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Nuclear Shower
by Jimi
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in progress, Doomsday
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Some story:"Around year 2150 the ground shake. And the sky turned grey and then suddenly orange. Bombs were falling. Big bad bombs. Some of them were nuclear bombs. The people who still were live, ran into their deep underground bomb shelters and hoped they'll survive. And so they did. They waited for 50 years in their shelters until they dared to come outside and find answers. Or maybe not answers, but a lot dust, dirt and mutants! This incident was called Nuclear Shower. The radioactive nuclear bombs had polluted everything. Animals and humans who had survived out there were mutated. They didn't like the humans who came out of the bomb shelters. Fresh meat they thought. Bad animals, bad humans they had become."

This mod will feature lockpicks, parachute, rope and some other items, 10 weapons and kicking, about 14 monsters, day/night cycling, 4 different player characters, bleeding and infections, a long main quest and couple side quests. The new items, weapons, monsters and sky will be low/medium poly 3d models. Maps will not be lit by dynamic lights. The textures are high resolution textures, 2 times larger than the textures in a wad. Top priority will be gameplay and playability. If something is not fun, bye bye something. Anything that is unnecessary will be removed.

Shot #1: Ruins.
The game is starting somewhere near this place inside a bomb shelter deep underground.
Shot #2: Underground entrance.
From this corridor you can find your way into the underground city of Xenopolis.
Shot #3: Computer room.
Small room with two computers that doesn't work very well.

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 09.03.2005, 19:51 GMT+1

looks awesome, just the sky in screenshot one looks a bit to cartoonish

Jow writes:(new) 09.03.2005, 20:48 GMT+1

The sky is the normal doom2 "episode 1" sky with a new palette...

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 10.03.2005, 05:05 GMT+1

very well done so far

VivaDeath writes:(new) 10.03.2005, 14:05 GMT+1

This looks great, but please stick to it, a lot of doomsday mods out there have been canceled

Nmn writes:(new) 10.03.2005, 18:23 GMT+1

Oh.. Em.. Gee..

sitters writes:(new) 10.03.2005, 23:31 GMT+1

Looks good but.
why no dynamic lights ?

Jow writes:(new) 11.03.2005, 03:01 GMT+1

Because they lag. That's simple. I don't want this lag like Zoow. I'll use some dynamic lights though. With missiles and that sort of things, unless there's going to be hundreds of that kind of missiles in the screen in one frame.

sitters writes:(new) 11.03.2005, 08:56 GMT+1

I am also not using decoration lights, but use new things as light sources.
And that is much easier for the port.

Nmn writes:(new) 11.03.2005, 17:20 GMT+1

Because Jdoom isn't optimised to use point lights as light generation for the level. They're more of a special feature. If You want a less laggy point-lighting system either use Vavoom, GLEdge, or Zdoomgl 0.8 (not released as of yet, but obtainable at Zdoomgl forums).

dethtoll writes:(new) 14.03.2005, 09:45 GMT+1

that 2nd shot looks like a halflife level, almost.

adamschule85 writes:(new) 12.08.2019, 07:26 GMT+1

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