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by shaviro
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RTC-3057 (Regaining Total Control v3.0 series 57) is a story-driven project for Doom2 using the powerful Zdoom port. You are placed in a terrifying world of which you had already left. Do you want the second chance?

-"Stay out of the box."

Kristus writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 16:25 GMT+1
edited 25.04.2005, 16:25 GMT+1

This is going to be so cool.

dethtoll writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 16:31 GMT+1

holy shit. why do you torture us?

can't wait can't wait... any idea of a release date?

... hey that rhymed

sitters writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 17:03 GMT+1

I like it.

Nuxius writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 17:34 GMT+1

Woo hoo! ;-)

Bloodskull writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 19:37 GMT+1

I think I just popped a tent.

Nmn writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 21:58 GMT+1


Shockwav3 writes:(new) 26.04.2005, 13:22 GMT+1

looks epic

Mephisto writes:(new) 26.04.2005, 20:12 GMT+1


evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 27.04.2005, 12:20 GMT+1


Curunir writes:(new) 30.04.2005, 09:34 GMT+1

Sweet grievous fuck! This is going to be at least as good as RTC Hub 1. And Hub 1 was the best mapset ever!

dethtoll writes:(new) 30.04.2005, 10:13 GMT+1

"sweet grievous fuck" i am totally stealing this.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 01.05.2005, 14:37 GMT+1

Great shav, beautiful work with the portals in shot 2 and great combination of colors and textures + detail in shot 3! Looking forward!

Vegeta writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 18:11 GMT+1

Really cool, you have proven that still can surprise us.

Kirby writes:(new) 05.05.2005, 05:07 GMT+1

Sweet! RTC is coming back baby! Looks beautiful :D

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 05.05.2005, 08:34 GMT+1
edited 06.05.2005, 08:34 GMT+1

Nothing too amazing but it's still looking good. I am sure there are already better looking areas that have been mapped. ;)

BetaSword writes:(new) 06.05.2005, 23:44 GMT+1

Wow. This is now added to the list of projects that I would like to invent a time machine so I could go into the future and yoinks. This, along with Foreverhood and KDiZD... *drools*

Oh, and most excellent use of portals in that first shot.

soft_haxorz writes:(new) 15.05.2005, 21:56 GMT+1

Yay!! RTC-3057 is back!

Kristus writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 19:31 GMT+1
edited 16.05.2005, 19:32 GMT+1

It even features some gfx by your's truly. :D

Paul writes:(new) 17.05.2005, 22:26 GMT+1


soft_haxorz writes:(new) 21.05.2005, 03:36 GMT+1

Does this have all 3 hubs in it? Or is it a hub by hub release?

Agent Spork writes:(new) 25.06.2005, 14:33 GMT+1

Awesomeness :)

Nmn writes:(new) 25.06.2005, 15:31 GMT+1

Really looking forward.

ace writes:(new) 25.06.2005, 20:22 GMT+1

After playing Hub 1, it is scientifically impossible not to be anxious for the next. How many hubs are there, BTW?

I can't wait. :D

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 26.06.2005, 05:13 GMT+1

This is getting better and better. I really should get my arse back on IRC ASAP :).

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 26.06.2005, 13:19 GMT+1

The beauty of these shots is impressive!

killingblair writes:(new) 26.06.2005, 21:32 GMT+1

I like it. >:)

Nmn writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 21:06 GMT+1

Why is Phobos's AND Rtc's logo blue?

Agent Spork writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 21:50 GMT+1
edited 29.06.2005, 21:54 GMT+1

Because that's the way they made it.

That's like asking "Why are both Phobos and RTC for the Doom series of games?!"

shaviro writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 21:52 GMT+1


Kristus writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 21:53 GMT+1

Because the Nimrod logo is red white and black. DUH

Nmn writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 22:18 GMT+1
edited 29.06.2005, 22:20 GMT+1

To be honest I expected a more logical answer. I'm disapointed.

Shaviro said:

I commend on Your eloquency my mate.

shaviro writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 22:26 GMT+1


Agent Spork writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 22:43 GMT+1

Well, what kind of answer did you expect?

Nmn writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 23:15 GMT+1

Something more.. hmm.. thought about :P Anyway, not waste Your, or, oh God, my time on this blatant 'conversation'

shaviro writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 23:28 GMT+1

You do know what was in that bagel, right?

Kristus writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 23:37 GMT+1
edited 29.06.2005, 23:39 GMT+1

Nmn: Do you even know what "blatant" means? Or is it the word "conversation" that you're having trouble understanding? Either way, cool it with the commas.

The reason they got those shades of blue, is because they were the best colors for the job, so to speak.

shaviro: ROFL

Nmn writes:(new) 29.06.2005, 23:45 GMT+1
edited 29.06.2005, 23:45 GMT+1

In fact I apologize for the use of word blatant. Mindless should have been better. And what conversation? I ask You a thing and get some stupid childish answers. Really guys, my opinion lowers on You I'm sorry.
Anyways, thanks for at least one normal answer.

BlackFish writes:(new) 30.06.2005, 03:29 GMT+1

cool, it's more brown than black now.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 01.07.2005, 21:11 GMT+1

i like those antennas they look awesome

Hirogen2 writes:(new) 16.07.2005, 18:57 GMT+1

Never. RTC stands for Real Time Clock. :) scnr

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 02.09.2005, 08:59 GMT+1

Pizza and bagels also

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 31.01.2006, 01:27 GMT+1

Hirogen2-you mean Regaining Total Control? ROFLCAKES

Dancso writes:(new) 26.11.2006, 15:45 GMT+1

This project is better not be dead. Hub 1 was ultra detailed, and was also a lot of fun!
Never give up!;)

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 28.12.2006, 08:08 GMT+1

I really doubt this project is dead,this is a very highly anticipated mod they got here.

xbolt writes:(new) 06.03.2007, 01:52 GMT+1

Dead?? NOOO!!! It can't be dead!! Millions of people are waiting for this mod!! (Well, maybe not, but still...) Never give up! Never surrender!

Apocsoft writes:(new) 06.03.2007, 07:43 GMT+1

Dead!! dont be daft.

JacKThERiPPeR writes:(new) 05.06.2007, 15:06 GMT+1

My gosh.

Nuke em writes:(new) 05.06.2007, 15:42 GMT+1


Craigs writes:(new) 05.06.2007, 22:10 GMT+1

Holy shit.

*Vader* writes:(new) 06.06.2007, 05:34 GMT+1

OMFG Yeah!

Jesse writes:(new) 06.06.2007, 16:50 GMT+1

Can anyone here tell me or at least point me in the right direction of just changing sprite COLOURS. For example, when you type summonfriend marinechaingun in the marine is grey. Is there any way to change the colour?

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 07.06.2007, 08:27 GMT+1

I love that third shot sweet architecture.

Teh_Man writes:(new) 12.06.2007, 12:54 GMT+1

I play make beleive kill my parents via removing their faces and soaking them in gasoline and nailing them to a cross and setting them on fire. :)

dethtoll writes:(new) 13.06.2007, 12:22 GMT+1

that was pointless.

Encyclyptic writes:(new) 07.04.2008, 16:13 GMT+1

Hehe, wow. After seeing this link:

I thought the project was completely dead. I didn't realize that another W.I.P page had been opened up for the entirety of the project itself. However, due to the lack of updates on this page too, I'm still leaning a little more towards dead as well.

Prove me wrong and please do come back to life Shaviro.

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