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(I need a decent title)
by harry
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Doomsday
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Still WIP that I have not done much work on for quite a few months now, because I an waiting for doomsday 1.9 with its BIAS lights(yey).
All the texture misalignments have been noticed.
The final download will be around 35mb, this includes, lots of xg, new things(3d models) lots of textures from Yves Allaires (www.evilair.net) and some more from other people. a new sky(sphere, not box this time) will be included also.

story: Kinda like Doom 3 but in 1 map:p You start out in a military base, seems kind of dark, you make it to the end, only to find out you have been sucked into a hellish dimention, when you get through that, you go back to the same place, but all Hell-ised and broken, you eventually find a way out.
yeah, kind of lame, but this type of stuff can give quite good gameplay.

Shot 1: Some corridor.
Shot 2: Another corridor, can anyone make a black/yellow properly tesolating flat texture?
Shot 3: A VERY early teleport room WIP(yes, the finished one will have walls of some sort...

Nmn writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 21:05 GMT+1

Very spiffy. Especially 2nd shot. Looking forward.

sLydE writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 22:16 GMT+1

Yes! More Doomsday levels! Keep up the good work.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 22:30 GMT+1

Nice job Harry, we are on the same track design wise keep it up!!!!

I like some of the flats you are usin. Especially Screen2 that light on teh roof looks really cool with that surrounding flat.

Nmn writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 22:31 GMT+1

Chi Waves High-
Dark Shadow and Harry:

You two join hands and make an outstanding mod :D

harry writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 22:44 GMT+1

Well, if all goes to plan, I will be modding even more if I get into the ressurection team:D I also recon Dark_shadow should ask to get in the doom ressurection team:D
I got the textures from Yves allaires(www.evillair.net) and he is letting me use some of his models:D expect spinnig generators, 3d wall lights and torches, monster spawn pads, and wall and floor teleporters:D:D
The only texture I made was the yellow and black striped one, I'll re-do it because it doesn't tesolate:p I will also make a skybox:D

Kristus writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 00:38 GMT+1
edited 13.12.2004, 00:39 GMT+1

First of all. There already is a Doom Resurrection.

Second: You've spelled "resurrection" wrong.

Nmn writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 00:55 GMT+1
edited 13.12.2004, 00:56 GMT+1

So what?

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 02:25 GMT+1
edited 13.12.2004, 04:59 GMT+1

Hey harry, if you want a little help i can lend a hand...i am not that great at what i do, but i can sure give it a try!..e-mail me if you need a little help.

@Nmn - Chi waves high...interesting way of putting it. But harry here is making a great map, i don't want to interrupt his mod! Sides he's a seasoned veteren and i am just a rookie...i have a LOT to learn before i get into teamin up. But thats not to say i don't mind givin it the ole college try!

harry writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 16:19 GMT+1

Well, I'm not really a seasoned veteren, this is my 3rd map! as my second got deleted sadly:(

Today, I am going to have a go at putting the new models in a DED so that will spice it up a little mode;)
Oh, and I never really got the hang of spelling resurrection right:p isn't the old zdoom mod of resurrection abandoned? well anyway the new resurrection will be a mod for the upcoming Doomsday 2.0(hawthorn) which will feature loads of new weapons and monsters modeled by Weenuk(I think) and LOTs of maps. This is just a tester map to see if I can actually get into the team:p so it will probably bare no resemblance to the name of the map.

Kristus writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 20:57 GMT+1

No it was released about 1 or 2 years ago.

harry writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 20:57 GMT+1
edited 13.12.2004, 21:03 GMT+1

hmm, I might download it:p
Well back on track, the thing crashing the map wasn't the new area, it was just a light that somehow didn't have a texture.

Vincent writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 16:29 GMT+1

Well done. It seems that people start to discover Doomsday! Modders are the people that keep alive projects like DD.

Jow writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 15:41 GMT+1

In the 3rd shot walls are green, but the lights are white. That's weird. I think they should be more green too. Like in the 2nd shot the room is red and lights are red too. The light thingy in the floor in 3rd shot is strange. The computer screens are cool in all shots.

harry writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 17:06 GMT+1

yeah, the lights are mostly fixed, as shot 2 is no more(causing an error)
and I have 17mb worth of new things, scripts, and your ambient soundpack:D
There will be no shots for a while as they were very early, the map has minimal detail atm, because I want to sort out the layout first, then the detail, then the architecture, textures, and then the things/monsters and line and sector types.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 02:44 GMT+1

ok BIG question....how the hell are you makin slopes in Doomsday? Great work so far.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 05:14 GMT+1

its not a slope, or even part of the map geometry. its a model (i asume thats what you did, thats what DaniJ suggested ppl do to make slopes in jDoom)

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 06:29 GMT+1

ahh...damn. lol

harry writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 10:33 GMT+1

Yeah, I have a huge assortment of 3d models;) including teleports,generators, ceiling lights, 3d computers, 3d liquids and crates. I have given up on the 3d slope idea, because it is such a hastle to scale them right. I hope to make the map a bit freaky, even without ambient sounds it is still scary, as the red dynamic lights are just...scary and that a monster could leap out of a badly lit area;)

Nmn writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 10:58 GMT+1

Evil Lair's models. Beatiful, aren't they?

harry writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 11:57 GMT+1

Yeah, thats why I asked him if I could use them in jDooM, I also got the thumbs up to use his textures:p

GeeDawgg writes:(new) 19.12.2004, 21:15 GMT+1
edited 19.12.2004, 21:20 GMT+1

Umm, is that a slope (for the monitor screen) in shot 3, or are you using a 3D model to represent the computer screen?

Edit: I've created this "GeeDawgg" account 'cuz I forgot my "GeeDougg" account's password and it hasn't been sent to me yet. I tried contacting Boris about it but he didn't reply. But yes it's the same person as "GeeDougg" and no I didn't run away, NMN. Why would I?!

Edit 2: Harry, the first and second shot are looking absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant work dude. You and Dark_Shadow2004 should join forces with other JDooM map-making veterans and pros and make something kick-ass....

Dittohead writes:(new) 31.12.2004, 05:11 GMT+1

fucking incredible.

ace writes:(new) 28.01.2005, 03:11 GMT+1

AAAAAH! The detail!! It burns!!!!
I actually thought this was for Doom3 before I saw te large pics.
I hope to play this one soon!

ace writes:(new) 25.04.2005, 02:49 GMT+1

How's work going on this now? It's been a while since any updates.

harry writes:(new) 08.05.2005, 00:45 GMT+1

Oh yeah, soon I'll probably be back on track with this map, as soon as doomsday 1.8.7 comes out with its BIAS light feature, this means that the map won't me so goddamn jerky because I have chosen to have it dynamically lit.

harry writes:(new) 07.06.2005, 18:07 GMT+1

Maybe I should have made the screenshots a bit lighter....

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 20.06.2017, 14:43 GMT+1

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