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The aztec
by sitters
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Doomsday
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A New link for the Aztec it is now in a PK3 with a install program.

Nmn writes:(new) 26.03.2005, 19:31 GMT+1

Dude.. this is amazing!

iori writes:(new) 26.03.2005, 22:45 GMT+1

Yay UT textures.

sitters writes:(new) 27.03.2005, 11:14 GMT+1
edited 28.03.2005, 19:41 GMT+1

Yes you will be find UT, Far Cry, Riven, modified textures adapted for doomsday and lowres for non doomsday.
Also a new skybox, jungle plants and models.
I have found a music composer, he is going to make the new music for the level.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 31.03.2005, 01:50 GMT+1

looks good but would look better with more detail to the structure. hi-rez textures and jDoom features alone don't make a good map.

Pumpkinsmasher writes:(new) 31.03.2005, 03:19 GMT+1
edited 31.03.2005, 03:20 GMT+1

That woman in shot has 4 boobs

sitters writes:(new) 31.03.2005, 15:34 GMT+1

There is a lot of detail coming.
I am working now on a walk through jungle to the aztec ( lots of real looking plants,trees,grass).
( like I never been seen on doom2).

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 02.04.2005, 21:51 GMT+1

very cool use of the far cry plants, looks very foriegn in doom

Nmn writes:(new) 03.04.2005, 12:01 GMT+1

Shots like these make me wanna stab software rendering in the eye.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 03.04.2005, 14:11 GMT+1

Great, finally someone uses the great potential of JDoom to its limits :)

sitters writes:(new) 03.04.2005, 14:15 GMT+1
edited 03.04.2005, 14:17 GMT+1

The plants are not made from far cry, they are digital photo's where I dit remove the background with photoshop. Its a lot of work but the result is good. I am reshaping the building to a ruin with models and you must find a secret path to the intact buildings of the aztec.


sitters writes:(new) 03.04.2005, 14:22 GMT+1

Thanks Tormentor667,

Yes in this wad I am going to try the limits of jdoom, but the demand for me is minimal 20 FPS.
Otherwise it is not playable.


Exl writes:(new) 05.04.2005, 13:54 GMT+1

Yes, finally sobody uses Doomsday the way it was meant to be used..!

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 08.04.2005, 19:58 GMT+1

Fine, new screenshots ;)

BTW: Remove the shitty statusbar! I had to puke 3 seconds ago!

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 09.04.2005, 06:57 GMT+1

Am I playing doom? This looks amazing!

Nmn writes:(new) 09.04.2005, 09:35 GMT+1
edited 09.04.2005, 23:14 GMT+1

EDIT: Why aren't those skeletons' ribs transparent? Use an alpha channel!

sitters writes:(new) 10.04.2005, 18:13 GMT+1

Ok mistake from this side,
they are tansparent now and I
posted again.

Jow writes:(new) 16.04.2005, 00:38 GMT+1
edited 16.04.2005, 00:39 GMT+1

Wjware' sthe GANJA BUSH! I'm not gonna play this if I ain't seeing a GANJA BUSH!

sitters writes:(new) 17.04.2005, 18:53 GMT+1

Hey Shockwav3,

I only can find wadsinprogress on the old link
not on this, http://www.wadsinprogress.info
and not on this http://wadsinprogress.info

Nuxius writes:(new) 17.04.2005, 20:46 GMT+1

Welcome to the same problems just about everyone has with this place.

I believe it's something to do with Boris' ISP, and there's nothing he can really do about it.

For me, it swaps back and forth all the time. One day, only www.wadsinprogress.info will work, the next day, only wadsinprogress.info will work. The next day, both will work, and then the next 2 days, only one or the other will work, etc etc.

I have all 3 addresses bookmarked, and just go down the list until one works.

Looking on the bright side, at least we can get here, none of the addresses will work for some people.

Anyway, back on topic, the wad is looking excellent sitters, as is usual with your levels. Can't wait to play it. (although take your time, I don't want it rushed! :p)

sitters writes:(new) 18.04.2005, 13:05 GMT+1

Thanks nuxius,

I am now making a big wad with a lot feathers of doomsday and a good game play,
I must make a lot of models for this game to have a good balance between linedefs and models and a nice environment , so far I have a good FPS.
Only the Mbytes are rising. ( hires graphical stuff, music, models ).
I am now halfway, and I donít rush things be course I want try to make a wad that blows every bodyís brains out.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 19.04.2005, 01:25 GMT+1

As always my friend, you have taken doomsday to another plane :) The foliage looks rather good, i like the simplicity of the archetecture from the shots here on WIP and your home site. Aztech ruins are rather simply made. I have only 1 thing that i think might add the required detail to this amazing work...

