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Operation: Spectre (working name as of now)
by Dark_Shadow2004
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Doomsday
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


A few new screens..maily to show a few particle things...some sparks (kinda hard to see) and some steam stuff...the first set in the second column is some "area" ideas...still WIP's of course they aren't detailed enough by any means but they have a certain feel to them as well as some spark particles.

The second set in the third column is of what common hallways will be looking like..cramped, dark and so on. A couple of shots have steam particles coming from the vents and such.

Mainly i would care to hear feed back about the overall look...for some reason to me the look is kind of all over the place but a few other people told me other wise. So feel free to chime in:) Any comments are welcomed.

Jow writes:(new) 03.12.2004, 14:24 GMT+1

Make machines, crates, pipes, control panels and computers to the rooms and they have some purpose then. It doesn't really matter what some machine does and it can just stand still there. Of course it'll look nice if there's something moving in it or some light flashing.

The screenshots are still quite dark and I think you should boost the brightness/contrast/gamma some more, maybe with some painting program.

I think you should add some ceiling lamp over the table in the first shot. Other than that, it's quite interesting.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 03.12.2004, 14:45 GMT+1
edited 03.12.2004, 15:00 GMT+1

thanks for the input....the light factor is kinda the purpose in most of the shits for the main fact it is for major creepshow "am i being follwed" kinda feel. whats funny, i was looking at the screenshots...and then compaired it to the actual level...for some strange reson..the pics a a shade darker...oh well.

But a MAJOR thanks for some ideas about my dreaded "room with no purpose" problem...its not a big issue..but i hate to have those empty rooms....and you are correct..a little something is better than nothing ...thanks again.

edit: ok question...i was consodering Risen3D..but when i DLed it... iwas impressed by the 3dFloors...etc..etc..BUT it seemed to lack the "texture/flat" dynamic lights...or did i over look that...cause if Risen can still have the light effects as JDoom...then this project will be switched over that way..so any info would be great...i will look it up in a little while but i figured someone out here has fiddled with it before :)

Jow writes:(new) 03.12.2004, 15:20 GMT+1

I once made a level with dynamic light things spawned there with XG. It's quite time consuming to do it that way, but when I did that, there was no support for the texture/flat decoration lights. Anyway that's one more way to do it.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 04.12.2004, 01:35 GMT+1

Thanks for the info....i am probobly going to decide against Risen....mainly since i have all the DED's done for this wad, and it looks like the Risen3d launcher program has issues with the DED's i made for the "Lights Textures and Light Flats"...so i have a feeling it will stay doomsday. I will post some more "appropriate" screens when i get some better detailed rooms and stuff accomplished.

ps...anyone know haw to make it "rain" like a storm ambience? Graphically as well as SFX)?

EarthQuake writes:(new) 04.12.2004, 01:39 GMT+1
edited 04.12.2004, 01:45 GMT+1

Do my eyes deceive me?
A Doomsday map with an abnormally normal level of detail?

Praise be to you.

Also, about your concerns with the "useless rooms", instead of making just hallways with rooms, make everything interconnect. Perhaps have places that you can see, but cannot get to until later. Then when you get to that area you saw earlier, you're like "ohhh, so that's what/where that was".

One last thing: is there a way you can reduce the halo around certain textures? For example, the LEDs on your computer thing look very unnatural and are implying that they are very bright. Are halos really necessary at all? Dynamic lighting still works without them, no?

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 04.12.2004, 05:32 GMT+1

@ EarthQuake:

Yeah you are very correct about the halo issue on the CPU..i will most definately adjust it...i didn't think too much of it till you said something. Its an easy fix...just reduce the Halo Radius in the DED and whola it'll be smaller. "abnormally normal" lol thats funny. Its pretty normal alright. Not going to be very extravagant since i can't begin to compete with some of the better map makers. So i will build the way i know, somewhat detailed, structures that are "real" looking (mainly not hell style maps since there are so many out there...not saying there isn't a shit load of techbase maps cause there are)

I just like the ambience thant i am going for, the feeling that you have no idea what is in teh dark corridor or what is stalking you. I guess my hard-on for horror flicks is getting the best of me. But i will DEFINATELY adjust the LED on the CPU and maybe a few other LED halo fixes as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 04.12.2004, 21:41 GMT+1

No problem.

