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Hell's War (Temp Title)
by Conner94
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, EDGE
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Okay, Fusing with Doom 2.5 has begun! I still need to get ahold of the Doom 2.5 team for the un-uploaded stuff that was mentioned but I've gotten some basics done. All new screens!

The story actually now takes place at first on Mars. You are a reinforcement from the distress call (assuming the player chose to send it) and arrive before the hell gate is closed. Somehow, demons manage to get on the ship and get there way into a small section of Earth. Whether or not they get out is up to YOU.

P.S. Sorry it took so long for the update.

Lobo writes:(new) 26.04.2005, 22:09 GMT+1

Good luck to you.

Conner94 writes:(new) 28.04.2005, 15:32 GMT+1

Thanks, Lobo. I am trying a DooM 3 look, though I don't want to copy Doom 2.5 so it won't be a doom 3 to doom, just maybe some doom 3 stuff (just becasue I love that freakin' game!).

Lobo writes:(new) 29.04.2005, 22:40 GMT+1

I like the idea: sort of like normal Doom, but with more of a story to it, right? Interacting with other troops, getting orders, running into other soldiers now and then... sounds good.

Lobo writes:(new) 02.05.2005, 01:08 GMT+1

BTW if you're doing it for EDGE 1.29 then the absolute latest and most up-to-date RTS and DDF docs can be found at my site (http://firstgen.no-ip.com) pending the full 1.29 release.

There are also some example wads there to if you're interested.

I know it sounds like pimping but I'm honestly just trying to help out a fellow EDGEr :)

Nmn writes:(new) 02.05.2005, 12:15 GMT+1

hurr. At least make the first screenshot have a sky instead of a ceiling. And never make the floor/ceiling the same color, especially not grey.

Conner94 writes:(new) 02.05.2005, 15:36 GMT+1
edited 02.05.2005, 15:37 GMT+1

Ok Nmn. It is purposely inside, but I haven't got around to the textures much yet.

@Lobo, funny you should metion your site, I saw it with those tutorials a few days ago and bookmarked it!

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 01:02 GMT+1

is that the PDA from the Doom 2.5 project!? if so...umm uh oh!

Nmn writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 10:50 GMT+1

Shadow - No, it isn't.

Vegeta writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 17:53 GMT+1
edited 04.05.2005, 00:03 GMT+1

I have an idea, would you like to fuse your project with DOOM 2.5, making a DOOM 3 based version of Hell on Earth? I mean, you work on your own, in a stand alone mode, with your own ideas for the plot and stuff, but using stuff from DOOM 3 (the ones of DOOM 2.5 and whatever else you want to add). I could supply you with the resources we have but didn't uploaded, and probably help you making some monsters for this (like a Baron of Hell, probably a Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, and so on). Think about it.

Oh, and did you though about the maggot or marines sprites?

patrick writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 19:45 GMT+1

where can i find doom 2.5 to download

Vegeta writes:(new) 03.05.2005, 21:25 GMT+1


Conner94 writes:(new) 04.05.2005, 03:43 GMT+1
edited 04.05.2005, 03:44 GMT+1

I like the fuse idea, though I would need my weapons to be recreated with a doom 3 look. The ones in Doom 2.5 would be fine for the basic (exept I need an SSG) but I also need 2 more shotguns (not counting the SSG), a heavy machinegun, and - uh - I think that is it (since doom 3 already as a sub machinegun). So if someone wants to do the weapons doom 3 style., I'll see what I can do about the fuse idea. Meanwhile, I still need to work on the marines. Shading is the hard part, and his arms look ugly. I'll work on it right now in fact.

Oh, for more imformation about the weapons, e-mail me (cjirwin94@comcast.net)

Dancso writes:(new) 11.08.2005, 11:47 GMT+1

Good PDA;)

Dancso writes:(new) 11.08.2005, 11:47 GMT+1

Good PDA;)

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 10.03.2006, 16:14 GMT+1

Very nice! I'm just hoping that it doesn't get delayed into infinity like many other edge mods

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 13.11.2006, 21:04 GMT+1

Cool mod, I just really hope it doesn't turn into the exact same mod as Doom 2.5. Because it looks like it has a lot of potential right now!

@Chronoteeth: They only get delayed because they are so insanely detailed, fun and ambitious, and thus their amazing quality, like real commercial games, forces them to be delayed!
Keep yourself entertained with the basic old run-of-the-mill doom mods for now... because when the wait is over, a whole WAVE of incredible EDGE mods will be on the loose.

Egon_Spengler_2000 writes:(new) 20.05.2007, 19:39 GMT+1

I have tried the download link, but the download ain't showing. Is there somewhere else to download Doom 2.5?

yoneri writes:(new) 31.05.2009, 11:59 GMT+1

hello,download Doom 2.5?

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