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Escape From Deimos (Dsv 6)
by Kaiser
new comments Doom 3, single player
released, none
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You are a marine sent to investigate a strange signal coming from a facility near the Deimos Lab complex. As you and your comrades arrive at the area, you are quickly ambushed by a unknown force. Your comrades drop like flies and you quickly run out of firepower, leaving you with just a pistol. You escape the attack only to find yourself alone and defenseless. You must escape and find a way to return back to headquarters and warn UAC about the invasion or die trying.
Escape from Deimos will feature 8 levels (two of which has already been released as single player maps) and will feature enhanced enemies like the Nightmare Imp. There will also be new powerups and gameplay that will aim to be as close as the classic Doom experience.

This expansion will be plain and simple, there won't be much cut scenes and no fancy stuff, just pure blasting your way though the levels while unlocking the secrets of the bio experiments going on in the Quadrant labs and eventually, making your way back to hell. Some features in this expansion will include new monsters (no new models, but various versions of monsters) and a carrying system.
This carrying system will allow players to store additional medkits and other items if they are not needed. This saves the problem for the player having to backtrack and search for medkits that they didn't use previously. Players will also be able to carry air tanks while exploring the surface.

This is a individual project, so I am not making a team. However, I am accepting any contributions from animators but its not really important.

Link to the project is here

Update: its done yay http://www.pcgamemods.com/14851

Ninja_of_DooM writes:(new) 05.06.2005, 10:10 GMT+1

:D :D :D :D

Agent Spork writes:(new) 05.06.2005, 18:42 GMT+1

Looks awesome. I've been needing something for Doom 3 to play. :P

Gee_Dawgg writes:(new) 05.06.2005, 22:36 GMT+1

Wow that's lookin' pretty good. Impressive stuff indeed. Keep up the good work you oldschool-doom-hatin' bastard! :P

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 06.06.2005, 15:31 GMT+1

Why aren't you part of id yet? This is awesome stuff. :o

stevesearle writes:(new) 06.06.2005, 22:09 GMT+1

I like where this is goin'!

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 07.06.2005, 19:43 GMT+1


Kristus writes:(new) 07.06.2005, 22:23 GMT+1

Kaiser == Kingers? O_O

Farlowj writes:(new) 08.06.2005, 03:01 GMT+1

Wow, I guess timmie has done a lot of work on ZDoomGl.

(I know it's Doom3)

Gee_Dawgg writes:(new) 08.06.2005, 21:26 GMT+1

Kristus: Kaiser = Caesar = King

B.T.W. I like the new screen. It'd be even better with more lighting and stuff though. Keep up the good work Kaiser.

Mancubus II writes:(new) 08.06.2005, 23:51 GMT+1
edited 08.06.2005, 23:51 GMT+1

Gee_Dawgg said:
Kristus: Kaiser = Caesar = King

He knows who Kaiser is, the title of this map and Kingers is a bit of an in-joke.

Gee_Dawgg writes:(new) 10.06.2005, 20:00 GMT+1

Heh yeah I figured. I was just adding useless info.; lol.

BTW the new shot #3 looks scary (the way the monster is partially in the shadows). But I still think you need to add more lighting (not necessarily more by volume, but more "COMPLICATED" and slightly more colourful lighting). As it is it looks just a tad bit too dull/Quake-1~ish in certain areas.

bryant robinson writes:(new) 12.06.2005, 22:02 GMT+1

Kaiser is king!

BlackFish writes:(new) 23.06.2005, 15:36 GMT+1


iori writes:(new) 28.06.2005, 09:25 GMT+1

Looks cool

Compatible with D3, or RoE only?

Kristus writes:(new) 02.08.2005, 14:41 GMT+1

Kaiser, you need a better computer.

JustBoinNa writes:(new) 21.12.2017, 21:10 GMT+1

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