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by sitters
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Doomsday
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ChillerCastle Released.

Hires Textures.
Lores Textures in wad.


Shockwav3 writes:(new) 29.04.2005, 20:29 GMT+1

looks very awesome, shots 1 and 3 remind me of silent hill

sitters writes:(new) 29.04.2005, 21:58 GMT+1

Thanks Shockwav3, I do my best to give this level a horror feeling.

Kind regards.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 30.04.2005, 02:23 GMT+1

Yet another beautiful transformation sitters, the silent hill/ Resident Evil motif is indeed interesting and a welcomed change :) Looks as usual very professional and clean. Good work.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 01:40 GMT+1

HOLY CRAP THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUDE anyways besides that itll be awesome as usal

Nmn writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 15:43 GMT+1


Thank You for sharing that valuable information with us.

harry writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 16:38 GMT+1

Wow looking very nice:D
But I dont think you are even alowed to use those unreal tournament? or did you ask?

Nmn writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 18:11 GMT+1

Harry-it is illegal. Using resources coming from other commercial games and this includes the buttload of textures from Hexen and Heretic used commonly in wads all around the community is everything braking the Eula. However, because Sitters and other authors for that matter, take zero profit for their actions, more, the productions won't reach the entire globe so wide as the games the resources cam from the creators of the resources won't care about this.

sitters writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 20:24 GMT+1
edited 10.05.2005, 16:03 GMT+1

The textures are not used for commercial benefits, or any commercial activities.
So the use of the textures is a honor to the texture artist.

Nmn writes:(new) 06.05.2005, 21:08 GMT+1


iori writes:(new) 08.05.2005, 22:43 GMT+1


Infurnus writes:(new) 15.05.2005, 09:29 GMT+1

Very artistic and spooky, keep up the good work.
Also, o_O

VivaDeath writes:(new) 24.05.2005, 13:57 GMT+1

WOW, I am at school but I can't wait to go and DL this.

jeffrey_verhagen writes:(new) 25.02.2007, 00:12 GMT+1

how comes you on the deagle

Flynn Taggart writes:(new) 11.08.2007, 00:22 GMT+1

Broken Link.

Milten88 writes:(new) 01.09.2007, 11:51 GMT+1


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