. not to mention, and i've said this before but obviously you're too adolescent to notice when someone older and wiser is imparting their knowledge, IT'S ILLEGAL AS HELL

you guys need to grow up and get some original ideas."

So keep up the good work and keep on emailin tha admin.

dethtoll writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 08:47 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 08:50 GMT+1

i didn't just bash your project, i stated my REASONS as to why i did not like your project. PERFECTLY GOOD REASONS.

YOU, however, are INFUCKINGCAPABLE of accepting criticism.

i've mapped for years for duke3D, and with the advent of doom builder i started with doom, and while i've never released anything for either (except some stuff for the starship troopers mod for duke3d, which i can no longer find) i have some knowledge of how both engines work. let me tell you something: it's one thing to bring an old game into a later engine, i.e. wolfendoom. it's quite another thing to bring a more recent game into an older engine, i.e. this project. one works, the other generally DOES NOT.

you know, not to mention, the rather pointless, uneccessary, and frankly illegal concept aside, your mapping skill leaves MUCH to be desired.

honestly. why can't you kids just learn to map for DOOM instead of trying huge projects like this? you're going down the route of doom: rampage edition, and everyone's going to hate you for it. i already do.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 09:05 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 09:31 GMT+1

Dude ur dumb. And if you where so wise u would know to keep ur dumb thoughts to yourself. Because the only person who really cares is you. So why do u keep comeing back for more and makeing this go on and on and on. Cant u just shut up and quit bashin peoples wads?? or are u to immature to do so? I mean you sit there and say im young or what tha fuck ever.(which u dont even know me. Or know what im even about.) But yet u cant be the bigger man and just walk away? Didnt ur dad teach u that?? Dont talk anymore of your bullshit, and just walk away. If you where such tha wise man that you say you are u would have done and stopped sayin what ever tha fuck you had to say and just stopped looking at this wad. Or you could have looked at this wad and thought to yourself Flesh420 is a dumbass. But of course you just had to get ur 2 cents in and just jab on and jab on. Or u could have just posted "Flesh why dont you just use the BUILD edtior and do it on the Duke engine" but of course you didnt and now we have to read big ass long ass paragraphs like this one.. Anywho im done here and i find that this is pretty entertaining and its something to do just to pass the time. I do not really care what you do. You can report me to 3dRealms or what tha fuck ever if ya want. In which im sure they already have been informed so im really not worried about it. The worst that will happen is ill get a email saying shut down your mod for doom NOW or legal action will be persued. You can hate me or what ever but its really not that hard to bring DUKE NUKEM to doom. Have ya looked at Zdoom lately? Its very easy. So hate me or not i dont really care. What u need to do is sit down smoke a joint and chill, maybe even whatch TV and go grab something to eat.

dethtoll writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 09:42 GMT+1


Flesh420 writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 10:08 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 10:08 GMT+1

Ok now that this is over. Can we all get back to the DOOM world. Dethtoll im done if your done. I can take criticism but when someone calls me an amature to mapping for DooM its like calling you an amature to mapping for Duke3d. I doubt you would think very highley of it. So anywho imma go to sleep. Peace out

Nmn writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 10:19 GMT+1

I apologise I ever contributed to this retardness.

Good wad to Flesh and good day to Dethtoll.
No I didn't mail the admin. I needed a good reason for You to read what I wrote.

dethtoll writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 10:23 GMT+1
edited 21.08.2005, 10:24 GMT+1

*sigh* i am going to say this as nicely as possible, which, at this point, is hard for me to do because you've brought out the asshole in me. i am calling you an amateur because your screenshots say "i am an amateur". the entire mod idea is amateurish at its heart.

please give up on this project. work on something more original. work for a while, develop your skills.

you will only earn ridicule for this project. you are trying to recreate the feel of duke nukem 3d in doom. this will not work. it is impossible. trust me on this. it will not feel like duke, it'll feel like doom with duke slapped on.

don't abandon this project for me, abandon it for yourself. there is plenty of fun to be had in doing something original, for classic doom. take a look at tormentor667's work, or masterofpuppets, or kaiser, or agent spork. you don't need to try and cookie-cutter a very different game into doom.