On the floors of the temple and around the entrances, scattered throughout..etc..etc.. you "should" possibly make fallen bricks, cracks in walls, roofs, floors..etc..etc since almost all aztec and myan temples are rather withered. Other than that this is supurb. Kudos my friend i wish you the best of luck in this endevour.

sitters writes:(new) 19.04.2005, 14:33 GMT+1
edited 19.04.2005, 14:54 GMT+1

Thanks Dark Shadow ,

I have also make the same textures I use in the levels but then 1000 year old. I am still in a doubt of using them. It was in the first place the meaning in the game, that you find still a living Aztec generation, but then I must making new bots for the game and for 1 level it is much work.
If not I make all the buildings 1000 year old and do it with the doom models.

Kind Regards.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 20.04.2005, 02:11 GMT+1

sure it looks good, but i don't like it when Doomsday mappers use 3d models to replace map geomatry. (the rocks in screen 3, for example)

none the less, looks like something totally foriegn to the world of doom, keep doing your thang.

sitters writes:(new) 20.04.2005, 09:46 GMT+1
edited 22.04.2005, 09:29 GMT+1

I understand that some oldies donít like doom2 in a modern form, and other people like the modern way, but like the game play of doom. I personal find I must take all the features that doomsday give. I when I use models I can create a true 3D playing field. Like I am now working on a rope bridge thatís true 3D and can walk over. That is not possible with the normal 2.5 D environment . With the features of models you can create every feeling you want, and are not bound on cubes and can make a true 3d world, and I personal like that. I am of course only talking for myself.
And of course I making the levels in the first place for myself. Its for me a challence to create other game feelings with doomsday.


Nmn writes:(new) 24.04.2005, 13:29 GMT+1

Bitchn' You have large chances of becoming the best Doomsday mapper :-)

Kristus writes:(new) 24.04.2005, 15:25 GMT+1

Yeah, you'll beat all three of them.. :p

sitters writes:(new) 24.04.2005, 19:43 GMT+1


But I donít want to beat anyone, I like modding, and find in doomsday a port that give me satisfaction. But I must say I like the comment, and give me the push to go on.

Nmn writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 15:50 GMT+1

What the fuck happened to the description???

sitters writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 16:45 GMT+1
edited 25.04.2005, 16:57 GMT+1

I don't no, I have posted the description again.

The wad is released.


Nuxius writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 18:04 GMT+1

Heh, looks like the whole description went haywire.

Anyway, just got through playing this (after about 15 minutes spent setting it up, ROFL :p)

I must say, gameplay wise, this level is a major improvement over your past 2 ones. Ammo/monster balance was right on target this time, and the ammo was spread out well, instead of in clumps like it was before. And most importantly, no wall humping. Yay! :)

Of course, the graphics are beautiful as well. Especially the outside areas, my favorite part graphics wise definitely has to be the one right before the cave, with the 3 little ponds and all those trees. Definitely had a Far Cry feel to it.

Also, what happened to the music that was going to be in it? I didn't hear any when I was playing it. I noticed in the readme file you still credit him for music, but in the part that says New Music you put NO in caps as if you were pissed or something. Did he bail out on you at the last minute? Hate it when that happens.

Anyway, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

sitters writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 18:50 GMT+1
edited 25.04.2005, 19:06 GMT+1

Thanks Nuxius ,

Strange the music is playing on my computer. It is a mp3 file calling unfolded.mp3, and in the ded file defined as follows :


Version = 5;
Sfx prefix = "sfx_";
Mus prefix = "mus_";

Flag { ID = "sf_shift"; Value = 0x1; }
Flag { ID = "sf_shift2"; Value = 0x2; }
Flag { ID = "sf_exclude"; Value = 0x4; }
Flag { ID = "sf_nodist"; Value = 0x8; }
Flag { ID = "sf_repeat"; Value = 0x10; }
# Music { ID = "None"; }
Music { ID = "runnin";File = "c:\doomsday\music\unfolded.mp3"; }


By me it works without a problem.????

That no music is a mistake I shall correct it.

sitters writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 22:39 GMT+1
edited 25.04.2005, 23:32 GMT+1

Corrected the error (no directory structure ) in the ded file, in the new download.

Conner94 writes:(new) 05.05.2005, 15:44 GMT+1

Sitters, the download won't work. It says the file isn't on the server.

Nuxius writes:(new) 06.05.2005, 10:10 GMT+1

Sitters changed it and put it in a pk3 file now, I believe.

Checked his website, and this is the link for the new download:


sitters writes:(new) 07.05.2005, 09:28 GMT+1

Thank you,

I have change the link.


Flynn Taggart writes:(new) 11.08.2007, 00:22 GMT+1

Broken Link.

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