I'm just glad (and bewildered) that someone is finally putting an engine like Doomsday/jDoom to good use. Don't worry about competing. Just detail it to a level that you are comfortable with.

I'm looking forward to playing my first Doomsday wad ;)
Make me regretless.

DaniJ writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 00:29 GMT+1

The problem with the halos is caused by using fog. When using fog Doomsday reverts to using the additive blending mode for lighting and halos which looks no where near as good. I personaly hate that mode so I always dissable fog.

It looks good so far, I'll be watching this one.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 02:32 GMT+1

so basically i just turn the "fog" off and the halo issue is gone? Interesting...and since you are taking a peek DaniJ can i ask your expert opinion with MD2?

I want to add NEW models to your alreay awesome JDRP stuff..(i want to add teh AVP2 pulserifle for the chaingun and Rocketlauncher..(grenade launcher)...how i do this? I am going to e-mail monolith to see if i can use the models since it is their intellectual property. If i am allowed to do so...how do i make the models work with JDRP? And a final note with models...may i re-skin teh former human Zombie, Seargent and Chaingunner to more or less "non-zombie" type? Figured i will ask you since you made em :D

i have a few new screens i am going to post soon...once i try a few tricks to get the alo issue fixed and some new textures my friend made added to the wad.

thanks for the input guys..keep the ideas and fixes commin..

Nmn writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 14:02 GMT+1

That third shot looks beatiful I must say.

harry writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 17:36 GMT+1

Now Thats a great idea in shot 3:D:D
I will definately downoad this one:)

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 17:51 GMT+1
edited 05.12.2004, 18:47 GMT+1

Thanks guys. The shot in #3 is an experement to try a somewhat detaild hallway. Luckily the lighting with the Ceiling Flats ia working well. i have made the rooms with an ambient light of 40 and let the dynamic lights do the real lighting.

Does anyone know how to make Doomsday use "custom" Hi-res textures with a PWad? Every time i try to get them to work...they never appear. So if anyone knows please could you e-mail me at music_forever_03@yahoo.com.

also e-mail me if you want updated screens and have a few ideas and such. Also if someone could help me with an XG line i want...here is the idea...

A door that when you flip the switch, it splits and one part goes up and one part goes down...and when this door opens...it waits till you flip the switch to the NEXT door that does the same thing. Basically an Aril lock style door. If it can be done can someone explain how. Thanks

again thanks for the feed back

edit: i added a new shot again...its number 2 (it'll appear when the admins approve it

harry writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 20:50 GMT+1

To make the PWAD textures hi-res you need to make a .pk3 with the hi-res ones in with the path : "data/jDoom/textures/" ..and the flats need the prefix "FLAT-" infront of the name. or you could just leave the pk3 and make a new file in C:\doomsday\data\jDoom\ called textures and put it in.
this would now be C:\doomsday\Data\Jdoom\Textures\ :)

Nmn writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 21:46 GMT+1

Is that Doom? o_O Woah!

Dron writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 22:11 GMT+1

holy shit, nice lighting!

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 22:21 GMT+1

thanks guys....here's a treat i got some textures from Doom3 and AVP 2 and added em into the hi-res pack i am using for the wad.. i will post em when i REBUILD everything so they are correct with the tex's in the maps.

The Lighting is pretty cool....still needs a few things fixed...but so far going well. Thanks for the support guys!

I'll post some screens with the new textures as soon as possible...probobly tomorrow or the day after.

@Nmn yeah its doom lol but with a SERIOUS kick in the ass :D

Anyone know how to IMPROVE the AI? i want the zombies to be a little smarter...i have a feelin that it isn't possible though.

DaniJ writes:(new) 05.12.2004, 23:50 GMT+1

You can try playing with the DED state definitions but your pretty much limited to what is already there. You can move some codepointers around ie limited BEX support but what your wanting is likely beyond the scope of what can be done with DED/DEH.

Use the -pwadtex commandline switch to use hires if you have added new textures in the pwad. There is a guide at http://drsleep.newdoom.com/ btw.

