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Marines of UAC: Exigency
by Nick_Perrin
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, EDGE
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


MY CONTACT E-MAIL IS nick.perrin / hotmail / com

*Nick Perrin Productions PRESENTS*


This is the first in a series of four (4) episodes. Screenshots 1 and 3 are from the first episode. Screenshot #2 is an example of the effects seen in MoUAC, demonstrated in the maps of Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

This mod has nothing to do with the old weapons mod of the same name. That has since been renamed to "Soldier's Stockpile," updated for the latest EDGE and available at www.freewebs.com/mouac. It is a series of full-fledged single-player episodes with a level of dynamic gameplay and story-driven style you've never seen in Doom.


- Completely new story-driven single player episode, with no individual missions and classic "levels", but instead constant, flowing gameplay through many environments

- EDGE capabilities used to full extent, with dynamic lighting, hi-res sprite-based particle effects, advanced weaponry, 3d floors and objects and more

- Boot Camp training level where you will learn all the new skills and combat style required to get the most out of Marines of UAC

- A whole slew of new weapons whose specific effects will be seen on the enemies you attack

- Doom enemies like you've never seen them before, with enhanced animation, effects and abilities

- Realistic use of ambient sound and sound direction

- Complex scripted sequences and voice acting play out the story and keep up the fast pace throughout the episode

- Team up with fellow marines, UAC scientists or whoever you else you can find along the way to help you progress through the episode

- Features a dynamically-introduced CD-quality soundtrack that plays at key moments in the game

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 07.11.2004, 03:50 GMT+1

Is no one interested?

Apocsoft writes:(new) 07.11.2004, 17:34 GMT+1
edited 07.11.2004, 22:48 GMT+1

Sorry nick, i have not been online for a couple of days, its looking good and i would want to beta test this 4 sure. plus you said ages ago that you would send me a map, to do for 1 of your mods..

Nmn writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 00:27 GMT+1

I'm not sure wether the hi-quality of weapons and effects from this weapon pack You've used will meet the basics of those sprites. If they had 8 animation frames just for movement and be hires, then we're talking..
Those lightrays in shot 1 are quite impressive.
Shot 2 needs work IMO. The rock textures are definately not there. I've never liked them (Waste Site.. :B) The rocky outdoors should be as varried as possible. What I see there is a good plan obscured by Doom's 2d architecture-skyvoid-not realistic. Use 3d floors to Your advantages, round rocks, sharpen them, change their sizes, etc. So goes for Your building-use 3d's to Vary Height so it looks much more 3d and realistic. I absolutely dislike the door to that base. The walls below the entrance must not be rocks-something very unrealistic in Doom are walls coming out from a rocky wall.. change to metal, Gray, something man-built. That waterfall should be sloped a bit, use mode stair-like variation of rocks to make it more natural.
3rd Shot is great, something that reminds me of my very old TC I was planning-Operation Desert Riders. The only thing that strikes me is a plain wall just opposite the viewer. It's horrible and unrealistic. Vary it's shape, add more rocks.

See how much I care? :]

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 02:12 GMT+1
edited 08.11.2004, 02:14 GMT+1

Am I the only one who sees the lines of text from the comments people leave overlapping each other? It makes it really hard to read the comments. If I'm not the only one I'll e-mail boris.


thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to really take these into account! As for shot #3, the only reason the wall is plain and empty is because that part of the map I'm working on right now, and I just wanted to put up 3 screenshots in total, and wanted to show off the 3d floor use to make the portable. Now, there's a fenced gate that a truck drives through when you walk close to it, and then the gate closes. So I'll update that shot once I finish that part of the map.
AS for the sprites, well... I've done a heavy modification on the weapons, and added some new ones(using Kronos' doom3 gun pack), and yes, they're truly awesome and high-quality. It still fits in with the other sprites though when you actually play it, and there are a bunch of hi-res sprites too.

@ Apocsoft : You can be a beta/play tester, as I need to tweak the gameplay a lot which is very important for this mod, something that can't be shown through screenshots. However it will kill the surprises for you when I release the final product!

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 03:35 GMT+1

I think, that this will be a great mod!

Apocsoft writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 20:34 GMT+1

Don't worry Nick, i be glad to help u. you've got my email address right?

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 20:40 GMT+1
edited 08.11.2004, 20:43 GMT+1

apocsoft01@yahoo.co.uk, right? As for maps, this mod kind of lacks 'maps' in the traditional sense, as the whole thing is one continuous level, but of course i still use maps for each section, so if you want to do a certain part i guess you could(always good to have people help me make ambitious projects!!)

Anyway, does anyone else have that overlapping lines problem on this website?

