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When DOOMACHINE.WAD is released, the zip file will contain the wad (which you put in wads directory of Zdaemon) and a zdeamon url shortcut that takes you directly to my DOOMACHINE.WAD server. What it does it gives the player the look and somewhat feel of playing DooM3 deathmatch with D3 weapons, items, hud, etc. However, DOOMACHINE.WAD is specifically designed to be used with DOOMACHINE map packs that I will release after this base wad! Both DOOMACHINE.WAD and a DOOMACHINE map pack will be on my server that you can connect to by the url shortcut (All created by me).

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 24.12.2004, 23:47 GMT+1

sounds interesting

Infurnus writes:(new) 25.12.2004, 13:34 GMT+1

Boris needs to fix that download link, because it leads me to http://www.wadsinprogress.info/www.geocities.com/dooomaster
or maybe it's Mozilla's fault?

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 25.12.2004, 19:26 GMT+1

yeah i cant get it to work either

dethtoll writes:(new) 26.12.2004, 22:59 GMT+1

that's because doomaster didn't bother to put an http:// before the URL.

Nmn writes:(new) 27.12.2004, 11:45 GMT+1

Next time please upload 3 screenshots okay?

Jow writes:(new) 27.12.2004, 14:00 GMT+1
edited 27.12.2004, 14:00 GMT+1

What's the point of this rip

lastwolf writes:(new) 21.10.2007, 10:36 GMT+1

Yea .........what is the point of this rip?

Conmon writes:(new) 31.12.2007, 15:52 GMT+1

looks kinda interesting.

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