Yes you can reskin those models as they where created by Team SOG (nothing to do with me) and so far I've been unable to contact any of them. Beware of some really nasty UV layouts though. It should be possible to include the modified skins in your pack without having to distribute the models, DEDs etc.

Yep its possible to create a split door airlock. Have a look around for a jDoom wad called UAC Rebels, which had something very similar.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 01:14 GMT+1

ok the new screens are posted...awaiting admin approval...number 1 is a room wit hsome of the new hi-res Doom3 textures, and screen 2 is the creepy table room again but with the hi-res textures also.

these will be the last for a while, mainly so i can give you guys something to really look at. Hopefully you will like it. SO THANK you VERY much for all the support so far..its great to have it :)

dethtoll writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 02:25 GMT+1

this is looking GREAT! good job. actually, what i'm listening to fits this very well...

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 06.12.2004, 14:36 GMT+1

well the admis posted the 2 new screens...screen 1 is MAP01 after you get of the landing pad. "Reception Area" or sorts. Screen 2 an Alpha idea from MAP02 is that weird ass creepy table thing..(have no idea what it is for..i got the idea from a vincent price flick i was watching at the same time i made that room) which might change to a later level probobly like either MAP10 or so cause thats going to be the first of 3 genetic labs.

I will post some shit as i get it done, mainly the nifty stuff. But as you all can see the wad will not be too elaborate to any means, but more based on simplicity and Mood. Like someone said earlier...go with a detail level that i am comfortable with, so it'll get more detailed as levels progress sincei will be better aquainted with Doom Builder.

Nmn writes:(new) 07.12.2004, 20:39 GMT+1

o___O Keeps getting better and better :D Keep up the good work!

DI writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 00:31 GMT+1

Great looking map with awesome creativity. Don't look back bro.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 00:34 GMT+1

thanks! I got a few new sky textures to play with and FINALLY learned how to use the Lump thinggy in Doom Builder :D so now i can FINALLY do some of the lighting i want to do...IE tint outside sectors a slight orange..etc. I can't wait to figure out Ambient SFX. I have TONS of "attnetion would commander martin please report to bay 12.." kind of annoncements as well as some other ambients i want to add...but i have founf nothing on how to add em....oh well time will tell :D

DI writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 00:41 GMT+1

I always liked the intercom voice in halflife. I discovered a lot of tricks from the doom64 conversion.

DaniJ writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 17:48 GMT+1

Yep this is looking excellent. Doom3 flavour, tasty.

If you need any help with DED or XG drop me mail - dani dot j at ddsdesign dot co dot uk

Jow writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 20:44 GMT+1

Looks a lot like Doom3.

Nmn writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 21:22 GMT+1

Awesome :D

harry writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 21:51 GMT+1

:D:D Keep it coming:) I look forward to playing it;)

sLydE writes:(new) 08.12.2004, 22:51 GMT+1

I'm definitely looking forward to playing this. I'm glad to see Doomsday getting a bit more recognition from the map makers.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 14:16 GMT+1

Very beautiful!

[O_O] writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 17:36 GMT+1

Sexy o_O

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 21:21 GMT+1

thanks everyone, i am taking a small break from building since i found a WHOLE load of new textures and flats to monkey with.

My new goal for the week is to get my metal textures like "shawn2, silver1" etc...etc...to actually utilize the "shiny reflections) like some of the models do. (if it is possible) But it looks like i am about to dump 60 or so MORE textures in.

Things would be progessing MUCH faster if i wasn't so damn capricious. But i live to MOD :D

thanks guys!

DaniJ writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 22:28 GMT+1

Walls can't have shiny textures I'm affraid.

I got your mail btw, it won't take me long to knock up those things you requested once I get chance :)

Nmn writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 22:32 GMT+1

Let's not forget... Doom is 11 years old o__O Outstanding work! I can't wait to see what this dude can churn out in the future :D

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 09.12.2004, 23:47 GMT+1

@dani...thanks a MILLION i owe you my first born...ermm.. i mean my second :D.

@Nmn, hopefully i will not let you down.

it sux about wall shinies..(i wanted more eyecandy lol)

thanks again guys!!!

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 00:48 GMT+1

i would like to say this is one of the best level i have seen for jdoom its way better than my maps lol

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 05:19 GMT+1

how did you make the bridges in screen 1?