Apocsoft writes:(new) 08.11.2004, 20:53 GMT+1
edited 08.11.2004, 20:54 GMT+1

yep thats the one Nick, i would like to help you on this, coz i know most of the edge mapping stuff and rts.

btw i havnt had any overlaping words before...

dethtoll writes:(new) 17.11.2004, 20:37 GMT+1

i just noticed something.

flip that US flag horizontally, so the starfield is on the left. if there's one thing i've learned from having a father and a grandfather (not blood related) in the navy, it's that the flag must always have a starfield in the upper left corner, even if the flag is pointing down.

DI writes:(new) 18.11.2004, 20:40 GMT+1
edited 18.11.2004, 20:40 GMT+1

This looks great and is another map I need to download and study. In the second screenshot, are those lights 3D objects or made from a function within edge. Sorry, I know nothing about edge.

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 21.11.2004, 05:19 GMT+1

DI: It's more than a map! It's the Half-Life of doom(albeit much shorter). Those lights are 3d floors, known in EDGE as "extrafloors". Those big red pipes sticking out of the wall are also made from 100% 3d floors, you can go on top of them etc. Also, all of the lighting is 100% dynamic, except for the outdoors which of course are bright all around(at least in the daytime, it will change from day to night throughout the episode).

So far, its taking a long time to make, but that's because it has a lot of 3d floors, detail, and RTS scripting. For example, the latest one I just did has you hitting switches to lower a water level, and the alarm turn on. You hear cackling on a radio "take him down." Suddenly a boarded-off door blows open where a shotgun guy and three zombiemen start shooting at you!

Be patient... This will be sweet.
Make sure to check www.freewebs.com/mouac periodically for more up-to-date news and screenshots. But don't check too often, I won't make a lot of updates until this thing is finished!!

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 01.12.2004, 16:51 GMT+1

Besides the D3 to D2 weapons, will there be any more?

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 10.12.2004, 17:13 GMT+1


Apocsoft writes:(new) 06.01.2005, 22:40 GMT+1

C'mon Nick you've got to get some more screenshots up sometime...

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 19.01.2005, 23:57 GMT+1

Indeed, we need some more info/screens damnit!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 03.02.2005, 22:08 GMT+1

hey guess what. from my computer at home i can't access WIP AT ALL. It must be something to do with my internet connection. So i would love to get some new shots up as I am REBUILDING all the maps and putting the mod's story in a better direction. But in the meantime just stay tuned.

And to answer your question there are 2 non D3 style weapons, and the D3 weapon anims and functions have been modified anyway to create a more tactical style of gameplay.

SO THIS PROJECT IS STILL ALIVE! Don't lose hope in it!

GhostlyDeath writes:(new) 13.02.2005, 06:50 GMT+1

LMAO!!! Half-Life & DOOM!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 13.02.2005, 21:42 GMT+1

GhostlyDeath writes: 13.02.2005, 06:50 GMT+1

>LMAO!!! Half-Life & DOOM!

What's so damn funny?

Nmn writes:(new) 13.02.2005, 21:57 GMT+1

What's so damn funny?

Don't question a laughing retard mate.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 17.02.2005, 23:12 GMT+1


Looks like you gotta rename your mod, cause it's already taken,:(

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 20:30 GMT+1

That's my site. I'm naming after my own mod. The old one will be renamed.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 20:50 GMT+1

Oh. Heh.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 29.03.2005, 04:13 GMT+1


Apocsoft writes:(new) 29.03.2005, 19:22 GMT+1

Easy Chrono!! Nick has alot of problems getting on this site.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 30.03.2005, 07:16 GMT+1

I have porn! PORN I SAY!

Nmn writes:(new) 30.03.2005, 15:59 GMT+1
edited 30.03.2005, 15:59 GMT+1

A very useful contribution to this discussion Chrono. Congratulations.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 30.03.2005, 19:14 GMT+1

Thank you very much Nmn. I am awlays willing to help.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 30.03.2005, 20:07 GMT+1

I swear you post for the fun of it sometimes chrono (me slaps Chrono 1) :)

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 01.04.2005, 20:33 GMT+1

The porn post was for motivation. Get porn for showing updates.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 08.04.2005, 04:57 GMT+1

Bump. Nick, check your PM box on DooM armory.

Lobo writes:(new) 12.05.2005, 00:39 GMT+1

On behalf of Nick:
Just to let you know that he cannot currently access WIP so if you want to get the latest info or make a comment go here about MOUAC:


cyberdemon writes:(new) 09.08.2006, 23:58 GMT+1



Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 06.11.2006, 21:44 GMT+1

I can access WIP again! Go figure. This will also be noted in the above mod's blurb. Enjoy! MoUAC lives again!

Apocsoft writes:(new) 07.11.2006, 13:00 GMT+1

Good news and good to see you around nick,

cyberdemon writes:(new) 07.11.2006, 14:46 GMT+1

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

DoctorSatan writes:(new) 07.11.2006, 16:41 GMT+1

This looks awesome! I love the idea. Hope to see it out soon.

