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NewGunz Deathmatch
by Agent ME
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, ZDoom
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NewGunz Deathmatch (sorry for the indescreptive name, best I could come up with) is a set of deathmatch levels, featuring "new" weapons. The levels are all linked to a voting level in which players can preview, then vote for the level they want.

New guns include a heavy machine gun, freeze blaster, flamethrower, RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher - Basically a super rocket launcher), and several others. And, these weapons don't replace original DooM2 weapons, thanks to ZDooM's feature of using other games' weapons!

DM Mappers requested! 6 maps so far, 2 of not much quality :( Hope to be able to replace them. Email/YahooMessenger/WindowsMessenger: agentme@sbcglobal.net

Screenshot #1: MODIFIED: Tesla Cannon in MAP01 Redefined.
Screenshot #2: Votes are tallied.
Screenshot #3: Level 5, Morpheus.
Wish I could use more screenshots to show more of the levels.

NOTE: This WAD is based on LilWhiteMouse's ewpns.wad.

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 00:05 GMT+1

hm ... the voting idea seems pretty cool. would be nice to see this working for zdaemon/skulltag also.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 02:19 GMT+1

Anything with new firearms immediatly attracks my attention. And they don't replace the old weapons? Thats pretty sweet. I'll probly skip to a level 7 (not much of a DM fan)

Agent ME writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 02:58 GMT+1

I may make a compilation of levels with a voting area with compatibility with ZDaemon/Skulltag, but some of the features used in this WAD cause it not to work with anything but ZDooM 2.0.63 or above. And sadly, ZDaemon is based of 1.22 and Skulltag 2.0.60 :( Something like that.

Another detail of the voting area is that each player gets 3 votes.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 03:57 GMT+1

Thats great, this looks like a fine mod. Lemme ask 3 things

1: What are the names of the new weapons and what slot they'll be on
2: How innovated is this voting system
3: If I IDFAed on nightmare with fast and respawning monsters, can I play SP, starting from level 7?

Agent ME writes:(new) 07.12.2004, 02:48 GMT+1

1. There are many weapons. They populate every slot except 0. Is 0 even a valid slot? Example: Slot 1 has knife, tazer, foot (for kicking), fist (the d2 one), and the chainsaw (the d2 one). Though not all of them are that populated. Slot 8 only has flamethrower and lightning gun (If i remember correctly).

2. What do you mean by innovative? Never really used that word, and dictionary.com is giving me the most generic answer. Re-phrase the question.

3. Yes, IDFA, IDKFA, or console "give all" or "give weapons" should give you the new guns too. Even on the original levels. I'll re-design the wad so it doesn't replace any of the original levels when I get ready for the release.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 07.12.2004, 03:40 GMT+1

w00t to the ectream! I love all these weapons!

Agent ME writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 02:44 GMT+1

Well, take a look at the new screenshot!

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 03:43 GMT+1

Wait a sec, that looks too familiar, are you sure these arn't the ewpns?

Agent ME writes:(new) 25.12.2004, 02:58 GMT+1

Um... yes they are. You could have just looked above where I had already stated that in the description...

CoolD00d writes:(new) 12.02.2005, 00:34 GMT+1
edited 19.02.2005, 03:16 GMT+1

Agent me, you got them guns from lil white mouses extra weapons for doom tc :/

did you get permishion or are you just basing it on there waD>

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