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by Pumpkinsmasher
Doom 2, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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This is a new project I have recently started. This is only the first map of a series. It is called Hangar and takes place in an airport . I'm trying to add as much detail to it without hurting the gameplay. It is only about 50% done so far.
It is a remake of the first level of Doom, but made from scratch. So far only the starting room even slightly resembles any part of the map. Unlike the original Hangar mine actually has a Hangar in the map. Hope yall like it.

Kid Airbag writes:01.01.2004, 02:55 GMT+1

Awesome, chalk another one up for "let's make Doom more realistic."

One suggestion: If you can, avoid using sprites, like those chairs and that plane. It's always more impressive IMO if you actually build something using sectors, and it looks better too.

EarthQuake writes:01.01.2004, 06:17 GMT+1

Doom2.exe doesn't support custom sprites unless you also add every sprite from Doom2.wad (which is illegal), so how is this compatible for doom2.exe?

Anyway, kinda hard to make an airplane from sctors :P Just as long as the player doesn't get close to it...
Also, if the chairs are 8-sided, go for it, I' don't see much wrong with that, but of course, that's my opinion.

NiGHTMARE writes:01.01.2004, 08:03 GMT+1

EarthQuake: what you say about sprites is actually a commonly thought but actually quite mistaken idea. It is in fact quite simple to have new sprites in the original .exe without worrying about having all the others.

Simply give the sprite a name that isn't in the iwad (for example, CHARxx instead of POL1xx for the chair sprites) and then change the relevant text in the text - i.e. F7 - section of DeHackEd (so in this example, POL1 to CHAR).

For a perfect example of what I'm talking about, see STRAIN.

Kid Airbag writes:01.01.2004, 12:25 GMT+1

EarthQuake: I dunno, I've seen some pretty slick-looking airplanes/spaceships, etc, made strictly from clever sector maneuvering. Dyst3 especially rings a bell.

deathbringer writes:01.01.2004, 18:57 GMT+1

Does that plane have rotational angles?

EarthQuake writes:01.01.2004, 19:43 GMT+1

NiGHTMARE: uhh, wow, thank you...
I didn't think about that. I feel stupid now :P

Nmn writes:02.01.2004, 12:29 GMT+1

This level looks a lot better than Your Labirynth, not to mention Doom Zephyr. Interesting grey combinations. This may be a cool wad. Somehow it reminded me of the Doom Alpha releases, where most of the levels were built with grey textures. I would suggest adding some Alpha Guns to enhance a rare-Alpha Doom atmosphere.

Pumpkinsmasher writes:05.01.2004, 04:28 GMT+1

That plane is made of a couple sectors. But i haven't found a good way to make it look real high quality. You can never stand next to it for long unless you cheat (I won't tell you why, you'll have to wait till you play the map). I added those sprites over some doom2 sprites that I won't need in the map.

NMN: I'm surprised you noticed the alpha similarity. I actually got some textures from the alpha wad that are being used in here. I am using the alpha version of the shotgun, but I couldn't find enough sprites of the other aplha weapons to use. I am also using the alpha Lost Soul in the Map. For those of you who never saw it, It is quite different.

Nmn writes:05.01.2004, 18:21 GMT+1

I really like the idea of the alpha-styled map. It oozes with classic atmosphere and I say-it's a great idea! Really the chairs reminded me a lot of Alpha Doom-there were some, but I supposed ID decided to make them maps a bit less realistic. I suggest You make more than 1 level because Your style is quite catching and it looks really good. Alphaguns should be somewhere on the 3d-archives, perhaps in graphics, or Combos dir. The only thing that puzzles me is the sky. If I were You I would place that good old Black-sky n' mountains-a very rare sky. I found it once in UAC Ressurection-an Edge mappack.

deathz0r writes:08.01.2004, 17:20 GMT+1

"I found it once in UAC Ressurection-an Edge mappack."

Why did I ever make that pile of crap... whatever, I suggest you go look at http://deathz0r.mancubus.net/alpha.html if you're after a whole bunch of Alpha Doom stuff.

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