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 05:55 GMT+1

@MasterOfPuppets (btw one of my fav metallica songs!), The bridges are nothing more than regul ar sectors with in sectors within sectors. I used railing textures "lower unpegged" with an inner sector of caution tape and finally a internal sector with the grating. The lights in the corners are sectors 16x8 with a lighted texture (ded made) attached to them. the bottom of the "main area" is:

Ceiling: 300
Floor: -569

bridges are
Main structure:
a.) Floor- 0
b.) caution tape is a 16 wide sector out lining the main structure.
c.) interior is 56 wide.

Not to difficult, just the eyecandy of the lighting, sector lighting and the sofr warm glow of the lava make it look MUCH more complex than it really is. (i turned he "floor/ceiling" glow to max for the awesome soft glow)

So as you can see, the lighting is doing all the work here, i am trying to hide my newbie skills :D but i hope it is pleasing to your eyes.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 21:10 GMT+1

so do you think you could get this out before christmas

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 21:57 GMT+1

i wish, i have been working on map01 for over a week now....and the specs are so far...and i am still not done...

3,413 vertices
4,141 lindefs
7,039 sidedefs
729 sectors.

I might be able to have just this map done by then lol..but the entire WAD is planned on 20 maps...so i expect sometine well after march for the full thing to be done...but if you want to play map01 i can release it as a demo.

Nmn writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 22:58 GMT+1

672 sectors? Lame ;) One of my KDIZD maps went over 4k ;)

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 23:42 GMT+1

4k sectors...holy shit! that must have taken forever! I admire your patientce lol.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 00:08 GMT+1

i never get sector counts that high, i use a lot of repitition and therefore can combine a shit load of sectors to lighten the load.

@Dark_Shadow. nice trick, i didn't think something like that would work in a GL port like jDoom

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 04:32 GMT+1

yeah please release it as a demo we need some maps for jdoom

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 04:51 GMT+1

Holy crap! Are you sure this is for doomsday? Screen 1 looks like it belongs in D3!

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 05:02 GMT+1

ok well i can release the Map01 for a demo around christmas time. But the DL will be quite large since the hi-res textures. The .rar is 60+ mb.

BUT!! after the demo release i can just release an updated wad for the additional maps.

@MR.INSANE - If you want a quick job demo e-mail me at music_forever_03@yahoo.com and i will send it to you via g-mail. Or if you have yahoo messenger i can send you all the files. e-mail me and i will give you my messenger s-name.

a note to everyone, this wad REQUIRES the hi-res texture pack to be used. Without the tex pack, all the textures (pwad rendering) would be in greyscale as well and no definition or lighting. So i hate to say it but the hi-rez is a requisite. JDRP isn't required but it makes things cool!

Thanks to everyone who so far likes my efforts. I do hope to not let any of ya down. I have posted a few new screenies just waiting for admin approval.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 07:48 GMT+1

check your mail dark shadow

Nmn writes:(new) 11.12.2004, 21:16 GMT+1

Go go Dark_Shadow! I might even install Jdoom for this :D

harry writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 00:45 GMT+1

Wow! you must release the first map as a demo!!! I can't wait:D
Keep it up!

BetaSword writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 03:05 GMT+1

Holy hell! Doom 3 at playable frame rates? Cause that's what this is starting to look like! Once again... Holy hell! I want it NOW! Screw 60+ mb!

Fine... Patience it is.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 12.12.2004, 03:46 GMT+1

check your mail dark shadow

sLydE writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 02:56 GMT+1

Front page of NewDoom goodiness...

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 13.12.2004, 03:06 GMT+1

i saw that too....i am shocked....i guess my attempt must be worth while after all....*in complete and uter shock*

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 14.12.2004, 00:32 GMT+1

ill tell you guys i tested this and i have to say your guys jaw will drop when you play it

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 21:43 GMT+1
edited 16.12.2004, 21:44 GMT+1

i apologize for th "Lack" of updates as of late...had afew home problems...my little girl got the flu and well as any of ya who have kids know, they require ALL of you attention :). Well progress is rather dead right now i completed Map01 and am thinking of releasing it as a demo but am a litte afraid to release only a map demo...would make this WAD seem rather...boring, since the ONLY weapons you get in the first map are the pistol and if you are lucky a shotgun. And second, i have NO idea where to upload it lol. I will update a few screens once i get an idea on how to build the second map properly...i have to either out-do or equal the grandur of this map...thats gonna be quite hard...but its do-able. Stay tuned for updates later. Thanks for stickin around!

