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Decapitation is a duel map set for Skulltag. 12 maps are currently done. There will be 18 maps total in this set.


Screen 1: Map04
Screen 2: Map05
Screen 3: Map06

Comments are appreciated, as always.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 31.10.2004, 04:20 GMT+1

looks pretty cool. shot 2 has me a bit confused though.

Bloodskull writes:(new) 31.10.2004, 06:24 GMT+1

Aight heres some suggestions.

In Screenshot number 2, I have no idea what that is but the lights make it look bad. If they were nukage chambers or something I could understand but for a light pole that looks pretty bad. Screenshot 3 is kick ass, and Screenshot 1 is alright. Fix up that area in Screenshot 2 though and you got no problems with me.

Epyo writes:(new) 31.10.2004, 15:40 GMT+1

Looks like funn!

EarthQuake writes:(new) 06.11.2004, 17:09 GMT+1
edited 06.11.2004, 17:10 GMT+1

I don't see what's wrong with #2.

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