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by T3sl4
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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Uh... megawad I'm making by myself(!). Lots of themes and kicking of the ass. Near half done at this time...

Overlord X writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 05:27 GMT+1

I will be completely honest. These maps look good, but I think you may be overusing the brown textures a little too much. I would shape the area in Screenshot 2 a little, that area may look a little too big and square. Also, all the bright red in Screenshot 3 can be kind of distracting to the player, but then again that might be the effect you're going for? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since afterall, it is still a work in progress. On the flip side, I really like that 4-sided exit thing in Screenshot 2.

T3sl4 writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 09:28 GMT+1

Thanks for the comments. For the first couple levels I'm using some levels you can find on my website. The first screenshot comes from the first Mazing level; it's a long, boring maze, but it is what it's supposed to be. Second shot (MAP07) is architecturally boring, but it's quick and has a lot of monsters. Last shot is inspired by AV level 29. :)

NoPoet writes:(new) 03.01.2004, 22:53 GMT+1

Shots 1 and 2 are bland, and #2 is Fiffy overload (all those medikits, oh God, no!). Shot 3 is a direct rip-off of the first confrontation in AV's "Firewalk with me" (map 29), but that is a good fight so hopefully your map will emulate this too. I wish you luck with your one-man megawad.

Spidercyberdemon writes:(new) 07.06.2004, 03:38 GMT+1

NoPoet is rigte with overloading. Replace the medikits with Berserk Kits (or other health kits, like those in EBDOOM).

Screens 1 and 2 are to tech for me, but Screenshot #3 looks awesome. If you really wanna get my attention, turn them all into hellish levels.


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