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 20.12.2004, 03:00 GMT+1

Front page of what? :p

Anyways this is looking really cool and spiffy. I like how your using the colored lighting to enhance areas without making it look over-colored, so to speak.

Hellraiser[HK] writes:(new) 21.12.2004, 14:01 GMT+1

Its DooM 2 on Graphic Crack : AKA Doomsday is pretending to be D3 but Succeded

soft_haxorz writes:(new) 06.02.2005, 16:31 GMT+1

Reminds me of doom 3 quite a bit

VivaDeath writes:(new) 16.02.2005, 01:30 GMT+1

WOW! i cant wait to play this, exellent work...the pics may be on par with doom 3, but the gameplay will be faaar better...the old doom always was

Blizzardson writes:(new) 22.06.2005, 17:32 GMT+1

excellent dude,
oh our that guy said something nice in my project,

ohwell,i like your theme of mapping,doom3 theme mapping is alot of work,
but it makes this wad cool as hell,

but if i'm downloading your wad,i wil get pretty lagged of thoze highres textures,i guess it's time to buy ma self a new powerful videocard,

Blade Nightflame writes:(new) 24.07.2005, 22:23 GMT+1

This is one of the best jDoom single-player level pack/one level thing I have EVER seen in my life. The quality, the atmosphere in those pictures are just soothing. Rather colorfull, but I don't mind, high-res textures and good lights to mention.

This is a SERIOUSLY good map I'm looking towards to.

soft_haxorz writes:(new) 26.09.2005, 03:58 GMT+1

Is this dead? I really hope it didn't die.

Nmn writes:(new) 02.09.2006, 07:02 GMT+1

OMFG, Dark Shadow! He's alive! Great to see this sweet mod progressing, mighty glad.

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 02.09.2006, 10:13 GMT+1

Great to see an update Dark. ;)

andrewjp33 writes:(new) 02.09.2006, 17:23 GMT+1

AWESOME choice of textures!

sitters writes:(new) 03.09.2006, 04:08 GMT+1

Nice to see you back Dark, and now keep on going. :)

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 04.09.2006, 04:36 GMT+1


Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 04.09.2006, 10:18 GMT+1

Thanks guys....interesting to see that a few people still remember this little project or me for that matter :P

Progress is slow at the moment...mainly for the fact that i am trying to decide on the "proper" layouts of the maps. The atmosphere, theme, sfx, gfx..etc..etc are all done...just the layouts are kinda leaving me blank...typical "Creative Block".

hmmm the immortal Torm...i feel honored honestly to even have you take a small look at my project with any interest :) thanks! (though it seems more like an exclamation rather than a comment :P )

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 20.09.2006, 21:08 GMT+1


KingofFlames writes:(new) 04.10.2006, 11:13 GMT+1

O_O, looks like Doom3

Dancso writes:(new) 04.10.2006, 14:08 GMT+1

dark, creepy, and well detailed, just like doom3.;)

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 05.10.2006, 21:48 GMT+1

With the fast and furiousness of Classic Doom.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 12.11.2006, 20:41 GMT+1

well crap the particle effects didn;t show up in the screen shots:(...well kinda in the last set but the steam by the vents looks like a distorted halo...and in the first set..the steam by the server in the bottom right shot is all blurry like..oh well

Apocsoft writes:(new) 13.11.2006, 15:33 GMT+1

Looks good mate, you sould get on msn again some time

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 14.11.2006, 19:49 GMT+1

Well, I can see it alright! Is this using models or is it predominately sector based?

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 16.11.2006, 21:45 GMT+1

100% sector based:D the only models used are by the end user if they want to use JDRP> i Feel that using sector based construction keeps true to the classic feel and design of the map and environments. Though one can argue that hi-res textures, dynamic lighting and such go against this...to me they are just "enhancements". Also i can't 3d model for shit lol But even still if i could i wouldn't use em. Thats sitters' thing :D

Nuke em writes:(new) 16.11.2006, 22:12 GMT+1

What editor have you used in the making of this WAD thus far?
Doom Builder? Is it really capable of that much?