that is all

CoolD00d writes:(new) 21.08.2005, 10:25 GMT+1


Flesh420 writes:(new) 22.08.2005, 09:33 GMT+1

Hey i just changed my website. Its www.FleshDooM.cjb.net so go there for updated news and stuff.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 22.08.2005, 23:25 GMT+1

erm flesh is that your site? or did some prick copy your site?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 23.08.2005, 03:35 GMT+1

also could i become apart of the team? i did get u loads stuff also be happy to help out with ur other prokects

Infurnus writes:(new) 24.08.2005, 19:28 GMT+1
edited 24.08.2005, 19:31 GMT+1

I take back what I said about your titlepic, as I downloaded the demo and you just used the Duke Nukem titlepic, and that one where 'you' made DOOM spell DUKE is ripped off from that website. I downloaded that wad CoolD00d linked to some time ago and forgot about it, now I see you merely used it and didn't even give credit. Seriously. Use IDFA and switch to the chainsaw. THEY'RE THE SAME IN BOTH WADS. I officially DO NOT SUPPORT Duke Meets Doom.

deathtoll wrote: "it will not feel like duke, it'll feel like doom with duke slapped on."
I must agree with deathtoll there.
The fact that your demo feels like Doom with Duke strapped on as a gimmick, is very dissapointing. :(
Flesh420, and you too CoolD00d, you must accept that you are both tyros(http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=tyro), and move on.
Whether or not you decide to get serious and see how to make your ideas more original and not simply rip off ideas and the like from another game, is up to you. If you do ever decide to get serious with Duke Meets Doom or any other projects, you will have my support, and your immature swearing and name calling has to go.
I will post no further comments in the Duke Meets Doom section of WIP.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 25.08.2005, 18:20 GMT+1
edited 25.08.2005, 18:24 GMT+1

Well duh. This is for the STO community so i dont really care. And all credit will be givein when its done. Id much rather realese a wad somewhere where people dont sit there just whine and whine and whine about things. So say what u want i dont care. I have all the support i need. So PEACE OUT.

Dancso writes:(new) 25.08.2005, 21:25 GMT+1

I'm really sorry, but Infurnus is right. There's a "DUKE" image on that site. AND, the original image is here, he worked it a little: http://www.student.tue.nl/u/a.f.smeijers/sfp/pic/fakescreenshot2.jpg Flesh, I thought that you're good at making images like the duke titlepic, but this tells me, that you're only copied the images with paint, nothing else, I'll take back my good words too.>( Next time, please write down, where'd you get something that's not your hand's work... detholl and infurnus is right about that, to get some original ideas. For example I'm right now working on a "Hedgehog" joke mod. Shortly, I will post the wad here, but not in these days, because I'm working yet on the models, It will be funny.:D Here's a pic, from the newly started WAD: http://szupern.uw.hu/Hedgehogmod.bmp It's not much, just the hedgehog, and a little area. I'm firstly working on the graphics, then on the map. There will be english, and hungarian versions too!:) So take this as an example.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 00:00 GMT+1

Did i say i used i paint? I think i did :)

Dancso writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 00:32 GMT+1

Ok, but I thought you're made the WHOLE DUKE spelling with paint!
But next time, please credit everybody, that helped you out.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 06:31 GMT+1

well for the credit thing i forgot to add S&F Prod. to list of credits in the readfirst document. But it will all be takin care of.

dethtoll writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 08:46 GMT+1

if i didn't have an early start tomorrow, i'd make fun of you for not listening to infurnus' criticism.

as it is, i'll just call you names behind your back.

Flesh420 writes:(new) 30.08.2005, 17:55 GMT+1

aww thats so sweet

jetflock writes:(new) 23.09.2005, 14:08 GMT+1
edited 23.09.2005, 14:12 GMT+1

dethtoll, stop being a narc. if he is breaking the law, let 3d realms deal with it. i seriously don't think you are on the payroll man. stop getting into other people's business. no offense.
though, flesh should have a credits in the readme text and wad.

Charlemagne writes:(new) 30.07.2006, 11:07 GMT+1

To bad freewebs either doesn't exist or doesn't work.DAMN!

CoolD00d writes:(new) 21.04.2007, 08:18 GMT+1


ficarra1002 writes:(new) 18.07.2009, 13:52 GMT+1

FUCK DEATHTOLL! sorry but he just has an asshole vibe, seriously if you dont like something,avoid it.
Also, will the link be fixed ever?

CoolD00d writes:(new) 22.01.2010, 12:34 GMT+1


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