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 09.11.2006, 21:35 GMT+1
edited 09.11.2006, 21:38 GMT+1

Okay, so work on this project has started again full steam. I'll put up NEW screenshots AS SOON AS I CAN, because the current three have been seen for ages.

All the time I normally spent making doom mods had been taken by music creation or gaming for the past year or so, and recently I couldn't figure out why I wasn't fully enjoying or having results in those two fields... then I realized, I gotta do the full cycle and return to doom modding again!

Thanks for caring it about it!

Craigs writes:(new) 22.11.2006, 13:46 GMT+1

I'm glad to see this project isn't dead! My main suggestions would be to:
#1 Don't use 3D models for sprites. IMO they just end up looking really really crappy.
#2 Use a different sky, the one you have right now seems pretty blury and ugly.
#3 use a different sprite for the marines, those ones look pretty ugly.

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 23.11.2006, 17:07 GMT+1

NOW slated for release Summer 2007. There are new team members (in "REAL LIFE"), so progress should increase at a higher rate.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 23.11.2006, 19:30 GMT+1

Great news nick, as always im happy to test stuff for you

Use3d writes:(new) 27.12.2006, 15:50 GMT+1

Glad to see updates on this project!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 28.01.2007, 21:51 GMT+1
edited 28.01.2007, 21:54 GMT+1

I've actually planned out almost EVERY piece of this project so far, and trust me, you guys will enjoy it. It's going to be released EPISODICALLY though, only because the original goal was FAR too ambitious to be complete in one package (we'd be talking hundreds of megs to download, plus a wait that would seem like eternity). It still will go along its original course, only I will release it in smaller packages, for obvious reasons - less wait between chapters, and smaller packages for you to download. This will probably also have the added effect of making each individual piece better, anyway.

In an ideal world, there will be 4 to 5 episodes. Yes, I have thought that far ahead. Episode 1 will be clocking in pretty quick, but very punchy. I'll give an estimate of projected/hopeful playtime sometime soon.

Any name suggestions for Episode 1? I might just stick with MoUAC: Episode One, but that seems a little half-lifey.

Doomer1 writes:(new) 07.08.2007, 11:37 GMT+1

its been 2 months since the last update on the site, and much longer ehre on the wip, so i was just wondering whats going on, im really lookig foward to this project.

cyberdemon writes:(new) 15.08.2007, 00:07 GMT+1

MoUAC: On the Virge of Despair

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 27.08.2007, 17:25 GMT+1

Hey guys, for updates, check out the main site! www.freewebs.com/mouac. If it's being a bitch and won't work, just try again later.
And thanks for the offer, cyberdemon, but Exigency is already the chosen title :) I still need definite titles for all the other eps though! I have some in mind but none set in stone quite yet.

Tango writes:(new) 28.11.2007, 19:57 GMT+1

Shot 3 has probably one of the most convincing skyboxes I've ever seen :P

joe2 writes:(new) 28.11.2007, 20:04 GMT+1

looks good when will it be done

tis good

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 29.11.2007, 00:54 GMT+1
edited 29.11.2007, 00:55 GMT+1

Hey guys, the project is currently on hiatus for about 2 weeks for very good reasons (IE not because of laziness, but because of important work - I have to try hard to RESTRAIN MYSELF from working on this!). Near Christmas work will pick up again and you might expect some new screenies... Anyway all the updates you need are on www.freewebs.com/mouac

doomaniac writes:(new) 29.11.2007, 08:03 GMT+1

Does the planes really fly?

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 29.11.2007, 17:36 GMT+1

Yes, they zip across the sky, soon to have a smoke trail added. That bootcamp level will be reworked though so you will see them flying over a different spot in the final release.

There are tons more dynamic details like this in the Marines of UAC world. I'm doing my best to make it feel "alive."

Conmon writes:(new) 14.12.2007, 22:33 GMT+1

You should try to add multi-player to this! Y'know, like Halo style. The video game levels, than separate DM or CTF levels. With the weapons i see, this looks promising.

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 14.12.2007, 23:05 GMT+1
edited 14.12.2007, 23:15 GMT+1

Once EDGE has multiplayer support, it will be implemented. If this comes after the release of the mod, then a patch with changes to the mod and some new DM-specific maps based on locations from the singleplayer game will be released. The weapons might need a little more balancing, but that can be worked out. They are very fun to use and would be twice as fun in a DM situation - I can't explain why yet, don't want to give any spoilers!

Dancso writes:(new) 16.12.2007, 06:14 GMT+1

Wow. The teaser trailer looks awesome. :D

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 16.12.2007, 11:56 GMT+1

Lemme guess, hi-def pngs for those explosion and energy booms eh?