Sorry about this, but maybe somebody could help me...

I have a problem getting ZDoom to load maps from custom map (wad) files. All it wants to do is load the Doom II (2) Map files. How do I get it to run custom maps?

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 17.11.2006, 05:41 GMT+1

So it is sectorbased, sitters makes his maps a combination of models and sectors.

I like that with all the high resolution textures. Can you post an editor shot Dark Shadow ?

gourhaus writes:(new) 17.11.2006, 16:50 GMT+1
edited 17.11.2006, 16:51 GMT+1

1 word...wow is dat wat doom2 is capable of???

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 07.12.2006, 16:39 GMT+1

Is there anything on this that can't be done on Risen 3d?

*Vader* writes:(new) 07.12.2006, 18:56 GMT+1

Wow, looks great!
I might even reinstall Doomsday for this.

Rustyphantomsniper writes:(new) 03.02.2007, 17:33 GMT+1

Thats insane!

Doom 3 Graphics and it's actually Doom 2? WTF!?

DoctorSatan writes:(new) 03.02.2007, 18:47 GMT+1

This looks really good. Definitely gonna download this!

Lucius Octavion writes:(new) 16.02.2007, 20:27 GMT+1

Is this thing still being worked on?

jeffrey_verhagen writes:(new) 03.03.2007, 11:15 GMT+1

doom 3 on doomsday Cool

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 02.04.2007, 18:12 GMT+1

yeah i am working on it sorta. Been playing my PS3 since December (resistance fall of man and Ridge Racer 7 mainly) and i jsut bought Test Drive Unlimited (PS2 version) so most of my time is there lol

But i am planning to resume work soon.

Egon_Spengler_2000 writes:(new) 06.05.2007, 21:01 GMT+1

Does it have any weapons from Doom 3 and where is the download?

Egon_Spengler_2000 writes:(new) 06.05.2007, 21:01 GMT+1

Does it have any weapons from Doom 3 and where is the download?

thug555666 writes:(new) 18.09.2007, 19:46 GMT+1

simply amazing
looks exactaly like a doom3 level

rebelcrow83 writes:(new) 08.07.2008, 13:43 GMT+1

Hey Dark Shadow,

Are we going to see any possible release date on this anytime soon? - This map does look very very nice btw!! :)

doomero writes:(new) 16.11.2008, 06:58 GMT+1

hey dark shadow i like to talk with you...i am very interested in your talent making maps with doom3 elements, my name is doomero, i make the doom3 weapons mod for zdoom and i rip the doom3 monsters (almost 35) are very smooth( some people confuse with ed models XD)...well the idea is make the best doom3 conversion for zdoom/gzdoom...recently i upload the "revenge of evil demo", the onyl trouble are the maps quality but nvm, i am not a good mapper, only i talent ripping models, making decorates and acs...and good effects...
if you are interested about my proposition check my channel:

Apocsoft writes:(new) 19.11.2008, 14:08 GMT+1

I havent seen dark in a long time mate.

doomero writes:(new) 21.11.2008, 15:35 GMT+1

damm! how long?

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 10.12.2008, 16:05 GMT+1

I am still around...just very busy with my new baby. He just turned a year old last month. So i am getting more time...little by little.

Encyclyptic writes:(new) 16.01.2009, 14:50 GMT+1

Ah. Well. Good to hear it's still somewhat alive I suppose. Hope you're doing well.

jeffrey_verhagen writes:(new) 02.07.2009, 15:37 GMT+1

the release is when its done

Tragos writes:(new) 14.06.2010, 03:00 GMT+1

Great level design and use of textures. I really could use a mapper like you to help with my own project. Do you remember me from the old Edge forums? :)

I've been quite busy myself. Goodluck!


pming writes:(new) 06.07.2016, 21:06 GMT+1

Love the look! Lighting is good, not too bright/colourful, but not to subtle/dull. A nice mix!

...now if I could figure out the best/easiest way to make dynamic lights for Doomsday engine...

Keep it up!

KennRogrerce writes:(new) 21.05.2017, 03:41 GMT+1

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