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by Pumpkinsmasher
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Legacy
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Well it's time to post this up on WIP. This wad has been in progress for a while now. I've worked on it off and on. Many maps have been scrapped from the project as well.

There are two new monsters in the WAD: The Fire Imp, and the Dark Demon(sprites for the demon created by Looney). They have been modified witha Dehacked patch, so they will be slightly different than their Doom counterparts.

The initial release of Zephyr will contain 7 maps. Map01 is 80% finished. Map02-Map05 are completed. Map 06 is 10% finished. And Map07 will be made by the lucky Doom fan who wins the Zephyr Contest.

The Zephyr Editing Contest is currently underway. If you would like to join the contest visit my website at http://zephyr.doomrepublic.com . The end date is February 28th. Hope to get a few mroe participants.

The initial release of Zephyr will be released sometime this year, so be prepared.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 00:58 GMT+1

UMMMMMMMM how is this a doom2.exe map with the 3d sectors ;)

the flame Imp sounds really nifty!!

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 01:17 GMT+1

Good, but not enough detail. Especially on the ceilings.

Nmn writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 02:47 GMT+1


impboy4 writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 03:58 GMT+1

And I thought this is for Legacy

Kirby writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 05:21 GMT+1

Hey ,those screenies were taken with ZDoomGL!

And you could use more detail :P

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 10:42 GMT+1

nice use of pseudo 3dsectors in screenshot 1.
yet you'll have to tell me how those lights are done in screenshot 3 ;)

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 29.01.2005, 12:48 GMT+1

According to the Zephyr webpage, this project is actually for Legacy. I'm guessing Pumpkinsmasher either made a mistake when filling out the WIP details, or the project has switched ports.

Nmn writes:(new) 30.01.2005, 12:46 GMT+1

Well that colored lighting doesn't look half-bad. Keep up.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 30.01.2005, 21:46 GMT+1

Could this be the first Legacy project since Nimrod to make me actually use the port again? Let's hope so! :)

Agent Spork writes:(new) 30.01.2005, 22:02 GMT+1

The colored lighting (or whatever) in Screenshots 2 and 3 are too extreme. Try making them less so.

Jow writes:(new) 31.01.2005, 00:41 GMT+1

The lights are cool in 3rd shot. 2nd shot is a bit weird, that could be less colorful and something more to the 2nd shot. First shot could use some orange/yellowish light, that sky just makes it look like it's evening.

Mancubus II writes:(new) 31.01.2005, 19:48 GMT+1

Is it just me or is the colored lighting affecting the hud numbers? That seems rather frustrating. I know it's probably not mod-specific, but man what kind of hacked up colored lighting does legacy do...

Pumpkinsmasher writes:(new) 06.02.2005, 00:24 GMT+1

I just updated screenshtos 1 and 2. I removed the colormap in screen 2, as you'll see. And screen 1 is brand new. I've put mroe screenshots on my site. The screens will change here as soon as a mod approves them.

DoomedStud writes:(new) 06.02.2005, 19:26 GMT+1

Its nice to see a Legacy Specific Wad, that actually uses the port well. Can't wait for this to be released. I really like the first shot there.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 12:57 GMT+1

Wow. 2nd shot doesn't look half-bad.

KennRogrerce writes:(new) 22.05.2017, 18:28 GMT+1

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