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by Paul Corfiatis
new comments Doom, single player
released, Limit removing
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Death Tormention 3 replaces all 9 levels in episode 4 of Ultimate Doom. 5 levels were made by Paul Corfiatis, 4 by Kristian Aro (or Nebula). Boom or Zdoom are reccomended to play this wad since some of the maps use Boom features.

Nmn writes:(new) 13.03.2005, 17:19 GMT+1

Nice to see You guys mapping. All levels from You I loved so this one can't fail our hopes. Go go!

impboy4 writes:(new) 17.03.2005, 21:19 GMT+1

Paul, wat about my map?

nebula writes:(new) 17.12.2005, 10:51 GMT+1

So, this is released. Enjoy people and I hope you have a good time with this, since we had so much fun making it for you!

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