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by Hooch
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My first try with Doombuilder.
I made some sp-maps with DCK 362 about six years ago but none of them vere released.
I stumbled over "Doombuilder" and thought it'd be fun to start mapping again.
This map is far from "released" as i need to learn a lot, especially all the new features in zdoom and so on but hey a bad map is better than no map at all right? :-)

If i just get that darn 3d mode to work properly.........

Hooch writes:(new) 20.01.2005, 23:10 GMT+1
edited 20.01.2005, 23:26 GMT+1

Download prewiew here. http://www.cbmma.net/etanol/html/shutdown.wad

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 21.01.2005, 09:16 GMT+1

interesting, have fun using doombuilder, i know your feelings, i used DCK forever till i got Doombuilder. It is a MUCH more versitile map builder than any other made!! Whats the 3d mode problem? make sure you got teh vid settings set up properly in the configuration for DB. Enjoy the program, cause you are now going to be able to make maps that you NEVER thought you could make!!

As for this map...ummm needs work but at least you are getting a good grasp of how Zdoom works and how DB works....practice, practice, practice :D

Hooch writes:(new) 01.11.2008, 12:20 GMT+1
edited 07.11.2008, 08:49 GMT+1

I forgot about this wad....maybe i'll give it a try again.
Just became unemployed so i got some spare time:-P
Is Doombuilder still king or is there another better editor out there?

Fooled around a bit, well what do you say, not bad for a middle-aged biker from Sweden or?
Well seriously....it's still fun to build maps for doom, struggling for hours with some little problem and the joy you feel when you got it exactly the way you want it.

Well here it is, still needs tons of work, but if you are like me you like playing unfinished maps and get some insight in the authors crazy mind:-)

Cut and paste in your browser.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 01.11.2008, 13:04 GMT+1

Doombuilder will always be king.

Hooch writes:(new) 07.11.2008, 11:21 GMT+1


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