Also, how did you do that type of plasma trail?

Whoo writes:(new) 17.12.2007, 14:27 GMT+1

Probably particle effects

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 20.12.2007, 16:56 GMT+1

Marines of UAC is back in action! After a brief hiatus (for GOOD reasons), I do believe I'll start working on it again.

I can't reveal anymore information for now, but have faith guys, even if this takes longer than expected to complete, I am putting tons of work into it and you should be more than pleased with the final result.

When I say tons of work, though, I really mean it and am not exaggerating. I've had some very useful help on certain aspects of the mod, but I am essentially doing everything myself. This means that while I have to put in a lot of time and effort, I get to direct every aspect of the creative vision and I don't have to compromise anything.
That's all for now...

cyberdemon writes:(new) 24.12.2007, 13:07 GMT+1

Shouldnt we have some sort of Beta right about now?

gourhaus writes:(new) 24.12.2007, 15:02 GMT+1

read prev posts

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 21.01.2008, 23:55 GMT+1

New screenshots coming soon.
Stay tuned. Things are looking different.

Doomer1 writes:(new) 14.02.2008, 07:25 GMT+1

Cool, i cant wait.

Sunslap writes:(new) 24.02.2008, 10:57 GMT+1

I want to see some new screens yo, pluss this looks very interesting, one question, I know i ask this all the time about everything.
-Does enemie Ai have a built in node graph for smarter AI walking padurns?
-What are some of the new behaviors of some of the monsters? lets say the cacodemon and Pinky.
The reasons I ask is because no on ever changes it >.

joe2 writes:(new) 09.03.2008, 11:51 GMT+1
edited 09.03.2008, 13:58 GMT+1

I thought that with mod was supposed to be out today or did they lie about it
the doomworld site is down too

joe2 writes:(new) 09.03.2008, 21:48 GMT+1

when will this be out and ready for download

Apocsoft writes:(new) 10.03.2008, 14:40 GMT+1

were did you get that info from??

joe2 writes:(new) 10.03.2008, 17:52 GMT+1

I got it from mod data base

Sunslap writes:(new) 30.03.2008, 19:50 GMT+1

I have porno PORNO I SAY!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 02.04.2008, 01:01 GMT+1
edited 02.04.2008, 11:27 GMT+1

While I don't yet have new screenshots/movies to show you yet, the soundtrack of MoUAC will now be chiefly be done by myself. There will be contributions from a few other musicians, but I will be handling the majority of the score. It will be all kinds of rock/electronic/ambient instrumentation alongside an orchestral score.

doomaniac writes:(new) 02.04.2008, 06:28 GMT+1


cyberdemon writes:(new) 03.04.2008, 19:36 GMT+1

I hope you name one of the episodes "MoUAC: On the Verge of Despair"

I think its a really good name =D

Conmon writes:(new) 06.04.2008, 13:26 GMT+1
edited 06.04.2008, 15:04 GMT+1

in shot 2 are those zombies getting launched into the air from that explosion?

Also can I beta test?

Sunslap writes:(new) 13.04.2008, 17:44 GMT+1

Mk well sounds interesting, im still wondering were this mod is tho lol...

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 23.04.2008, 00:50 GMT+1
edited 23.04.2008, 00:51 GMT+1

Hey guys. This is my first update in a fairly long time, but I'd just like to announce that I'm going to be building this mod from now in a similar fashion to the guy who released that excellent "Zero Tolerance" weapons mod - essentially, in secret until something substantial is ready.

This also means I won't even talk about it, not about the ideas, features, even progress. The only thing I can tell you at the moment is that I will need voice actors in the final stages of production, but that is currently irrelevant as I will let you all know at that time, and I will also be searching many communities for voice actors, not just Doom sites and forums.

However, despite the silence, one of these days, you might just be browsing around the net, hit up your favourite Doom site, and discover that an Exigency pre-release trailer is out...

And if your jaw doesn't drop, then you should tell me right away, because that means it isn't ready for release.

That's all for now.


Conmon writes:(new) 12.07.2009, 12:40 GMT+1

I would really love to see a demo of this - I'm beginning to lose interest.

joe2 writes:(new) 07.01.2010, 21:46 GMT+1

is this mod still active

Green eye writes:(new) 19.01.2011, 16:08 GMT+1

i cant wait to released

tnucAmi writes:(new) 29.05.2011, 17:43 GMT+1

looks like shit fuck off

joe2 writes:(new) 21.07.2011, 22:48 GMT+1

so this mod is dead

"Great" That's Just fucking Great"

ImYoUrMaStEr writes:(new) 10.04.2012, 17:30 GMT+1

look that:
I'm decided to continue

cyberdemon writes:(new) 17.12.2013, 14:23 GMT+1

Still cant wait :D

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